Discover Barcelona’s breathtaking skyline from a unique vantage point with a private catamaran sailing adventure. This all-inclusive experience offers unobstructed views of iconic landmarks, a delectable menu, and lively entertainment for up to 32 guests. Whether you choose a 2, 3, or 4-hour voyage, you’ll embark on a personalized exploration of the city’s stunning coastline, immersed in the sights, sounds, and flavors that make Barcelona a truly captivating destination. What awaits aboard this one-of-a-kind sailing excursion may just surprise you.

Key Points

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Key Points

  • Private catamaran sailing experience in Barcelona lasting 2-4 hours, offering panoramic views of iconic landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and Montjuïc.
  • Capacity for up to 32 guests, with an all-inclusive package including food, beverages, skipper, music, and parking.
  • Delectable food and beverages, upbeat ambiance with onboard music, and the convenience of Wi-Fi and onsite parking.
  • Skilled skipper navigates the catamaran for a smooth and stable ride, allowing guests to savor the stunning skyline of Barcelona.
  • Flexible duration options and customizable experiences, including personalized menu selections, music, and photography/videography.

Location and Duration

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Location and Duration

The experience takes place in Barcelona and lasts between 2 to 4 hours, allowing guests to enjoy the city’s captivating skyline from the comfort of a private catamaran.

Sailing along the coast, guests will enjoy unobstructed views of iconic landmarks like La Sagrada Familia, Montjuïc, and the vibrant neighborhoods of the city.

The flexible duration provides an opportunity to tailor the experience to suit individual preferences, whether it’s a quick 2-hour sail or a more leisurely 4-hour adventure.

With the stunning backdrop of Barcelona’s coastline, this private catamaran excursion offers a unique and memorable way to explore the city from a different perspective.

Capacity and Pricing

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Capacity and Pricing

Up to 32 guests can embark on this private catamaran sailing experience in Barcelona, with pricing starting from SEK 10,830 for groups of up to 10 people.

The pricing for this excursion is as follows:

  • SEK 10,830 for groups of up to 10 guests
  • Additional guests are charged at SEK 1,083 per person
  • Customizable durations available, ranging from 2 to 4 hours

This excursion is ideal for special occasions, corporate events, or leisurely sails, with competitive rates compared to other sailing experiences in the area.

The all-inclusive package includes food, beverages, a professional skipper, music, and parking, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable sailing adventure along the stunning Barcelona skyline.

Included Experiences

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Included Experiences

Guests aboard the private catamaran can enjoy an array of included experiences, from savoring delectable food and beverages served by attentive waiters to reveling in the upbeat ambiance of onboard music.

Complementing the sailing adventure, these thoughtful inclusions ensure a well-rounded and indulgent outing along Barcelona’s picturesque coastline. Visitors can sip on refreshing drinks and savor a selection of local delicacies as they take in the stunning skyline of the Catalonian city.

The added convenience of onsite parking and available Wi-Fi allows guests to fully enjoy the experience without worrying about logistics. These carefully curated inclusions elevate the private catamaran sailing into a truly memorable and carefree adventure.

Sailing on the Catamaran

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Sailing on the Catamaran

Aboard the catamaran, guests embark on a captivating sailing adventure, gliding effortlessly along Barcelona’s picturesque coastline. The skilled skipper expertly navigates the vessel, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.

As the catamaran cuts through the rippling waves, passengers are treated to stunning panoramic views of the city’s iconic skyline, including the majestic Sagrada Familia and the historic Gothic Quarter.

The sailing experience offers a range of delights:

  • Savoring delectable food and refreshing beverages served by attentive waiters
  • Taking in the upbeat ambiance with lively music playing in the background
  • Connecting with friends or loved ones in an intimate, open-air setting
  • Capturing breathtaking photographs to immortalize the memorable journey
  • Relishing the tranquility and freedom of sailing across the serene Mediterranean.

Skyline of Barcelona

As the catamaran glides across the azure waters, passengers are treated to a captivating panorama of Barcelona’s iconic skyline.

