The Powermonkey Extreme 12V was a groundbreaking portable charger designed by Powertraveller to cater to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals working in remote locations. Although no longer in production, the Powermonkey Extreme 12V left a lasting impact on the portable charging industry, setting a new standard for rugged, waterproof, and solar-powered charging solutions.

Impressive Battery Capacity and Versatile Charging Capabilities

At the core of the Powermonkey Extreme 12V was a substantial 9000mAh Lithium Polymer battery, which provided users with ample power in a compact, durable package. The unit was capable of recharging a wide range of 5V devices multiple times, including:

  • iPhones/smartphones: 3-6 times
  • iPads/tablets: 50% – 2 times (depending on the model)
  • Garmin Edge 800: up to 6 times
  • Standard mobile phones: up to 8 times

One of the most notable upgrades in the 2013 model was the improved DC output option. While the standard 5V USB socket remained, the DC port was enhanced to output 12V (previously 5V), enabling the Powermonkey Extreme 12V to charge SLR camera batteries, portable DVD players (up to 4 hours), and much more directly from the unit. This upgrade significantly expanded the device’s charging capabilities, setting it apart from its competitors.

Rugged, Waterproof Design for Extreme Conditions

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V was designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, making it the perfect companion for outdoor, marine, and adventure enthusiasts, as well as military and aid agencies. The device was waterproof for 30 minutes up to 1 meter and shock-resistant, ensuring it could handle the toughest conditions.

When used in conjunction with the Aquastrap accessory, the Powermonkey Extreme 12V remained watertight while charging devices, providing an added layer of protection in wet environments.

Enhanced User Interface and Safety Features

The 2013 model of the Powermonkey Extreme 12V featured an improved LCD screen that displayed battery capacity level and working status. The updated digital readout, numbered from 01 (requires charging) to 99 (fully charged), provided users with a more precise indication of the unit’s remaining power. The device also incorporated a battery icon that would flash when the unit required charging.

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V boasted a unique one-touch friction swipe ON/OFF control, designed to reduce the risk of accidental activation when not in use. To turn the device on, users would swipe the panel from left to right with their thumb, while swiping from right to left would turn it off. The auto-shutoff function ensured that the device would turn itself off after 2 minutes once the connected device was fully charged, conserving power.

The device also included a range of safety features, such as short-circuit protection, overload protection, reverse discharge current protection, and low voltage protection, providing users with peace of mind during operation.

Efficient Solar Charging and Versatile Recharging Options

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V could be recharged in three ways: via the universal mains charger, the included solar panel, or USB. The rugged, clam-shell design solar panel offered a 3 Watt max output, allowing for a full recharge of the Powermonkey Extreme 12V within 18-22 hours under optimal light conditions.

The device also featured a solar energy detection system that activated the incorporated state-of-the-art MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) technology, enabling the solar panel to charge the unit more efficiently in low light conditions. Users could simultaneously use the solar panel to charge the Powermonkey Extreme 12V while it was charging their device.

The solar panel’s Polysilicon construction offered photovoltaic efficiency up to 17% and featured a USB output, fully supporting Apple iPhone/iPod, mobile phones, and other 5V gadgets such as portable gaming consoles and handheld GPS systems.

A Comprehensive Accessory Kit

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V came with a comprehensive accessory kit, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices:

  • 9 mobile device tips, including Nokia, DC 2.0 (mini Nokia), mini USB, micro USB, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, DC 4.0 (Sony PSP), and Female USB to DC cable
  • USB charging cable
  • DC connection cable
  • DC connector tip “L53D”
  • Female 12V in-car socket
  • Gorilla-pad connector
  • Universal AC mains charger
  • Velcro strap for attaching the solar panel to tents or rucksacks
  • Tips pouch
  • Protective zip storage case

This extensive accessory kit demonstrated Powertraveller’s commitment to providing a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for portable power needs.

A Legacy of Innovation

Although the Powermonkey Extreme 12V is no longer in production, its impact on the portable charging industry cannot be overstated. This innovative device set a new standard for rugged, waterproof, and solar-powered charging solutions, catering to the needs of users in the most challenging environments.

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V’s legacy lives on in the numerous portable chargers that have followed in its footsteps, incorporating features such as rugged construction, solar charging capabilities, and versatile device compatibility. As the demand for reliable, off-grid power solutions continues to grow, the influence of the Powermonkey Extreme 12V serves as a reminder of the importance of innovation and adaptability in the portable charging industry.

Sum Up

The Powermonkey Extreme 12V was a remarkable portable charger that combined rugged durability, solar charging capabilities, and versatile device compatibility to provide users with a reliable power source in the most challenging environments. Although no longer available, its impact on the portable charging industry remains significant, setting a standard for future devices to aspire to.

As outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, and professionals continue to push the boundaries of exploration and work in remote locations, the legacy of the Powermonkey Extreme 12V serves as an inspiration for the development of even more advanced, reliable, and sustainable portable power solutions.

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