For those seeking an immersive cultural experience in Armenia, this full-day group tour promises an unforgettable journey. Visitors will witness the iconic Khor Virap Monastery, the ancient Garni Temple, the medieval Geghard Monastery, and the time-honored lavash bread baking process – all while enjoying breathtaking views of Mount Ararat. Led by a professional guide, the tour offers a comprehensive exploration of the country’s rich history and heritage. With convenient transportation, refreshments, and admission tickets included, this is an opportunity to delve deeper into the captivating essence of Armenia.

Key Points

Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Key Points

  • The tour offers a full-day exploration of Armenia’s history and cultural heritage, including visits to iconic sites like Khor Virap Monastery, Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, and lavash bread baking.
  • The tour provides English and Russian commentary by a professional guide and offers stunning views of Mount Ararat from Khor Virap.
  • The tour includes air-conditioned transportation, bottled water and pastries, admission tickets, on-board Wi-Fi, and insurance coverage.
  • The tour starts at 10:00 am from Hyur Service (Head Office) in Yerevan and has a maximum group size of 49 travelers.
  • The tour operates in all weather conditions and has a flexible cancellation policy, with free cancellation up to 24 hours before the tour.

Tour Overview

This full-day group tour takes visitors on a journey through Armenia’s rich history and cultural heritage, visiting the iconic Khor Virap Monastery, the ancient Garni Temple, the medieval Geghard Monastery, and a hands-on lavash bread baking experience.

Travelers will learn about the history of Christianity in Armenia and admire the stunning views of Mount Ararat from Khor Virap.

The tour also includes exploring the well-preserved pagan temple of Garni and the medieval monastery of Geghard, both UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Throughout the day, the professional guide will provide English and Russian commentary, ensuring a informative and immersive experience for all participants.


Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Inclusions

The tour includes a professional guide who provides English and Russian commentary throughout the day, ensuring an informative and immersive experience for all participants. Along With the knowledgeable guide, the tour also includes:

Inclusion Description
Air-conditioned Vehicles Comfortable transportation to all destinations
Bottled Water and Pastries Refreshments to keep you hydrated and energized
Admission Tickets Seamless access to all sites on the itinerary
On-board Wi-Fi Stay connected during the tour
Insurance Coverage for the vehicle and passengers
Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off Convenient start and end to the day

These inclusions ensure a smooth and enjoyable group tour experience.

Meeting and Drop-off

Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Meeting and Drop-off

Travelers meet at the Hyur Service (Head Office) located at 96 Nalbandyan poxoc in Yerevan, where the tour begins.

The tour starts promptly at 10:00 am and operates in all weather conditions.

The group size is capped at 49 travelers, ensuring an intimate and personalized experience.

With hotel pickup and drop-off provided, getting to and from the tour is hassle-free.

At the end of the day, they’re dropped off at the same meeting point.

The meeting and drop-off logistics make it easy for participants to join the tour and return to their starting point at the end of the day.


Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Logistics

Commencing at 10:00 am, the tour covers an approximate duration, ensuring ample time for exploring the historic sites and cultural experiences. With a maximum group size capped at 49 travelers, the tour maintains an intimate atmosphere for personalized engagement. Regardless of weather conditions, the tour operates reliably, allowing participants to enjoy the scheduled activities without interruption.

Start Time Duration Group Size Weather
10:00 am Approximate Max. 49 All Conditions

The tour’s logistics are designed to provide a seamless and immersive experience, enabling visitors to explore Armenia’s rich cultural heritage and culinary traditions.

Cancellation Policy

Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Cancellation Policy

Customers can cancel their tour reservation up to 24 hours before the start of the experience without incurring any penalties. However, no refunds will be issued for cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the tour’s commencement.

This policy ensures the tour operator can efficiently manage tour capacity and logistics.

