Laura Kennington

Channel Islands Triathlon

April 12, 2019 1 min read

Laura Kennington has always loved the water and in the interest of finding new ways of testing her limits, she thought it could be fun to take on a swimming challenge.

With this in mind, she found herself looking at stretches of open water in the UK that she might be able to involve somehow and was simultaneously looking at Islands she could possibly circumnavigate in her kayak.

Whilst researching both of these options, Laura couldn’t help but notice how close together 3 of the Channel Islands are… why circumnavigate 1 island when you can circumnavigate 3, right? The Channel Islands Triathlon was born. We should also mention that this was Laura's first ever triathlon!.

On 11th June, Laura swam around the island of Sark.  On 12th June, she set off to kayak around Guernsey.  Sadly the weather conditions became too severe and she finished the loop on foot, walking just over a half marathon around the island.  Laura topped off her triathlon with a ride around Jersey!

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