The city’s architectural gems, including the awe-inspiring Sagrada Familia and the historic Gothic Quarter, come into view, offering a breathtaking backdrop to the sailing experience.

From the comfort of the catamaran, guests can admire the striking silhouette of Antoni Gaudí’s masterpiece, its distinctive spires reaching towards the sky.

The picturesque neighborhoods of El Born and Eixample are also visible, showcasing the city’s harmonious blend of old and new.

This unique perspective allows visitors to appreciate Barcelona’s architectural magnificence and vibrant character in a truly memorable way.

Onboard Food and Beverages

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Onboard Food and Beverages

The catamaran’s waiters keep a steady flow of delectable food and refreshing beverages available throughout the sailing experience, ensuring guests can fully enjoy the scenic voyage.

Onboard, guests can enjoy a selection of:

  • Chilled wines, craft beers, and non-alcoholic options
  • Fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Artisanal cheeses and cured meats
  • Homemade tapas and finger foods
  • Decadent desserts and pastries

These culinary offerings complement the breathtaking views of Barcelona’s skyline, creating a well-rounded and indulgent experience for all to savor.

The attentive service and high-quality fare heighten the overall enjoyment of the private catamaran sailing adventure.

Music and Entertainment

Guests aboard the private catamaran can groove to an eclectic musical playlist curated by the onboard DJ, creating a lively ambiance that complements the stunning vistas of Barcelona’s skyline. The music selection spans a range of genres, from upbeat pop and electronic dance tracks to soulful melodies that set the perfect mood for a relaxing sail. For those who prefer a quieter experience, the catamaran also offers complimentary Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stream their own playlists or catch up on work during the journey. Whether you’re looking to party or unwind, the music and entertainment options on this private sailing excursion cater to all preferences.

Music Genres Tempo Mood
Pop Upbeat Energetic
Electronic High Lively
Soulful Mellow Relaxing

Customizable Experience

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Customizable Experience

One of the key highlights of the private catamaran sailing experience in Barcelona is its high degree of customization. Guests can tailor the duration of their voyage, choosing from a range of 2-4 hour options to best suit their needs and preferences. Whether they wish to enjoy a leisurely afternoon sail or an evening under the stars, the flexible scheduling allows travelers to craft an itinerary that aligns with their ideal nautical adventure.

The customizable nature of this experience extends beyond just the duration, as guests can also personalize:

  • Menu selections and refreshments
  • Onboard music and entertainment
  • Photography and videography
  • Private group size up to 32 people
  • Departure and return locations

This level of flexibility ensures that each sailing excursion is a truly bespoke and memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Barcelona: 2-3-4 Hrs Private Catamaran Sailing up 32 Guests - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on Board?

Guests are generally not allowed to bring their own food and drinks on board. The experience includes food, beverages, and service from the onboard waitstaff as part of the package. Bringing outside items may not be permitted.

Is There a Minimum Group Size Requirement?

There is no minimum group size requirement for the private catamaran sailing experience. Guests can book the catamaran for their group, up to the maximum capacity of 32 people, without any minimum number of participants.

Can I Request Specific Music or Playlists?

Yes, guests can request specific music or playlists for their private catamaran sailing experience. The crew will do their best to accommodate your’ music preferences and create a personalized soundtrack for the outing.

Are There Any Additional Fees for More Than 10 Guests?

Yes, there are additional fees for groups larger than 10 guests. The price per group starts at SEK 10,830 for up to 10 guests, and increases for larger groups up to the maximum capacity of 32 guests.

Can I Disembark and Re-Board During the Sailing Experience?

Guests can disembark and re-board during the sailing experience, but they should check with the crew about any restrictions or additional fees that may apply. The crew can provide guidance on the disembarkation and re-boarding process.


The private catamaran sailing adventure in Barcelona offers an unparalleled way to experience the city’s stunning skyline and coastline.

Guests can customize the duration, menu, and entertainment to suit their preferences, creating a truly personalized and carefree exploration of the city’s iconic landmarks.

With capacity for up to 32 guests, this all-inclusive package provides a memorable and unique perspective of Barcelona’s beauty.

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