Kyoto’s coastal wonders await those eager to enjoy Japan’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. This day trip promises an unforgettable journey, as visitors marvel at the iconic Amanohashidate sandbar, explore the unique Chionji Temple, and discover the charming fishing village of Ine. From boat tours and seagull-feeding to relaxing in the Amanohashidate Hot Springs, this itinerary offers a diverse range of experiences that showcase the region’s stunning landscapes and captivating traditions. With the perfect balance of outdoor activities and cultural exploration, this day trip invites travelers to uncover the hidden gems that make Kyoto’s coastline a truly remarkable destination.

Key Points

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Key Points

  • This 11-hour day trip allows you to explore Kyoto’s best-kept secrets, including the stunning Amanohashidate sandbar and the charming fishing village of Ine.
  • The tour offers convenient transportation and a knowledgeable local host, with flexible meeting and drop-off options in Kyoto and Osaka.
  • Highlights of the trip include the ‘Heaven’s Bridge’ at Amanohashidate, the unique fan-shaped omikuji at Chionji Temple, and the opportunity to soak in the Amanohashidate Hot Springs.
  • In Ine, you can explore the picturesque boathouses, go seagull-feeding on a boat, and rent bicycles to learn about the coastal way of life.
  • The excursion provides a balance of natural beauty, cultural exploration, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal way to discover the Kyoto coast and its hidden gems.

Tour Overview

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Tour Overview

This 11-hour day trip takes visitors to explore Kyoto’s best-kept secrets, from the breathtaking Amanohashidate sandbar to the charming fishing village of Ine.

Travelers will witness one of Japan’s three scenic views at Amanohashidate, a 3.6 km sandbar lined with around 8,000 pine trees that resembles a ‘Heaven’s Bridge’.

They’ll also explore the Buddhist temple of Chionji, seeking blessings and admiring its unique fan-shaped omikuji (fortune-telling paper).

In Ine, visitors can rent bikes or go seagull-feeding on a boat, taking in the views of the town’s picturesque boathouses.

Throughout the day, you will enjoy the guidance of a knowledgeable local host and convenient transportation to and from the various destinations.

Meeting Points

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Meeting Points

The tour offers two starting location options for participants – the Kyoto-Hachijoguchi Bus Loading Area and an Osaka meeting point.

Similarly, there are two drop-off locations at the conclusion of the day trip: the Kyoto-Hachijoguchi Bus Loading Area and another stop.

Whether you’re joining from Kyoto or Osaka, the tour provides convenient pickup and drop-off options to ensure a seamless start and end to your journey.

Guests can choose the location that best suits their travel plans, allowing for maximum flexibility and ease of access.

The tour’s meeting points are designed to cater to the needs of participants, making it simple to join and depart the excursion.

Highlights of Amanohashidate

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Highlights of Amanohashidate

At the heart of this day trip lies Amanohashidate, one of Japan’s three most scenic views. This 3.6-kilometer sandbar, adorned with around 8,000 pine trees, evokes a vision of a ‘Heaven’s Bridge’ across the shimmering waters.

Visitors can opt to ascend the nearby Mt. Monju via cable car for the renowned ‘View of the Flying Dragon,’ a breathtaking perspective of the sweeping sand corridor.

Highlights of this stunning natural wonder include:

  1. The iconic pine tree-lined sandbar, which can be crossed on foot for a unique vantage point.
  2. The option to take the Amanohashidate Viewland cable car or tram to the top of Mt. Monju.
  3. The nearby Chionji Temple, featuring Japan’s largest gate in the Tango region and a unique fan-shaped omikuji (fortune-telling paper).

Chionji Temple Exploration

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Chionji Temple Exploration

Visitors exploring Chionji Temple will marvel at its unique fan-shaped omikuji (fortune-telling paper) and the largest gate in the Tango region.

This Buddhist temple offers a chance to seek blessings and take in the rich cultural heritage of the area.

The grand, imposing gate sets the stage for the temple’s serene and peaceful atmosphere. Visitors can wander the grounds, observing the intricate architectural details and learning about the temple’s history and significance.

Chionji Temple provides a fascinating glimpse into Japan’s spiritual traditions, allowing travelers to connect with the country’s deep-rooted cultural practices. It’s a highlight of the day trip, offering a chance to step away from the crowds and experience the tranquility of this sacred space.

