Indulge in the rich winemaking heritage of Bordeaux with a captivating wine tour that immerses you in the art of viticulture. This immersive experience offers a chance to savor a selection of renowned French wines, create your own unique blend, and enjoy a delectable lunch paired with regional varietals. Venture into the picturesque village of Saint-Emilion, where you’ll explore a prestigious winery and uncover the secrets behind the region’s renowned labels. Prepare to embark on a journey that enlightens the senses and deepens your appreciation for the complexities of Bordeaux’s wine culture. There’s much more to discover, so let’s dive in.

Key Points

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Key Points

  • Opportunity to taste a selection of quality French wines, including 7 wines during the wine tasting class.
  • Chance to create a unique Cuvée by blending different grape varieties.
  • Tour and tasting at a prestigious Great Classified Growth winery in the Saint-Emilion appellation.
  • Guided exploration of the medieval village of Saint-Emilion, its winemaking heritage, and scenic countryside.
  • Delicious lunch paired with Bordeaux wines, providing a comprehensive wine tasting experience.

Bordeaux Wine Tour Overview

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Bordeaux Wine Tour Overview

The Bordeaux wine tour offers participants the opportunity to taste seven quality French wines, create their own unique Cuvée, and enjoy a delicious lunch paired with Bordeaux wines.

The tour also includes a visit and tasting at a Great Classified Growth of St-Emilion, where visitors can taste 3-4 different local wines during the visit.

This immersive experience allows wine enthusiasts to explore the rich history and terroir of the Bordeaux region, exploring the concepts of appellation and blending grape varieties.

With a professional and friendly guide, the tour provides a comprehensive and memorable journey through the world-renowned wines of Bordeaux.

Wine Tasting Class

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Wine Tasting Class

After the Bordeaux wine tour overview, the next part of the experience is a 2-hour wine tasting class.

During this class, you will learn to taste and compare fine French wines, diving deeper into the concepts of ‘terroir’ and ‘appellation’.

They’ll also have the opportunity to blend different grape varieties and create their own unique ‘cuvée’, paired with traditional French delicacies.

The class covers the fundamentals of wine appreciation, from understanding the influence of climate and soil on grape growing to identifying the distinct flavor profiles of various grape varietals.

St-Emilion Winery Tour

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - St-Emilion Winery Tour

Visitors will tour a prestigious Great Classified Growth winery in the Saint-Emilion region, where they’ll learn about the winemaking process from vine to bottle.

They’ll enjoy an aperitif accompanied by French delicacies as they taste the winery’s acclaimed wines.

The tour will provide an in-depth look at the meticulous care and attention required to produce these world-renowned wines.

Guests will gain a deeper appreciation for the art of winemaking as they explore the winery’s cellars and production facilities.

St-Emilion Village Tour

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - St-Emilion Village Tour

Nestled among the rolling vineyards, the medieval village of Saint-Emilion – a UNESCO World Heritage site – beckons visitors to explore its charming cobblestone streets and centuries-old architecture.

On the guided tour, you’ll wander through the picturesque town, marveling at the Romanesque churches, historic monasteries, and ancient ruins that have stood the test of time. Learn about the village’s rich winemaking heritage as you discover quaint shops, bakeries, and cafes.

Visit the iconic Monolithic Church, an impressive underground church carved directly into the limestone. From the scenic viewpoints, gaze out over the stunning Dordogne countryside and the endless sea of vineyards that surround this enchanting village.

Wines Tasted and Inclusions

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Wines Tasted and Inclusions

A total of 11 distinct wines are tasted throughout this Bordeaux wine tour, including 7 quality French wines during the tasting class and 3-4 local wines during the visit to the Great Classified Growth winery in St-Emilion.

The tour also includes an aperitif with French delicacies at the winery, a delicious lunch with Bordeaux wines, and the opportunity to create one’s own custom blend or ‘cuvée.’

Transportation, a professional and friendly guide, and hotel pick-up and drop-off are all part of the package.

With these inclusions, participants can fully enjoy the rich wine culture of Bordeaux and gain a deeper appreciation for the region’s renowned terroir and appellations.

Delectable French Delicacies

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Delectable French Delicacies

Along With the impressive wine selection, the Bordeaux wine tour also delights participants with a curated assortment of traditional French delicacies to enhance the tasting experience.

Guests can savor an appetizing French aperitif platter, which features a mouthwatering array of local cheeses, cured meats, and freshly baked bread.

The tour also includes a delectable lunch served at the A la Françaises Appartment, where attendees can indulge in classic French cuisine paired expertly with the region’s renowned wines.

Throughout the day, the guide ensures that the food and wine pairings complement each other perfectly, allowing participants to fully enjoy the richness of Bordeaux’s culinary and viticultural heritage.

Winemaking Process From Vine to Bottle

The Bordeaux wine tour offers visitors an exclusive opportunity to explore the intricacies of the winemaking process, guiding them from vine to bottle.

At a prestigious Great Classified Growth winery, guests will learn about the meticulous steps involved in crafting these renowned wines. They’ll discover how the grapes are carefully tended in the vineyards, ensuring optimal ripeness and quality.

The tour then moves indoors, where participants witness the intricate processing, fermentation, and aging techniques that transform the raw materials into the complex, nuanced wines of Bordeaux.

Guided Transportation and Pick Up/Drop Off

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Guided Transportation and Pick Up/Drop Off

The Bordeaux wine tour ensures a seamless and comfortable transportation experience for participants, with pick-up and drop-off at their hotels. A professional guide accompanies the group in a minivan, providing knowledgeable commentary throughout the excursion.

Inclusions Details
Transportation Minivan
Guide Professional and friendly
Pick-up/Drop-off Hotel
Commentary Knowledgeable

The guided transportation allows visitors to fully enjoy the Bordeaux wine region without the hassle of navigating unfamiliar roads. Participants can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic views as they are expertly guided to the various wineries and tasting locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bordeaux: Wine Tour With Tasting - Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Dress Code for the Wine Tour?

The dress code for the wine tour is typically casual and comfortable. Participants are advised to wear sturdy shoes as there may be some walking involved during the tour. No formal attire is required.

Can Vegetarian or Gluten-Free Options Be Accommodated?

The tour operator can accommodate vegetarian and gluten-free dietary needs. They’ll provide suitable options for the lunch and aperitif, ensuring all guests can fully enjoy the Bordeaux wine tasting experience.

Is the Tour Suitable for Children?

The tour may not be the most suitable for children, as the focus is on wine tasting and appreciation. However, the tour could accommodate families if children are accompanied by adults and engage in non-alcoholic activities during the winery visits.

Are There Any Discounts Available for Seniors or Students?

The tour company may offer discounts for seniors or students, but it’s best to check with them directly. Many wine tours have flexible policies to accommodate different traveler needs and budgets.

Can the Tour Be Customized to Focus on Specific Grape Varieties?

The Bordeaux wine tour can be customized to focus on specific grape varieties. Guests can work with the tour company to tailor the experience to their preferences, allowing them to explore their favorite wines in depth.


The Bordeaux Wine Tour offers a captivating experience for wine enthusiasts. Guests can explore the art of winemaking, savor quality French wines, and explore the rich heritage of the region.

From the tasting class to the winery and village tours, this immersive experience provides a deeper appreciation for the Bordeaux wine and its storied legacy.

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