Soaring across the boundless desert, the dunes of Dubai beckon thrill-seekers with the promise of an exhilarating adventure. Quad bikes and dune buggies become the vessels to navigate this dynamic landscape, offering participants a chance to experience the rush of piloting all-terrain vehicles through the undulating terrain. Beyond the high-speed dune bashing, the activity also includes the added allure of sand boarding, allowing adventurers to glide down the sandy slopes. With safety measures in place and a range of inclusions, this excursion promises an unforgettable encounter that delves deeper into the captivating world of Dubai’s desert playground.

Key Points

Dune Bashing With Quad Bike and Sand Boarding From Dubai - Key Points

  • Participants can ride quad bikes or dune buggies through the sand dunes surrounding Dubai for a thrilling off-road experience.
  • The activity includes a safety briefing, provision of safety gear, a 30-minute quad biking ride, dune bashing, and sand boarding.
  • Pickup and drop-off services are available from Dubai hotels and residences, providing convenient transportation to the activity site.
  • Minimum age requirement is 12 years, and the activity is not recommended for those with certain medical conditions.
  • Participants can cancel up to 24 hours before the experience and receive a full refund, ensuring flexibility in planning.

Activity Overview

The tour allows participants to ride a quad bike or dune buggy through the rolling sand dunes outside Dubai, providing a thrilling experience of piloting an all-terrain vehicle through the ever-shifting desert landscape.

Riders will feel the rush of navigating the dunes, with the equipment and transportation from Dubai hotels included.

The activity includes a safety briefing, use of helmets and goggles, a 30-minute quad biking ride, dune bashing, and sand boarding, as well as complimentary water.

Whether looking for an adrenaline-fueled adventure or a unique way to explore the desert, this activity offers an exciting opportunity to experience the beauty and thrill of the Dubai sand dunes.

What’s Included

Dune Bashing With Quad Bike and Sand Boarding From Dubai - Whats Included

Included in the experience are a safety briefing and instructions, along with the provision of helmets and goggles for the participants.

Riders will then enjoy a thrilling 30-minute quad biking ride through the rolling sand dunes, where they’ll feel the rush of piloting an all-terrain vehicle through the ever-shifting desert landscape.

The experience also includes dune bashing, allowing participants to tackle the dynamic terrain, as well as sand boarding down the slopes.

To keep everyone hydrated, complimentary water is provided.

Pickup Details

Dune Bashing With Quad Bike and Sand Boarding From Dubai - Pickup Details

Pickup and drop-off services are available from Dubai hotels and residences for this experience. Travelers can be conveniently picked up from their accommodation and whisked away to the starting point of the dune bashing adventure. This door-to-door service ensures a seamless experience, eliminating the need for participants to arrange their own transportation.

Once the thrilling quad biking and sandboarding activities are complete, visitors will be returned to their hotels or homes, allowing them to relax and reflect on the adrenaline-filled journey they just experienced. The pickup and drop-off arrangements make this desert excursion even more accessible and hassle-free for travelers in the Dubai area.

Age and Health Restrictions

For this dune bashing and sand boarding experience, there are age and health requirements that participants must meet. Specifically, the minimum age is 12 years, as the activities may not be suitable for younger individuals.

Plus, the tour isn’t recommended for travelers with back problems, pregnant women, or those with heart conditions or other serious medical concerns, as the vigorous nature of the activities could pose risks to their wellbeing.

These restrictions are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants. Anyone unsure of their ability to participate should consult with a healthcare professional before booking the tour.

Adhering to these guidelines will help make the dune bashing and sand boarding adventure a thrilling yet secure experience.

Cancellation Policy

Regarding the cancellation policy, participants have up to 24 hours before the experience to cancel and receive a full refund.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior aren’t eligible for a refund, and changes to bookings within 24 hours won’t be accepted. This policy ensures that the tour operator can effectively manage and plan for the scheduled activities.

