The Giza Pyramids and Sphinx are undoubtedly among the most iconic and captivating ancient wonders in the world. Visitors to this remarkable site can embark on a comprehensive tour that unveils the mysteries and grandeur of these legendary monuments. From exploring the towering pyramids to encountering the enigmatic Sphinx, the Giza experience offers a multitude of activities that cater to diverse interests. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely camel ride, the thrill of an ATV adventure, or the opportunity to explore the site’s rich history, the Giza Pyramids tour promises an unforgettable journey that’ll leave you eager to discover more.

Key Points

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Key Points

  • Visit the iconic Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx, the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza pyramid complex.
  • Explore the interior of a selected pyramid through an optional upgrade to access the narrow corridors and chambers.
  • Set out on a 30-minute camel ride to experience the desert landscape surrounding the monuments from a unique perspective.
  • Enjoy an exhilarating ATV adventure that weaves through the Giza Plateau, providing an adrenaline-filled perspective of the archaeological sites.
  • Take advantage of the private guide and photographer included in the tour package to ensure a comprehensive and immersive experience at the Giza Pyramids.

Overview of Giza Pyramids Tour

This private tour package to the iconic Giza Pyramids offers a comprehensive and immersive experience for visitors, providing entry fees, a private guide/photographer, and round-trip transfers from their Cairo hotel.

With the option to upgrade to a camel ride, a visit inside a pyramid, or an ATV adventure on the Giza Plateau, guests can customize their experience to suit their preferences.

The tour is designed to be informative and engaging, allowing travelers to explore the historical wonders of the pyramids and the enigmatic Sphinx up close.

The private nature of the tour ensures a personalized experience, making it an excellent choice for those seeking an in-depth and memorable encounter with these ancient marvels.

Included in the Package

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Included in the Package

The private tour package to the Giza Pyramids includes the entry fees, a private guide/photographer to accompany visitors, and round-trip transportation from their Cairo hotel in a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Along with these core components, the package also provides bottled water for the duration of the tour. While the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible and isn’t recommended for those with back problems or pregnant travelers, most visitors can participate.

The package offers several optional upgrades, including:

  1. Camel ride
  2. Visit inside a pyramid
  3. ATV adventure on the Giza Plateau

These upgrades come at an additional cost beyond the basic entry fees.

Camel Ride Upgrade

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Camel Ride Upgrade

For an additional fee, visitors can opt to include a camel ride as part of their Giza Pyramids tour experience. This allows them to traverse the desert landscape surrounding the iconic monuments on the back of a camel, providing a more immersive and authentic cultural encounter.

The camel ride typically lasts around 30 minutes, enabling guests to explore the area and capture memorable photographs. This upgrade is a popular choice, as it offers a unique perspective and a chance to fully take in the ancient Egyptian setting.

While the camel ride is optional, many travelers find it to be a highlight of their Giza Pyramids tour, adding an extra layer of adventure and cultural engagement.

Pyramid Entry Upgrade

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Pyramid Entry Upgrade

Along With the camel ride, visitors can choose to upgrade their Giza Pyramids tour by gaining access to explore the interior of one of the iconic monuments.

This option allows them to venture inside the ancient structure, providing a unique and immersive experience that brings them closer to the grandeur and mysteries of the Giza Pyramid complex.

The pyramid entry upgrade includes:

  1. Access to the interior chambers of a selected pyramid.
  2. A knowledgeable guide to provide historical context and insights.
  3. Navigating the narrow corridors and exploring the remarkable architecture.
  4. An opportunity to capture captivating photographs from within the pyramid.

This add-on offers a thrilling and educational enhancement to the Giza Pyramids experience.

ATV Adventure Upgrade

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - ATV Adventure Upgrade

Another exciting upgrade option for visitors to the Giza Pyramids is the ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) adventure.

This thrilling add-on allows participants to explore the Giza Plateau on a guided ATV tour, offering a unique and exhilarating perspective of the iconic ancient structures.