Key points about the cancellation policy:

  • Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the tour starts
  • No refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance
  • Allows the tour operator to maintain tour viability and organization

This straightforward cancellation policy provides customers with flexibility while enabling the tour company to deliver a quality experience for all participants.

Exploring Khor Virap Monastery

Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Exploring Khor Virap Monastery

The tour begins at Khor Virap Monastery, a historically significant site that offers breathtaking views of Mount Ararat, the iconic symbol of Armenia.

Situated at the base of the Ararat mountain range, this monastery holds immense importance in the country’s Christian heritage. Visitors can explore the small chapel and prison pit where Saint Gregory the Illuminator, the patron saint of Armenia, was held captive for 13 years.

From the monastery’s observation platform, they’ll be awestruck by the imposing silhouette of Mount Ararat towering in the distance. This picturesque setting provides a profound connection to Armenia’s deep-rooted Christian history and the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Discovering Garni Temple

Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Discovering Garni Temple

After exploring the sacred confines of Khor Virap, the tour then winds its way to the ancient pagan temple of Garni. Perched atop a scenic plateau, this Greco-Roman style temple stands as a testament to Armenia’s pre-Christian heritage, offering visitors a glimpse into the country’s diverse religious past.

The temple’s architectural design features columns, pediments, and other classical elements, providing a striking contrast to the surrounding landscapes. Visitors can wander through the temple’s ruins, admiring the intricate carvings and learning about its significance in Armenian history. The site also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the Azat River gorge below.

The Garni Temple dates back to the 1st century AD and was commissioned by the Armenian King Tiridates I.

The temple was dedicated to the sun god Mihr, a central deity in the pre-Christian Armenian pagan pantheon.

Visitors can explore the remnants of the temple’s baths, palace, and other ancillary structures on the site.

Visiting Geghard Monastery

Group Tour: Khor Virap, Garni Temple, Geghard, Lavash Baking - Visiting Geghard Monastery

From Garni Temple, the tour continues onward to the medieval Geghard Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site that captivates visitors with its rich history and remarkable architecture.

Carved directly into the cliffs, the monastery complex features intricate khatchkars (Armenian cross-stones) and churches dating back to the 4th century. Visitors can explore the main cathedral, the chapel of St. Gregory, and the ancient caves used as monastic cells.

The highlight is the Speleo Church, a partially underground sanctuary carved out of the rock. Guests will learn about the monastery’s role in the spread of Christianity and how it withstood invasions over the centuries. The guide will provide insightful commentary, bringing the site’s storied past to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Tour Itinerary?

Unfortunately, the tour’s itinerary is fixed and cannot be customized. The tour operator offers a pre-designed itinerary that covers key sites in Armenia. Travelers must follow the set schedule during the group tour experience.

Is There an Option for a Private Tour?

Yes, there’s an option for a private tour. The tour operator offers private tours for travelers who prefer a more personalized experience with a dedicated guide and flexible itinerary. Private tours can be customized to the traveler’s interests.

Are Meals Included Besides the Pastries?

According to the tour details, meals are not included beyond the provided bottled water and pastries. The tour focuses on sightseeing and cultural experiences rather than providing a full meal plan for participants.

Can I Bring My Own Camera Equipment?

Yes, you can bring your own camera equipment on the tour. The tour provides great photo opportunities, so feel free to capture the stunning landscapes and historical sights with your personal camera.

Are There Any Physical Requirements for the Tour?

The tour does not have any strict physical requirements. Participants should be able to walk short distances and climb a few stairs. Those with mobility issues can discuss accommodations with the tour operator.


This captivating group tour in Armenia lets visitors explore the country’s rich heritage.

Travelers will witness the iconic Khor Virap Monastery, ancient Garni Temple, medieval Geghard Monastery, and the traditional lavash bread baking process, all while enjoying stunning views of Mount Ararat.

Led by a professional guide, the tour provides a comprehensive and immersive experience, ensuring a memorable exploration of Armenia’s cultural wonders.

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