Flexibility is provided for last-minute changes, but to maintain the integrity of the experience, cancellations or modifications on short notice aren’t possible.

Participants are encouraged to review the policy carefully and contact the operator if they’ve any questions or concerns about their booking.

Thrilling Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing With Quad Bike and Sand Boarding From Dubai - Thrilling Dune Bashing

As participants board their sturdy quad bikes, they eagerly anticipate the thrilling dune bashing experience that awaits.

The all-terrain vehicles provide the perfect platform to careen over the rolling, ever-changing sand dunes outside Dubai, offering an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the desert landscape.

The guides expertly navigate the undulating terrain, guiding the group through sharp turns and steep inclines, providing a thrilling ride that challenges the drivers’ skills.

The combination of speed, agility, and the ever-shifting sands creates a truly exhilarating experience, with participants feeling the rush of piloting their quad bikes through this captivating natural environment.

The dune bashing segment is sure to leave participants with lasting memories of their desert adventure.

All-Terrain Quad Biking

Dune Bashing With Quad Bike and Sand Boarding From Dubai - All-Terrain Quad Biking

Eager participants climb aboard their sturdy quad bikes, ready to take on the rolling sand dunes outside Dubai.

After a safety briefing and instructions, they don their helmets and goggles, eager to pilot the all-terrain vehicles through the ever-shifting desert landscape.

The quad bikes roar to life, and the riders feel an adrenaline rush as they navigate the undulating terrain, expertly maneuvering through the dunes.

The thrill of dune bashing is palpable, as the quad bikes carve through the sand, kicking up plumes of dust.

Participants can’t help but grin with excitement as they explore the vast desert wilderness, immersed in the sheer exhilaration of off-road adventure.

Exhilarating Sand Boarding

After the exhilarating quad bike ride, participants can’t wait to try their hand at sand boarding.

They eagerly make their way to the towering sand dunes, ready to experience the thrill of gliding down the shifting slopes.

Skilled instructors provide safety briefings and demonstrations, ensuring everyone feels confident and prepared before stepping onto the specialized sand boards.

As they climb the dunes, the anticipation builds. Finally, it’s time to descend, and with a push, riders carve graceful turns, feeling the wind in their hair and the adrenaline coursing through their veins.

The soft landings on the undulating sand provide a smooth, thrilling ride that leaves participants exhilarated and eager for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Quad Bike or Dune Buggy?

No, participants cannot bring their own quad bikes or dune buggies for this activity. The activity provides the necessary equipment, including helmets and goggles, for a 30-minute quad biking ride and dune bashing experience.

Are There Any Weight or Height Restrictions for the Quad Bikes?

There are typically weight and height restrictions for quad bikes to ensure safe operation. The provider usually specifies a maximum weight and minimum height requirement, which travelers should check before booking to ensure they meet the criteria.

Can I Extend the Duration of the Quad Bike Ride?

Yes, customers can typically extend the duration of the quad bike ride for an additional fee. The exact details would need to be confirmed with the tour operator, as they may have limits on extended ride times or additional charges.

Is There a Discount for Booking as a Group?

Yes, some tour operators offer group discounts for quad biking and dune bashing experiences. Rates typically decrease as the group size increases, making it a more affordable option for travelers booking together.

What Should I Bring With Me for the Experience?

For the quad biking and sand boarding experience, it’s recommended to bring sunscreen, a hat, and comfortable, closed-toe shoes. Participants should also bring any necessary personal items, as the activity includes a safety briefing but no other equipment is provided.


Dune bashing in Dubai offers an unforgettable adventure. Riders can navigate the shifting sand dunes on a quad bike or dune buggy, then experience the thrill of sand boarding down the towering slopes.

With safety gear provided and convenient pickup and drop-off, it’s an exhilarating way to explore Dubai’s stunning desert landscape. Whether a first-time or seasoned adventurer, this dune bashing experience is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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