The ATV adventure upgrade includes a helmet and safety briefing, as well as a 30-45 minute ride across the desert terrain near the Pyramids.

Travelers can weave between the Pyramids, Sphinx, and other archaeological sites, experiencing the thrill of riding an ATV in this historic setting.

This upgrade is perfect for adventurous visitors looking to add an adrenaline-filled element to their Giza Pyramids experience.

Pickup and Transportation Details

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Pickup and Transportation Details

The private tour package includes pickup from the traveler’s Cairo hotel lobby, where they’ll be met by a private air-conditioned vehicle for their transportation to the Giza Pyramids site. This convenient transportation service ensures a seamless and comfortable journey to the iconic landmark.

Along the way, the vehicle will provide the following amenities:

  1. Bottled water to keep the travelers hydrated.
  2. Climate control to maintain a pleasant temperature.
  3. Ample space for any personal belongings or souvenirs.
  4. A knowledgeable and experienced driver to navigate the roads.

The private transportation allows for a personalized and efficient experience, eliminating the need to navigate public transportation or worry about logistics, allowing the travelers to fully enjoy the wonder of the Giza Pyramids.

Accessibility and Recommendations

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Accessibility and Recommendations

Despite the grandeur and cultural significance of the Giza Pyramids, visitors should be aware of certain accessibility considerations and recommendations before embarking on this tour.

The private tour package isn’t wheelchair accessible, and it’s also not recommended for those with back problems or pregnant travelers. The site involves walking over uneven terrain and through narrow spaces, which may pose challenges for some visitors.

However, the tour provider does offer bottled water to help ensure guest comfort.

Tour Reviews and Booking Information

All Things To Do At Giza Pyramids , Sphinx - Tour Reviews and Booking Information

Travelers have overwhelmingly praised the private tour package to the Giza Pyramids, evidenced by the tour’s impressive 77 reviews and Badge of Excellence.

This tour offers a comprehensive experience, including:

  • Entry fees to the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
  • A private guide and photographer to ensure a personalized and memorable experience
  • Convenient 2-way transportation from your Cairo hotel
  • Optional upgrades such as a camel ride, a visit inside a pyramid, or an ATV adventure

Booking this tour is straightforward, with confirmation provided at the time of booking. The tour is also easily accessible via public transportation, making it a convenient choice for most travelers.

Whether you’re looking for a seamless Giza experience or seeking additional thrills, this private tour has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Entire Tour Typically Take?

The private tour to the Giza Pyramids typically takes 3-4 hours, depending on the selected upgrades. The duration includes transportation, guided exploration of the site, and any additional activities like camel rides or pyramid entry.

Can the Tour Be Customized to Our Preferences?

The tour can be customized to your preferences. The private nature of the package allows you to tailor the experience, adding optional activities like a camel ride or ATV adventure, or focusing on specific areas of the Giza Plateau that interest you most.

Are Photographs and Videos Allowed During the Visit?

Yes, photographs and videos are allowed during the Giza Pyramids tour. The private guide will even offer to take photos of you and your group throughout the visit to capture memorable moments.

Is There a Dress Code We Should Follow?

There’s no strict dress code, but visitors should wear comfortable, modest clothing that covers shoulders and knees. Light, breathable fabrics are recommended due to the hot desert climate at the Giza Pyramids site.

Can We Bring Our Own Food and Drinks on the Tour?

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks on the private tour to the Giza Pyramids. The tour package includes bottled water, but additional snacks or beverages can be carried along if desired.


The Giza Pyramids tour offers a comprehensive and immersive experience, providing visitors with a hassle-free exploration of these iconic landmarks.

With a range of upgrade options, travelers can tailor their experience to suit their interests, from camel rides and pyramid entry to exhilarating ATV adventures.

The tour’s informative and engaging approach ensures a memorable visit to the Giza Plateau.

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