August 02, 2021

We wanted to take some time to highlight some of our incredible ambassadors, and Veiga Gretarsdottir has done some amazing things!

Veiga is an Icelandic kayaker who has circumnavigated the whole of Iceland counter-clockwise and is the first person to do so. It took 103 days with occasional stops due to bad weather, and lectures given along the way; in total 52 days spent paddling an astonishing distance of 2099km! Safe to say, we’re absolutely in awe! During the journey she noticed that there was a huge amount of litter and plastic on the shores; the length of her journey gave her plenty of time to observe just how prevalent the issue was. She decided it was time to make a difference and started her project ‘Against the Current’; a literal descriptor for her Kayaking, and a metaphor for the challenges she’s faced as a trans woman.

Veiga is encouraging people in the kayaking and boating community to assist in a project to remove rubbish from the coastline, and we can all do something. More than just leaving nothing behind, we can also pick up and properly dispose of any rubbish we see, so it doesn’t continue to impact the environment. As a company with a focus on sustainability, we’re fully behind this project and as such we sent Veiga some of our products to help keep her devices powered on her journey. Amongst them were our Falcon 40, Condor 100, Tactical Extreme, Phoenix 90, Kestrel 40 and Tactical Falcon 28E. We provided solutions both with high capacity power banks that last for multiple days, and solar panels so Veiga could charge her devices while out on the kayak.

She’s a truly incredible woman on a great mission, and we’re pleased we could help!

Veiga has a fantastic documentary out called ‘Against the Current’ which explains her mission far better than we can here, so it’s definitely worth watching!

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