The Masai Mara National Reserve is a legendary destination that captivates travelers seeking an authentic African safari experience. This 3-day adventure from Nairobi promises to immerse visitors in the heart of Kenya’s renowned wildlife haven, where they’ll witness the awe-inspiring migration of wildebeest and explore the diverse habitats teeming with lions, elephants, and other iconic species. With a comprehensive itinerary, comfortable accommodations, and the guidance of experienced local experts, this safari offers a seamless and unforgettable journey into the untamed beauty of the Masai Mara. But what truly sets this experience apart is the opportunity to connect with the vibrant Maasai culture and gain a deeper understanding of the region’s rich heritage.

Key Points

3-Day Masai Mara Safari From Nairobi - Key Points

  • A 3-day guided safari tour of the Masai Mara National Reserve departing from Nairobi, ideal for first-time safari-goers.
  • Opportunities to see iconic African wildlife, including lions, leopards, and elephants.
  • Inclusive package with round-trip transportation, lodging, meals, and park entrance fees.
  • Flexible cancellation policy with full refund for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Positive reviews highlighting seamless logistics, knowledgeable guides, and an abundance of wildlife sightings.

Tour Overview

3-Day Masai Mara Safari From Nairobi - Tour Overview

The 3-day guided safari tour of Masai Mara National Reserve from Nairobi provides an ideal introduction for first-time safari-goers, offering opportunities to see a variety of wildlife such as lions, leopards, and elephants.

Designed with hassle-free logistics, the tour includes lodging, meals, and transportation, ensuring a seamless experience.

Travelers will explore the renowned reserve in a modified safari vehicle, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who can enhance the experience with insights into the local ecosystem.

The small-group nature of the tour (maximum 6 travelers) allows for personalized attention, making it an attractive option for those seeking an intimate and immersive safari adventure.


3-Day Masai Mara Safari From Nairobi - Inclusions

The tour package includes round-trip transportation in a modified safari vehicle, with convenient hotel/airport pickup and drop-off services.

Travelers won’t have to worry about park entrance fees, as they’re all covered in the cost of the tour.

Full-board accommodation and meals, including 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts, and 2 lunches, ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Plus, travelers can opt for an optional cultural village visit at an additional cost of $20 per person, providing an opportunity to enjoy the local Masai culture.

The inclusions of this Masai Mara safari tour from Nairobi cater to the needs of first-time safari-goers, offering a comprehensive and worry-free adventure.

Pickup and Start Time

The tour offers free pickup from locations within 10 km of Nairobi Central, with an additional $20 fee for airport pickup and remote locations.

Travelers should plan to start the safari tour at 7:30 AM. This early start time ensures that participants have the best chance of spotting wildlife during the most active hours of the day.

The pickup service and on-time departure are designed to provide a hassle-free experience, allowing guests to maximize their time in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

Whether you’re staying in the city center or at a nearby airport, the tour’s transportation logistics are carefully arranged to ensure a smooth and efficient start to the safari adventure.

Cancellation Policy

3-Day Masai Mara Safari From Nairobi - Cancellation Policy

The tour’s cancellation policy provides guests with flexibility. Travelers can receive a full refund if they cancel their booking at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time. However, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the safari’s departure.

Cancellation Timing Refund Policy
24+ hours before start Full refund
Less than 24 hours before start No refund

This policy ensures guests can plan their safari with confidence, knowing they can receive a full refund if their plans change, as long as they provide adequate notice.

Traveler Reviews

Overwhelmingly positive reviews showcase travelers’ satisfaction with this Masai Mara safari tour from Nairobi, earning it a Badge of Excellence.

Reviewers consistently praise the tour’s seamless logistics, with smooth hotel/airport pickup and drop-off, comfortable transportation, and well-organized itinerary.

Guests highlight the abundance of wildlife sightings, from iconic big cats to majestic elephants.

The small-group format is also applauded for providing personalized attention and an intimate safari experience.

Travelers further note the knowledgeable guides who enhance the experience with their expertise.


This 3-day guided safari tour of Masai Mara National Reserve from Nairobi offers an immersive experience for first-time safari-goers.

On the first day, travelers depart Nairobi in the morning for the approximately 5-hour drive to the Masai Mara, stopping along the way to marvel at the stunning landscapes.

Once at the reserve, they’ll embark on their first game drive, keeping an eye out for the iconic Big Five – lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos.

The following two days are dedicated to further exploration of the Mara, with opportunities to spot a variety of other wildlife, including gazelles, zebras, and wildebeests.

Travelers will enjoy comfortable lodging and delicious meals throughout the tour.

What to Expect

3-Day Masai Mara Safari From Nairobi - What to Expect

Visitors can expect an immersive wildlife viewing experience throughout the 3-day safari tour. They’ll have ample opportunities to spot the iconic Big Five species – lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos – as well as other captivating animals like gazelles, zebras, and wildebeests during the multiple game drives in the Masai Mara National Reserve.

The safari vehicle’s modified design ensures comfortable and unobstructed views, while the small group size allows for personalized attention from the experienced guide.

Accommodations at the safari lodge offer a comfortable retreat after each day’s adventure.

Visitors will also have the option to visit a local Maasai cultural village, providing a glimpse into the traditions and way of life of this iconic African tribe.

Getting There and Away

3-Day Masai Mara Safari From Nairobi - Getting There and Away

The tour includes pickup from locations within 10 km of Nairobi Central, with an additional $20 fee for airport pickup or remote locations.

Guests should be ready for a 7:30 AM start time to maximize the day’s safari activities.

The journey to Masai Mara National Reserve takes approximately 4-5 hours, but the drive is an integral part of the experience, allowing travelers to soak in the changing landscapes.

Complimentary pickup is provided from locations within 10 km of Nairobi Central, ensuring a hassle-free start to the tour.

For airport pickup or remote locations, a $20 additional fee applies.

The safari starts promptly at 7:30 AM, so guests are advised to be ready and on time to make the most of their wildlife viewing opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Request a Specific Type of Safari Vehicle?

Yes, you can request a specific type of safari vehicle. The tour operator can accommodate requests for different vehicle types, such as open-top or closed vehicles, based on your preferences and the nature of the safari experience you prefer.

Is There an Option for a Private Tour Instead of a Group Tour?

Yes, there is an option for a private tour instead of a group tour. The tour operator offers a private safari experience with a dedicated vehicle and guide for a more personalized and flexible experience.

How Flexible Is the Itinerary in Case of Changes?

The tour’s itinerary is generally flexible and can accommodate changes based on weather, wildlife sightings, or participant preferences. However, major changes may incur additional fees. The tour provider will work to ensure the best possible experience within the constraints of the tour.

Are There Any Additional Costs During the Tour?

The tour includes most costs, but there may be some additional fees. These could include an optional cultural village visit ($20 per person) and additional fees for airport pickup or remote locations ($20).

Can I Book the Tour for a Different Number of Days?

Yes, travelers can book the tour for different durations. The standard tour is 3 days, but the tour provider may offer options for 2-day or 4-day safaris depending on the traveler’s preferences and availability.


The 3-day Masai Mara Safari from Nairobi offers a comprehensive and hassle-free introduction to the wonders of the Kenyan savanna.

With a variety of iconic wildlife, comfortable accommodations, and expert guidance, this safari adventure provides a seamless experience for first-time visitors seeking to enjoy the natural beauty of the Masai Mara National Reserve.

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