Enjoy the captivating culinary and cultural heritage of Japan with a private cooking class in Tokyo. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, Michiko, you’ll master the art of handcrafting authentic udon noodles from scratch. But the adventure doesn’t stop there – you’ll also explore the elegant world of traditional Japanese calligraphy, learning the intricate brush strokes and techniques of this revered art form. As you savor the fruits of your labor, prepare to be enchanted by the essence of authentic Japanese cuisine and tradition. What awaits beyond the noodles and calligraphy is a truly immersive experience that will leave you craving more.

Key Points

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Key Points

  • Learn the art of handmaking traditional Japanese udon noodles from a seasoned cooking instructor in a private 2.5-hour class in Tokyo.
  • Discover the elegant brushwork and techniques of shodo (Japanese calligraphy) under the guidance of the instructor.
  • Explore the option to learn how to make hand-rolled sushi or bento lunch boxes during the class.
  • Enjoy a shared homemade meal featuring the freshly prepared udon noodles and other traditional Japanese dishes.
  • Experience an authentic Japanese culture through the hands-on cooking and calligraphy activities.

About Michiko, the Cooking Instructor

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - About Michiko, the Cooking Instructor

Michiko, a seasoned cooking instructor with 5 years of experience, brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her private cooking classes in Tokyo.

She’s excited to share the art of Japanese home cooking and teach travelers the intricate process of making handmade udon noodles from scratch. Michiko learned traditional Japanese dishes from her mother and is eager to pass on her culinary expertise to people from around the world.

Her classes cater to adults and children alike, offering a unique opportunity to explore Japanese ingredients, cuisine, culture, and culinary traditions. With her expertise and warm teaching style, Michiko aims to inspire her students to embrace the joy of Japanese cooking.

Class Details and Inclusions

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Class Details and Inclusions

The 2.5-hour private Japanese cooking class in Tokyo offers travelers an opportunity to learn the art of handmade udon noodle making near Ikegami train station.

Along With the noodle-making session, the class includes an introduction to the traditional Japanese art of calligraphy, allowing participants to practice writing kanji characters.

Participants can also opt to learn how to cook hand-rolled sushi, bento lunch boxes, or homemade udon noodles.

The class is suitable for adults and children alike, providing a fun and immersive experience in Tokyo’s culinary traditions.

The class includes a homecooked meal, all fees and taxes, and transportation from Ikegami station to the cooking studio.

Cooking Class Hands-on Experience

Upon arrival at the cooking studio, participants are guided through the hands-on process of making traditional Japanese udon noodles from scratch. Using fresh, high-quality ingredients, they learn the techniques for kneading, cutting, and shaping the dough into long, chewy noodles.

Throughout the class, the instructor, Michiko, provides detailed explanations and demonstrations, ensuring participants develop a deep understanding of the udon-making craft.

The class also includes an opportunity to learn the art of traditional Japanese calligraphy. Participants try their hand at writing elegant kanji characters, gaining insight into this time-honored cultural practice.

The cooking experience culminates in a shared, homemade meal, allowing participants to savor the fruits of their labor in a warm, inviting setting.

Learning Traditional Japanese Calligraphy

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Learning Traditional Japanese Calligraphy

During the class, participants also explore the captivating art of traditional Japanese calligraphy, known as shodo.

Under Michiko’s skilled guidance, they’ve the opportunity to learn the elegant brushwork and precise techniques used to masterfully craft intricate kanji characters. From holding the calligraphy brush properly to practicing the graceful strokes, attendees gain a deeper appreciation for this time-honored craft.

They’ll even have the chance to write their own kanji characters, infusing each stroke with intention and artistic flair.

This immersive calligraphy experience allows guests to connect with Japan’s rich cultural heritage, fostering a newfound respect for the beauty and discipline inherent in this revered art form.

Meal Preparation and Dining Experience

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Meal Preparation and Dining Experience

Michiko guides participants through the process of preparing a selection of traditional Japanese dishes, drawing on her wealth of culinary expertise and family recipes.

Under her expert tutelage, guests learn the art of handmaking udon noodles from scratch, kneading the dough and shaping the noodles with care.

Michiko also demonstrates the preparation of additional dishes, such as hand-rolled sushi or a bento lunch box, providing insights into the flavors and techniques of authentic Japanese home cooking.

As the meal comes together, participants gather around the dining table to savor the fruits of their labor, engaging in an informal tea ceremony to complete the authentic culinary experience.

Transportation and Meeting Point

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Transportation and Meeting Point

Participants will meet Michiko outside the main ticket counter of Ikegami station, where they’ll then walk together for 5 minutes to the cooking studio.

The class’s convenient location near the Ikegami train station makes it easy for travelers to access.

Michiko will guide the group to her home in a quiet residential neighborhood, where the cooking class will take place. This short walk allows participants to get a glimpse of the local community and enjoy the Japanese environment before the hands-on cooking experience.

With Michiko’s guidance, the group will arrive at the cooking studio, ready to dive into the art of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Cancellation and Refund Policy

The cancellation policy for this experience allows participants to cancel up to 2 days in advance for a full refund. However, no refunds are provided for cancellations made less than 2 days before the scheduled class.

This policy is in place to ensure the host, Michiko, can adequately prepare for the cooking lesson. Participants are encouraged to plan their schedules carefully and provide ample notice if they need to cancel.

Why Choose This Cooking Class

Handmade Udon and Traditional Calligraphy Class in Tokyo - Why Choose This Cooking Class

This unique cooking class offers travelers an immersive experience to learn the art of traditional Japanese cuisine and calligraphy directly from a seasoned local instructor.

Participants can expect a personalized, hands-on lesson that delves into the rich cultural heritage of Japan through the preparation of homemade udon noodles and the captivating practice of calligraphy.

Led by Michiko, a passionate teacher with 5 years of experience, the class provides an intimate setting to explore authentic Japanese flavors and techniques.

Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or simply curious about Japanese culture, this class promises to leave you with newfound skills and a deeper appreciation for the country’s culinary and artistic traditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Group Size for the Cooking Class?

The cooking class is a private experience, so the group size is tailored to the individual or small group. Michiko provides personalized instruction and attention to ensure each participant has a memorable and engaging Japanese cooking and calligraphy lesson.

Are Vegetarian or Gluten-Free Options Available?

The cooking class offers vegetarian and gluten-free options to accommodate various dietary needs. Guests can request these alternatives when booking the experience to ensure their culinary preferences are met.

Can I Take the Class in My Native Language?

Yes, the cooking class can be offered in the participant’s native language. Michiko is happy to accommodate requests for instruction in a language other than Japanese to ensure guests have a comfortable and enriching experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Cooking Class?

The cooking class is suitable for both adults and children interested in learning about Japanese cuisine. There are no age restrictions, allowing families and individuals of all ages to participate and explore Japanese culinary traditions.

Can I Choose the Specific Dishes to Be Taught?

Yes, the cooking class offers flexibility to choose the dishes you’d like to learn. You can select from options like hand-rolled sushi, bento lunch box, or homemade udon noodles to customize your experience with the instructor.


Set out on a culinary and cultural voyage through Japan’s rich heritage.

Learn the art of handcrafting udon noodles and traditional calligraphy, guided by an experienced instructor.

Savor the homemade meal you’ve prepared, enjoying authentic Japanese cuisine and tradition.

This class offers a unique opportunity to explore the country’s gastronomy and artistic wonders, leaving you with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for Japanese culture.

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