Amanohashidate Hot Springs

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Amanohashidate Hot Springs

Amanohashidate’s natural outdoor foot bath invites visitors to relax and unwind after exploring the stunning sand bar and its picturesque landscapes.

This tranquil hot spring experience offers several benefits:

  1. Soothing Soak: The warm, mineral-rich waters of the foot bath help to relax tired muscles and promote circulation, leaving visitors feeling rejuvenated.

  2. Scenic Surroundings: Situated amidst the breathtaking scenery of Amanohashidate, the foot bath allows guests to take in the natural beauty while enjoying a therapeutic soak.

  3. Authentic Japanese Tradition: Experiencing the Amanohashidate Hot Springs is a quintessential Japanese experience, allowing visitors to enjoy the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Sightseeing in Ine

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Sightseeing in Ine

After exploring the tranquil hot springs of Amanohashidate, the tour moves on to the charming fishing village of Ine, where visitors can enjoy the unique local culture and scenery.

In Ine, you’ll find the iconic boathouses lining the shore, a testament to the village’s maritime heritage. Visitors can choose to explore Ine on foot or by bicycle, wandering the picturesque streets and taking in the sights.

For a truly memorable experience, consider hopping on a boat to go seagull-feeding, allowing you to get up close with the local wildlife. Whether strolling through the town or out on the water, Ine offers a delightful glimpse into the coastal way of life in this region of Japan.

Outdoor Activities in Ine

Beyond simply strolling through the quaint streets, visitors to Ine can also partake in a variety of engaging outdoor activities that allow them to fully enjoy the village’s coastal charm.

One popular option is to rent bicycles and explore the charming fishing village at a leisurely pace, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling harbor.

Alternatively, visitors can embark on a boat tour to witness the iconic Ine boathouses from the water, with the added bonus of feeding the friendly local seagulls.

For those seeking a more relaxing experience, the natural outdoor foot baths at Amanohashidate Hot Springs provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and soak in the stunning scenery.

Inclusions and Exclusions

The tour package includes pickup and drop-off services, transportation, an experienced driver, a knowledgeable guide, and all necessary attraction tickets.

However, it excludes the cost of food, drinks, and the optional Amanohashidate Viewland cable car or tram pass, which is priced at 850 Japanese yen.

Travelers can choose to ride the cable car or tram to the top of Mt. Monju for a stunning ‘View of the Flying Dragon‘ over the Amanohashidate sandbar and the surrounding landscape.

While meals and beverages aren’t provided, the tour offers ample opportunities to explore the charming fishing town of Ine and sample local delicacies at one’s own expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kyoto/Osaka: Kyoto Coast, Amanohashidate & Ine Bay Day Trip - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Tour Itinerary to Fit My Preferences?

Yes, the tour itinerary can be customized to suit your preferences. The operator offers flexibility in selecting activities and destinations to create a personalized experience that aligns with your interests and requirements.

Is There an Option to Join the Tour With a Private Group?

The tour offers a private group option, allowing travelers to customize the itinerary and experience the destinations with their own group. This provides a more personalized and flexible tour experience.

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit the Amanohashidate?

The best time to visit Amanohashidate is during the spring when the cherry blossoms bloom, or in the fall when the foliage turns vibrant colors. The mild weather and stunning natural scenery make these seasons ideal for visiting this scenic wonder.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Seniors or Students?

The tour does not explicitly mention any discounts for seniors or students. However, it’s common for Japanese attractions and transportation to offer reduced prices for these groups, so it’s worth inquiring about any available discounts when booking the tour.

How Much Luggage Can I Bring on the Day Trip?

The tour doesn’t have any specific luggage restrictions, but travelers are advised to pack light as there’s limited storage space on the transportation. Bringing only essential items is recommended to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free day trip experience.


This day trip offers a captivating exploration of Kyoto’s renowned coastal gems.

Visitors can marvel at the picturesque Amanohashidate sandbar, visit the unique Chionji Temple, and enjoy the charming fishing village of Ine.

Outdoor activities like boat tours, seagull-feeding, and relaxing in the Amanohashidate Hot Springs, along with the stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural experiences, make this an unforgettable day trip.

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