Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey with Power Traveller? We’re not just another travel publishing company; we’re a community of passionate globetrotters, storytellers, and adventure seekers. Our mission is to empower travelers with knowledge, inspiration, and honest insights that transform ordinary trips into extraordinary experiences.

Who We Are

Power Traveller is a new and fast-growing travel publishing company. Our comprehensive travel guides and authentic tour reviews have fast become trusted companions for millions of travelers worldwide. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene beaches of Bali, from the peaks of the Andes to the savannas of Africa, we’ve been there, experienced it, and shared it with our readers.

But we’re more than just a source of information. We’re dream weavers, cultural bridges, and advocates for responsible tourism. Every word we write, every image we capture, and every review we publish is fueled by our love for exploration and our desire to make the world more accessible to all.

Join Our Team

At Power Traveller, we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent to join our diverse and dynamic team. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler with years of stories to tell or a newcomer with a unique perspective, we want to hear from you.

Writers and Content Creators

Do you have a way with words that can transport readers to far-off lands? Can you craft stories that ignite wanderlust and provide practical advice in equal measure? We’re seeking writers who can:

  • Create immersive destination guides that go beyond the usual tourist traps
  • Craft engaging articles on travel tips, cultural insights, and off-the-beaten-path experiences
  • Develop in-depth features on travel trends, sustainable tourism, and the transformative power of travel
  • Adapt their writing style to suit different platforms, from long-form guides to snappy social media posts

Editors and Fact-Checkers

Behind every great travel story is a meticulous editor ensuring accuracy and quality. We need eagle-eyed individuals who can:

  • Review and refine content for clarity, engagement, and adherence to Power Traveller’s style
  • Fact-check information to maintain our reputation for reliability
  • Collaborate with writers to develop story ideas and improve their craft
  • Stay updated on travel industry trends and emerging destinations

Digital Marketing Specialists

Great content needs to reach the right audience. We’re seeking marketing mavens who can:

  • Develop and implement SEO strategies to increase our online visibility
  • Manage our social media presence across multiple platforms
  • Create and oversee email marketing campaigns
  • Analyze data to refine our digital strategies and better serve our audience

Why Choose Power Traveller?

Joining Power Traveller isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to turn your passion for travel into a fulfilling career. Here’s what we offer:

  • Travel Opportunities: From press trips to research expeditions, you’ll have the chance to explore the world as part of your work.
  • Flexible Work Environment: We understand that creativity doesn’t always thrive in a 9-to-5 setting. Many of our positions offer remote work options and flexible schedules.
  • Professional Development: Learn from industry veterans, attend travel conferences, and continually hone your skills.
  • Impactful Work: Your contributions will help shape the travel experiences of thousands of readers around the globe.
  • Collaborative Culture: Join a team of like-minded individuals who are as passionate about travel as you are.
  • Competitive Compensation: We value our team members and offer competitive salaries and benefits.

Partnerships with Tourism Organizations and Tour Operators

At Power Traveller, we believe in the power of collaboration to create exceptional travel experiences. We actively seek partnerships with tourism organizations and tour operators who share our commitment to authentic, responsible, and transformative travel.

For Tourism Organizations

Destinations are more than just points on a map; they’re living, breathing entities with unique stories to tell. We offer tourism organizations the opportunity to showcase their destinations to our engaged audience of travel enthusiasts. Through our partnership, we can:

  • Develop in-depth destination guides that highlight your region’s unique attractions, culture, and hidden gems
  • Create targeted content campaigns to promote specific aspects of your destination, from culinary scenes to outdoor adventures
  • Offer honest, impartial advice to travelers that can help manage expectations and enhance visitor experiences
  • Provide valuable feedback on traveler perceptions and interests to aid in your tourism development strategies

For Tour Operators

We recognize tour operators as the unsung heroes of the travel industry. Your expertise, local knowledge, and dedication to customer experience are what transform a simple trip into an unforgettable journey. By partnering with Power Traveller, you can:

  • Gain exposure to our wide readership of active travel planners
  • Receive honest, detailed reviews of your tours from our experienced travel writers
  • Benefit from our reputation for integrity and authenticity in the travel space
  • Collaborate on content that showcases the unique aspects of your tours
  • Stay informed about traveler preferences and emerging trends in the tour industry

Our partnerships are built on mutual respect, transparency, and a shared goal of promoting responsible and enriching travel experiences. We don’t just promote; we provide a platform for genuine connection between destinations, tour operators, and travelers.

How to Join Us on This Journey

Are you ready to be part of the Power Traveller family? Here’s how you can get started:

For Writers, Photographers, Editors, and Marketing Specialists: Send an email to [email protected] with:

  • Your resume/CV
  • A cover letter that tells us about your travel experiences and why you’d be a great fit for Power Traveller
  • Relevant work samples or a portfolio
  • Any specific ideas you have for contributing to Power Traveller

For Tourism Organizations and Tour Operators: Reach out to us at [email protected] with:

  • An overview of your destination or tour offerings
  • Your goals for the partnership
  • Any specific ideas for collaboration
  • Relevant press kits or marketing materials

We review all applications and partnership proposals carefully and will respond to promising candidates as soon as possible.

At Power Traveller, we believe that travel has the power to change lives, broaden perspectives, and make the world a little bit smaller in all the best ways. If you share this vision, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, let’s inspire the world to explore, one story at a time.