Discover the breathtaking Calanques National Park, a coastal gem just southeast of Marseille. Set out on a sustainable eco-cruise from the historic Old Port, where you’ll take in the iconic landmarks of the city before venturing into the 20-kilometer stretch of unspoiled limestone cliffs and turquoise waters. Explore hidden coves, observe diverse marine life, and enjoy a peaceful swim spot – all while indulging in local Provençal cuisine and rosé aboard a state-of-the-art hybrid-electric boat. This eco-friendly adventure promises to immerse you in the awe-inspiring natural beauty of one of France’s most unique protected areas. Where will this journey take you?

Key Points

From Marseille: Calanques National Park Eco Boat Cruise - Key Points

  • Set out on a sustainable hybrid-electric boat cruise from Marseille’s Old Port to explore the dramatic limestone cliffs and turquoise waters of Calanques National Park.
  • Witness the majestic 20-kilometer stretch of unspoiled coastline, home to hidden coves, fishing ports, and diverse marine life.
  • Enjoy a serene swim in a secluded cove and savor local Provençal cuisine and rosé wines on board the eco-friendly vessel.
  • Gain insights into the park’s ecology and history from a knowledgeable guide during the scenic coastal journey.
  • Enjoy the pristine natural beauty of the Calanques while minimizing your environmental impact through the use of sustainable transportation.

Discover the Untouched Calanques

From Marseille: Calanques National Park Eco Boat Cruise - Discover the Untouched Calanques

The Calanques National Park, a vast protected area just southeast of Marseille, offers visitors a chance to discover its untouched natural beauty. Its dramatic limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, and hidden inlets remain largely unspoiled, providing a truly unique and serene coastal experience.

This 20-kilometer stretch of coastline is a testament to the region’s rugged and pristine landscape, accessible only by boat. Visitors can explore the park’s intricate network of secluded coves and gaze up at the towering white cliffs that rise dramatically from the sea.

With its pristine environment and diverse marine life, the Calanques National Park invites travelers to enjoy the untouched wonders of the Mediterranean.

Sail From Marseille’s Old Port

From Marseille: Calanques National Park Eco Boat Cruise - Sail From Marseilles Old Port

From Marseille’s historic old port, visitors embark on a hybrid-electric boat to begin their journey across the Bay of Marseille towards the gates of the Calanques National Park.

This eco-friendly vessel transports guests in a sustainable manner, minimizing the environmental impact of the excursion.

As the boat sails across the turquoise waters, passengers can admire the stunning views of the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Old Port and the impressive Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde.

The cruise provides a comfortable and relaxing way to reach the Calanques, setting the stage for an unforgettable exploration of this untouched natural wonder.

Explore the Calanques Coastline

As the boat glides across the bay, passengers set their sights on the 20-kilometer stretch of Calanques coastline that lies ahead.

Towering limestone cliffs rise dramatically from the turquoise waters, creating a breathtaking and untouched landscape for exploration. The rugged terrain is dotted with hidden coves, fishing ports, and natural inlets, each offering a glimpse into the park’s unspoiled beauty.

Guests can admire the dramatic geological formations and witness the coastal villages that cling to the cliffs, showcasing the harmonious relationship between the land and the sea.

Throughout the journey, the knowledgeable guide provides live commentary, sharing insights into the unique ecosystem and rich history of this remarkable natural wonder.

Admire the Majestic Limestone Cliffs

Towering limestone cliffs loom over the turquoise waters of the Calanques, captivating visitors with their majestic presence. The sheer, vertical walls rise up to 400 meters, creating a dramatic and otherworldly landscape. Formed over millions of years, these limestone formations are a testament to the power of nature.

Fact Value
Height Up to 400 meters
Length 20 kilometers
Color Brilliant white to greyish-beige
Composition Calcium carbonate

The Calanques’ limestone cliffs are not only visually stunning but also serve as important ecological habitats, supporting a diverse array of plant and animal life. Exploring these natural wonders by boat allows visitors to fully appreciate their grandeur and the serene beauty of the Calanques National Park.

