Tucked away in the heart of Palermo, Sicily, the House of Cilla invites travelers on an immersive culinary journey. Guests gather at the designated meeting point, ready to discover the island’s rich gastronomic heritage. Under the guidance of the expert host, participants embark on a hands-on cooking class, where they learn to prepare traditional Sicilian dishes. With a maximum of 10 travelers, the intimate setting fosters a collaborative atmosphere as they savor the flavors of the region during a multi-course lunch accompanied by complimentary wine and water. What secrets lie within the walls of the House of Cilla, waiting to be unveiled?

Key Points

At the House of Cilla - Key Points

  • The cooking class takes place at the House of Cilla, located in Palermo, Sicily, with a convenient meeting point on Via Volturno.
  • Participants will engage in a hands-on cooking experience to prepare traditional Sicilian dishes, including homemade pasta and classic cannolo.
  • The multi-course lunch features a variety of Sicilian starters, pasta, seafood or meat, and desserts, accompanied by complimentary wine and water.
  • The class is limited to a maximum of 10 travelers, ensuring an intimate and personalized culinary experience with expert guidance.
  • The activity concludes back at the meeting point in Palermo, typically in the early afternoon, after the cooking lesson and leisurely lunch.

Location and Meeting Point

At the House of Cilla - Location and Meeting Point

The House of Cilla is located in Palermo, Sicily, with the meeting point situated on Via Volturno, 78, 90138 Palermo PA, Italy.

The activity starts at 10:00 am, and you will meet at this designated location.

From there, they’ll embark on their culinary journey, exploring the flavors of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

The experience ends right back at the meeting point, allowing travelers to easily return to their starting point.

This convenient location near public transportation makes the House of Cilla readily accessible for those looking to enjoy the rich gastronomic heritage of the region.

Sicilian Culinary Experience

At the House of Cilla - Sicilian Culinary Experience

At the House of Cilla, visitors embark on a captivating Sicilian culinary experience, where they’ll have the opportunity to learn and cook alongside local experts, savoring the region’s rich gastronomic heritage. The multi-course lunch begins with a pasta dish, followed by a traditional Sicilian starter, a main course of fish or meat, and a dessert of cannolo or other local sweets. During the hands-on cooking class, guests can expect to prepare these mouthwatering dishes together, all while enjoying complimentary wine and water. This immersive experience, limited to a maximum of 10 travelers, provides a truly authentic taste of Sicily’s vibrant food culture.

Course Dish
1 Pasta
2 Sicilian Starter
3 Fish or Meat
4 Cannolo or Other Sicilian Dessert
5 Wine and Water

Hands-on Cooking Class

At the House of Cilla - Hands-on Cooking Class

During the hands-on cooking class at the House of Cilla, travelers get to roll up their sleeves and prepare the same mouthwatering Sicilian dishes they’ll be savoring for lunch.

Under the guidance of the expert chef, participants learn the secrets behind traditional Sicilian cuisine as they craft each course, from the homemade pasta to the classic cannolo for dessert.

The interactive experience allows guests to enjoy the rich culinary traditions of the region, fostering a deeper appreciation for the local flavors.

With a maximum of 10 travelers, the class offers an intimate and personalized setting, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to engage and hone their cooking skills.

Typical Sicilian Menu

At the House of Cilla - Typical Sicilian Menu

The House of Cilla’s menu showcases a quintessential Sicilian dining experience, commencing with a selection of homemade pasta dishes and continuing with traditional Sicilian starters.

The main course offers a choice between fresh seafood or succulent meats, ensuring a taste of the island’s diverse culinary heritage.

The meal culminates in the indulgence of classic Sicilian desserts, such as the iconic cannolo, a pastry shell filled with sweetened ricotta cream and often adorned with candied fruit.

This expertly crafted menu not only delights the palate but also provides a glimpse into the rich culinary traditions that have been passed down through generations in this captivating region of Italy.

