Embarking on a 3-day desert adventure from Marrakech to Fez is a captivating way to take in Morocco’s stunning landscapes. This private tour offers the chance to explore the mesmerizing Merzouga desert, where visitors can indulge in camel trekking, sand boarding, and cultural experiences. With comfortable accommodations and authentic cuisine, the journey seamlessly combines leisure and exploration, allowing travelers to witness the breathtaking Ziz Valley and other must-see attractions. Whether it’s the thrill of the dunes or the allure of Moroccan traditions, this tour promises an unforgettable adventure that will leave you eager to uncover more.

Key Points

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Key Points

  • A 3-day private tour from Marrakech to Fez, traversing the stunning Merzouga desert with stops at the Ziz Valley and other must-see attractions.
  • Includes camel trekking, sand boarding, and live entertainment, providing an immersive cultural experience.
  • Accommodation and meals in traditional Moroccan riads or desert camps, with vegetarian options available.
  • Convenient door-to-door transportation service with pickup from Marrakech and dropoff in Fez.
  • Full refund for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind.

Tour Overview

This 3-day private tour takes travelers from Marrakech to Fez via the stunning Merzouga desert, providing an unforgettable journey through Morocco’s breathtaking landscapes.

Along the way, guests will stop at the Ziz Valley and other must-see attractions. With all transportation from Marrakech to Fez included, travelers can sit back and enjoy the ride with an experienced local driver as their guide.

The tour offers a perfect balance of activities, including camel trekking in the Merzouga dunes, sand boarding, and live entertainment in the evenings.

This comprehensive experience ensures travelers make the most of their time in Morocco, seeing the country’s rich culture and natural beauty.

Accommodation and Meals

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Accommodation and Meals

The tour includes 2 nights of accommodation, with breakfast (2) and dinner (2) provided for guests. Vegetarian options are available upon request.

Guests will enjoy comfortable lodging, whether it’s in a traditional Moroccan riad or a desert camp nestled among the Merzouga dunes.

The meals, prepared with fresh, local ingredients, offer a delightful taste of Moroccan cuisine. Breakfasts might include freshly baked breads, eggs, and traditional dishes, while dinners could feature tagines, couscous, and other savory specialties.

The tour’s inclusive dining ensures that travelers can fully enjoy the cultural experience without worrying about meals. Accommodations and meals are carefully selected to provide a comfortable and authentic journey.

Camel Trekking and Activities

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Camel Trekking and Activities

One of the main highlights of the 3-day desert tour is the camel trekking experience in the Merzouga dunes. Guests will have the opportunity to climb aboard the iconic ships of the desert and embark on a captivating journey through the undulating sand landscapes. This immersive activity allows travelers to fully enjoy the desert environment and appreciate the traditional mode of transportation used by the local Berber people.

Activity Duration Difficulty Level
Camel Trekking 1-2 hours Moderate
Sand Boarding 1 hour Moderate
Live Entertainment 1-2 hours Easy

Plus, guests can try sand boarding, an exhilarating activity that involves gliding down the dunes on specialized boards. Live entertainment, such as traditional Berber music and dance performances, is also included to further enhance the culture.

Pickup and Dropoff

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Pickup and Dropoff

Guests are picked up from the Cafe de France in Jemaa el-Fnaa square in Marrakech, the bustling central plaza, and are then dropped off at their hotel or riad in Fez upon completion of the 3-day desert tour.

This convenient pickup and dropoff service ensures a seamless start and end to the journey.

The tour operator arranges all transportation from Marrakech to Fez, including the drive through the stunning landscapes along the way. Travelers don’t have to worry about navigating or arranging their own transfers, allowing them to fully enjoy the desert experience.

The reliable transportation and door-to-door service add to the overall ease and comfort of this private tour.

Confirmation and Availability

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Confirmation and Availability

Upon booking, customers receive confirmation of their 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Fez within 48 hours, subject to availability.

The tour operator ensures prompt communication to confirm the reservation and finalize the travel details. Availability is dependent on factors such as the number of participants, transportation, and accommodations.

Once the booking is confirmed, the tour operator provides the necessary information, including pickup location, itinerary, and any special considerations. This allows travelers to prepare for their desert adventure and ensure a seamless experience.

The confirmation process reflects the tour operator’s commitment to customer satisfaction and their attention to detail in managing the logistics of the 3-day journey.

Cancellation Policy

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Cancellation Policy

The tour operator offers a flexible cancellation policy, allowing customers to receive a full refund if they cancel their 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Fez at least 24 hours in advance. This policy provides travelers with peace of mind and the freedom to adjust their plans if needed.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the tour’s start date, however, won’t be eligible for a refund. This ensures the tour operator can adequately prepare for the journey and cover any non-refundable expenses.

Traveler Recommendations

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Traveler Recommendations

For this 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Fez, travelers should be mindful of a few key considerations.

Those with back problems, pregnant women, and individuals with limited mobility aren’t recommended to participate, as the camel trekking and activities may prove challenging.

Visitors are advised to pack appropriate clothing and gear to handle the desert climate, including sun protection and comfortable walking shoes.

While the tour includes a variety of sights and experiences, travelers should be prepared for the physical demands of the journey.

Highlights of the Tour

3-Day Desert Tour Marrakech to Fes via Merzouga - Highlights of the Tour

What makes this 3-day desert tour from Marrakech to Fez so captivating are the diverse landscapes and cultural experiences it offers.

From the towering dunes of Merzouga to the lush Ziz Valley, travelers embark on a journey that showcases the breathtaking natural beauty of Morocco’s desert regions.

Along the way, they’ll have the opportunity to ride camels through the sand dunes and try their hand at the thrilling activity of sand boarding.

In the evenings, they’ll be treated to live entertainment and delicious Moroccan cuisine, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With knowledgeable local guides leading the way, this tour promises an unforgettable adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Visa to Participate in This Tour?

Whether a visa is required for this tour depends on the traveler’s nationality. Most travelers to Morocco will need to obtain a valid visa prior to their trip. It’s best to check the specific visa requirements for your country.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

Travelers can bring their own food and drinks on the tour, but the tour includes breakfast and dinner. The tour provider recommends checking if there are any restrictions or rules about bringing outside items.

Is There an Age Limit for the Camel Trekking Activity?

The tour operator doesn’t specify an age limit for the camel trekking activity. However, it’s not recommended for travelers with limited mobility, such as young children or the elderly. It’s best to check with the operator before booking if you have any concerns.

Can I Request a Private Vehicle for the Entire Tour?

Yes, you can request a private vehicle for the entire tour. The tour overview indicates that this is a private tour from Marrakech to Fez, so a private vehicle would be included for the duration of the trip.

What Is the Maximum Group Size for This Tour?

This private tour is limited to a maximum group size of 8 participants. The small group size provides a more personalized experience and allows for greater flexibility during the journey from Marrakech to Fez through the Merzouga desert.


This 3-day private tour from Marrakech to Fez offers an immersive desert experience.

Travelers will explore the stunning Merzouga dunes, try thrilling activities like camel trekking and sand boarding, and enjoy comfortable accommodations and authentic Moroccan cuisine.

With seamless transportation and excellent customer service, this tour provides an unforgettable adventure through Morocco’s captivating landscapes.

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