Enjoy a Peaceful Swim Spot

During the cruise, passengers often get the chance to jump into the calm, turquoise waters of a peaceful inlet, where they can enjoy a refreshing swim and snorkel amidst the stunning natural scenery.

The boat will anchor at a secluded cove, providing the opportunity to explore the underwater world and spot marine life. Snorkeling equipment is provided, allowing guests to easily enjoy the crystal-clear waters.

This tranquil swim spot offers a chance to escape the crowds and bask in the serene beauty of the Calanques. With time to relax, swim, and take in the captivating landscape, this is a highlight of the eco-cruise experience.

Indulge in Onboard Lunch and Rosé

After enjoying a refreshing swim, passengers can indulge in a pleasant lunch served onboard the hybrid-electric vessel. The meal features local Provençal cuisine, including a selection of rosé wines and soft drinks to complement the flavors.

The onboard culinary experience offers a chance to savor the region’s gastronomic delights while admiring the stunning Calanques landscape. Rosé, the quintessential Provençal wine, flows freely, adding to the relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

The lunch is an opportunity for guests to recharge and refuel before continuing their exploration of the national park’s hidden gems. With attentive service and a menu that celebrates local flavors, the onboard dining experience is a highlight of the Calanques cruise.

Hybrid-Electric Boat for Eco-Friendly Cruise

A key feature of the Calanques National Park eco boat cruise is the use of a hybrid-electric vessel, allowing passengers to explore the stunning coastline in an environmentally-friendly manner.

This state-of-the-art boat combines electric propulsion with a traditional engine, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of the excursion and minimizing the impact on the delicate marine ecosystem.

Gliding silently across the bay, the hybrid-electric design ensures a peaceful and serene journey, enabling visitors to fully enjoy the natural beauty of the Calanques.

The eco-friendly approach sets this cruise apart, offering a sustainable way to discover the untouched landscapes of the national park while preserving its fragile ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.

Prepare for the Outdoor Adventure

Preparing for the outdoor adventure in Calanques National Park involves packing the right gear and clothing to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Bringing a swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen is a must, as visitors will have the opportunity to swim and snorkel in the peaceful inlets. Plus, wearing sturdy, non-slip shoes is recommended for navigating the rocky terrain. To protect against the elements, a lightweight jacket or windbreaker can be useful. Most importantly, passengers must be able to walk and swim on their own, as the tour is not suitable for wheelchair users.

Recommended Gear Importance
Swimsuit To enjoy swimming and snorkeling
Towel To dry off after swimming
Sunscreen To protect against UV exposure
Sturdy Shoes For navigating the rocky landscape
Lightweight Jacket To shield against wind and weather

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tour Available in Languages Other Than English?

The tour provides live commentary in multiple languages, allowing guests to enjoy the experience in their preferred language. Visitors can expect knowledgeable guides to share insights about the Calanques National Park throughout the cruise.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks on the Cruise?

Passengers can bring their own food and drinks on the cruise. However, a pleasant lunch with rosé wine and soft drinks is included in the tour, so there may be no need to bring additional items.

Is There an Option to Customize the Tour Duration?

There is no option to customize the tour duration. The cruise is a fixed 7-hour experience that includes a sail across the Bay of Marseille, exploration of the Calanques coastline, and a provided lunch on the hybrid-electric boat.

What Is the Maximum Group Size for the Cruise?

The maximum group size for the Calanques National Park eco boat cruise is not specified. However, the itinerary mentions the tour’s suitability for independent travelers, suggesting a small group size that allows for a personalized and intimate experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Tour?

The tour does not have any specific age restrictions. However, participants must be able to walk and swim on their own, making it unsuitable for young children or those with limited mobility.


Discover the breathtaking Calanques National Park on an eco-cruise from Marseille’s historic Old Port.

Explore hidden coves, observe marine life, and enjoy a peaceful swim in the turquoise waters.

Savor local Provençal cuisine and rosé while admiring the awe-inspiring limestone cliffs aboard a state-of-the-art hybrid-electric boat.

This sustainable adventure showcases the park’s untouched beauty while minimizing environmental impact, providing an unforgettable journey into one of France’s natural wonders.

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