Immersing oneself in Japan’s rich cultural heritage is a captivating prospect, and the Asakusa Kimono Rental WARGO offers a unique opportunity to do just that. Situated in the historic Asakusa district of Tokyo, this experience whisks travelers back in time, inviting them to don the intricate and elegant kimono – a sartorial symbol of Japanese tradition. With personalized attention and comprehensive insurance coverage, the activity promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Japanese culture. However, the true allure of this experience lies in the potential to uncover the deeper significance behind the exquisite garments, a revelation that awaits those who choose to embark on this enchanting adventure.

Key Points

Asakusa, Tokyo: Kimono Rental Traditional Experience at WARGO - Key Points

  • Offers a traditional Japanese kimono rental experience in the historic Asakusa district of Tokyo.
  • Provides professional assistance in dressing and insurance coverage for up to 5 travelers.
  • Includes standard or premium hairset options, with optional decorations available.
  • Conveniently located on the 4th floor of Asakusa Kimono Rental wargo, easily accessible by public transportation.
  • Requires advance booking due to limited availability and high demand.

Overview of Kimono Rental Experience

Asakusa, Tokyo: Kimono Rental Traditional Experience at WARGO - Overview of Kimono Rental Experience

This kimono rental experience in Asakusa, Tokyo offers visitors a chance to don traditional Japanese attire and enjoy the cultural heritage of the region.

With 25 positive reviews and a Badge of Excellence, the tour accommodates a maximum of 5 travelers per session, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

The rental fee includes the kimono, dressing assistance, and insurance coverage. Guests can also opt for a hairset ranging from 1,100JPY to 2,200JPY and choose from a variety of decorative accessories.

Located on the 4th floor of a building in Asakusa, the meeting point is easily accessible by public transportation. While the experience isn’t wheelchair-friendly, most travelers can participate.

Inclusions and Fees

Asakusa, Tokyo: Kimono Rental Traditional Experience at WARGO - Inclusions and Fees

The kimono rental experience includes the cost of the kimono, assistance with dressing, and insurance coverage.

Guests can choose between a standard hairset at 1,100JPY or a premium hairset at 2,200JPY, and they may also select from a variety of decorative options to enhance their traditional attire.

The experience includes:

  • Kimono rental fee
  • Dressing fee
  • Insurance fee
  • Optional decorations and meeting/pickup

The rental company, WARGO, is located on the 4th floor of a building in Asakusa, making it conveniently accessible for visitors.

Meeting Point and Location

Asakusa, Tokyo: Kimono Rental Traditional Experience at WARGO - Meeting Point and Location

The WARGO kimono rental experience takes place at their Asakusa location, situated on the 4th floor of a building in the historic Asakusa district of Tokyo.

Guests will meet their hosts at the Asakusa Kimono Rental wargo Asakusa, which is easily accessible by public transportation.

The rental shop is located on the 4th floor, providing a convenient and private setting for the kimono dressing experience.

Travelers will be guided through the process of selecting and donning the traditional Japanese garments, ensuring they look their best while exploring the nearby shrines and streets of Asakusa.

With its central location and accessible meeting point, the WARGO experience offers a seamless start to a memorable day in traditional Japanese fashion.

Activity Details and Accessibility

Beyond the convenient meeting point, the WARGO kimono rental experience caters to a range of travelers with its activity details and accessibility considerations.

It’s not wheelchair accessible, ensuring guests can safely navigate the traditional Japanese attire. While not recommended for pregnant travelers, most visitors can participate in this immersive cultural experience.

The activity details include:

  • Near public transportation for easy access
  • Not suitable for those with mobility limitations
  • Likely to sell out, so early booking is advised
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for peace of mind

Confirmation, Cancellation, and Availability

Travelers can confirm their booking at the time of reservation, ensuring their spot is secured for the kimono rental experience. Free cancellation is available up to 24 hours before the scheduled activity, providing flexibility for visitors’ plans. Given the popularity of this offering, it’s likely to sell out, so guests are advised to book their desired timeslot in advance.

Confirmation Cancellation Availability
Booking confirmed at time of reservation Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the experience Likely to sell out, book in advance
Secure your spot for the kimono rental Flexible for changes in travel plans Popular experience in high demand
Ensure your desired timeslot is reserved No penalty for cancellations within 24 hours Recommend booking early to guarantee availability

Transportation and Nearby Attractions

For those visiting the kimono rental experience in Asakusa, Tokyo, the location is conveniently situated near public transportation, allowing easy access to the activity. The rental shop, WARGO Asakusa, can be found on the 4th floor of a building in the Asakusa neighborhood, a popular tourist destination known for its historic temples and shrines.

The iconic Sensoji Temple, one of the oldest and most famous temples in Tokyo, is located nearby.

The Asakusa Shrine, a Shinto shrine located within the Sensoji Temple complex, is also a nearby attraction.

The Nakamise shopping street, a lively pedestrian-only shopping area, is another nearby location.

The Tobu Railway Asakusa Station, providing easy access to the area, is a nearby transportation option.

Dress-Up and Hairset Options

The kimono rental experience at WARGO Asakusa offers a range of dress-up and hairset options to enhance the authentic Japanese attire.

Visitors can choose between a standard 1,100JPY hairset or a premium 2,200JPY hairset, which includes more elaborate styling to complete their traditional look.

Optional decorations are also available to further personalize the ensemble.

The rental fee covers the cost of the kimono itself, as well as the dressing and insurance fees.

With a maximum of 5 travelers per tour, the experience ensures personalized attention and an immersive cultural adventure in the heart of Tokyo’s historic Asakusa district.

Customization and Optional Decorations

Beyond the standard kimono rental, WARGO Asakusa offers travelers the opportunity to further customize their traditional attire with a selection of optional decorations.

Guests can choose from:

  • Stylish hair accessories like decorative combs, hairpins, and ornaments to complement their hairdo
  • Delicate hand fans and parasols to accessorize and provide a touch of elegance
  • Elegant sashes and obi belts to cinch the waist and create a polished, structured look
  • Colorful, patterned stoles to drape over the shoulders for added warmth and visual interest

These optional extras allow each guest to personalize their kimono experience, ensuring they feel confident and camera-ready as they explore the historic streets of Asakusa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Take Photos During the Rental Experience?

Yes, guests can take photos during the kimono rental experience. Photography is permitted and encouraged to capture the traditional atmosphere and the individual’s stylish appearance in the rented kimono.

Can We Bring Our Own Accessories for the Kimono?

Yes, guests can bring their own accessories to personalize their kimono rental experience. The rental service typically provides a range of optional decorations, but allows guests to incorporate their own accessories as well.

What Are the Options for Kimono Styles and Patterns?

The kimono rental experience offers a variety of kimono styles and patterns for customers to choose from, including traditional designs as well as more modern and colorful options. Customers can work with the staff to select the style that best suits their preferences.

Is There a Storage Area for Our Belongings?

The kimono rental experience typically provides a storage area for travelers’ belongings during the activity. Participants can safely store their personal items while they enjoy trying on and posing in the traditional Japanese attire.

Can We Request a Specific Hairstyle for the Hairset?

Yes, guests can request a specific hairstyle for the hairset at an additional cost. The standard hairset is 1,100JPY, while the premium hairset option, which allows for more customization, is priced at 2,200JPY.


The Asakusa Kimono Rental WARGO offers an immersive cultural experience in the heart of Tokyo’s historic Asakusa district. With a private setting, expert assistance, and customizable options, travelers can don an authentic kimono ensemble and explore this traditional attire.

Early booking is recommended to secure a spot for this popular activity that provides a convenient and guided exploration of Japanese heritage.

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