Jamie Ramsay

endurance adventurer

April 12, 2019 1 min read

Jamie Ramsay was born and raised in Scotland. He graduated from Oxford Brookes University before heading to the city to forge a career at a top international communications consultancy. After twelve years and being promoted to Partner, he realised that he didn't feel happy, fulfilled or excited about where his life was heading. He took the brave decision to quit his job and focus on his passions - running, travelling and adventure.

Running the Americas became the starting point for a new career as an Endurance Adventurer that has seen him cover over 22,000km in 21 countries over a three-year period.

Jamie's adventures include:

17,000km solo run from Canada to Argentina

3,700km solo cycle from Sao Paulo to La Paz

700km solo National Three Peaks Run (current record)

430km solo Scottish Isles run

240km solo Vietnamese run

Jamie's Timeline

Steppes to the West 2017-10-01
Cycling Atlantic to Andes 2017-02-01
Running the Americas 2015-11-01


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