Lunch With Wine and Water

At the House of Cilla - Lunch With Wine and Water

Lunch is cooked together with wine and water, allowing guests to partake in the preparation of their meal and enjoy the convivial atmosphere.

The experience is designed to be a hands-on affair, with the maximum of 10 travelers working alongside the host to create a complete Sicilian menu.

From start to finish, guests are involved in the cooking process, learning traditional techniques and incorporating local ingredients.

The lunch is accompanied by wine and water, enhancing the flavors and fostering a relaxed, sociable environment.

This shared culinary journey not only nourishes the body but also the spirit, offering a genuine taste of Sicilian hospitality and culture.

Maximum of 10 Travelers

At the House of Cilla - Maximum of 10 Travelers

Although the experience at the House of Cilla accommodates a maximum of 10 travelers, the intimate group size allows for a more personalized and hands-on cooking class.

The small group setting fosters a collaborative and friendly atmosphere, where participants can interact closely with the chef and each other.

Some key benefits of the 10-traveler limit include:

  • Increased one-on-one attention from the instructor
  • Easier coordination and communication within the group
  • More opportunities for hands-on involvement in the cooking process
  • A cozy, relaxed environment that encourages learning and camaraderie

This carefully curated group size ensures an enjoyable and immersive culinary experience for all who visit the House of Cilla.

Policies and Accessibility

At the House of Cilla - Policies and Accessibility

Along With the intimate group size, the House of Cilla offers several policies and accessibility considerations to ensure a comfortable and inclusive experience for all guests.

Visitors can expect confirmation of their booking upon reservation, and a generous 24-hour cancellation policy provides flexibility.

While the venue isn’t wheelchair accessible, it’s stroller-friendly and permits service animals, catering to the needs of various travelers.

Located near public transportation, the House of Cilla is easily accessible, making it a convenient choice for those exploring the area.

With these thoughtful policies and accommodations, the cooking experience is designed to be accessible and welcoming for a diverse range of participants.

Activity Duration and Ending

At the House of Cilla - Activity Duration and Ending

The House of Cilla’s cooking experience kicks off at 10:00 am, concluding back at the meeting point in Palermo upon completion.

The activity lasts for the duration of the full-course lunch, from appetizer to dessert.

Travelers can expect:

  • A hands-on cooking lesson where they assist in preparing the Sicilian dishes
  • A leisurely lunch enjoyed with wine and water, savored together as a group
  • An end time that varies based on the pace of the class, but generally wraps up by the early afternoon

The intimate group size of a maximum 10 travelers ensures a personalized and immersive learning experience at the House of Cilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Dress Code for the Cooking Class?

There is no specific dress code for the cooking class. Guests are advised to wear comfortable, casual clothing that they don’t mind getting a bit dirty during the hands-on cooking experience.

Are Dietary Restrictions Accommodated During the Experience?

The cooking class accommodates various dietary restrictions. The staff is happy to adjust the menu for participants with specific dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free requirements, upon request during booking.

What Is the Minimum Age Requirement for Participants?

The experience has no minimum age requirement, allowing participants of all ages to join. Children are welcome, though parents or guardians are responsible for supervising and ensuring their safety during the hands-on cooking class and lunch.

Can Participants Take Home the Dishes They Prepare?

Yes, participants can take home the dishes they prepare during the cooking class. The class includes hands-on cooking and participants get to enjoy the full lunch they’ve cooked, with the option to bring leftovers home.

Is There a Discount for Booking the Experience in Advance?

Yes, there’s often a discount for booking the cooking experience in advance. The earlier you reserve, the more you can save on the total cost of the hands-on lunch and class.


At the House of Cilla, travelers can enjoy the flavors of Sicily.

Under the guidance of the expert host, guests prepare traditional dishes and enjoy a multi-course lunch in an intimate setting.

This hands-on culinary experience provides an authentic introduction to the region’s vibrant cuisine, allowing participants to savor the tastes and culture of Palermo.

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