Hurghada’s full-day diving tour promises an unforgettable underwater adventure. Experienced instructors guide participants through vibrant coral reefs, sunken wrecks, and drift dive sites, catering to both beginners and advanced divers. With complimentary hotel transfers, all necessary diving equipment, and a delicious lunch served on the boat, the tour offers a well-rounded experience. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or seeking to explore the depths for the first time, this tour provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the wonders of the Red Sea.

Key Points

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Key Points

  • Full-day diving tour in Hurghada that includes two diverse dive sites suitable for divers of all skill levels.
  • Experienced instructors with PADI, CMAS, or equivalent certification lead the diving adventures and prioritize safety.
  • Necessary diving equipment, such as wetsuits, buoyancy control devices, and air tanks, is provided.
  • Diverse dive sites offer vibrant coral reefs, wreck dives, and opportunities to spot pelagic species.
  • Convenient hotel transfers, hassle-free transportation, and a delicious lunch served on the boat are included.

Overview of the Tour

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Overview of the Tour

The full-day diving tour in Hurghada offers visitors a chance to explore a diverse range of dive sites suitable for both beginners and advanced divers, with experienced instructors leading the adventures.

This comprehensive tour provides an opportunity to uncover the underwater wonders of the Red Sea, with two dive sites included.

Participants can expect to be outfitted with all necessary diving equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned diver or new to the sport, this tour caters to a variety of skill levels, promising an unforgettable day of exploration and discovery beneath the waves.

Diving Equipment Included

As part of the full-day diving tour, participants are provided with all the necessary diving equipment to ensure a comfortable and safe underwater experience. The diving gear included in the package covers the essentials, allowing divers to focus on exploring the vibrant marine life.

Equipment Description
Wetsuit Thermal protection for warmth in the water
Buoyancy Control Device Helps control depth and maintain neutral buoyancy
Regulator Provides breathable air from the tank
Tank Carries the air supply for the dive
Mask & Snorkel Allows clear underwater vision and breathing at the surface
Fins Propels divers through the water with ease

Diverse Dive Sites Explored

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Diverse Dive Sites Explored

During the full-day diving tour, participants can explore a diverse range of dive sites catering to both beginners and advanced divers. The experienced diving instructors guide the group through the thrilling underwater adventures.

The dive sites offer:

  • Vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful marine life, ideal for beginner divers to marvel at the beauty of the Red Sea.
  • Exciting wreck dives where divers can explore sunken ships and discover the hidden treasures of the deep.
  • Challenging drift dives that allow experienced divers to glide effortlessly with the current, spotting pelagic species along the way.

This variety ensures that every participant, regardless of their skill level, can have an unforgettable diving experience.

Experienced Diving Instructors

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Experienced Diving Instructors

Highly experienced diving instructors lead the adventures, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of participants throughout the full-day diving tour. With years of expertise, these knowledgeable guides provide comprehensive briefings, hands-on instruction, and attentive supervision to divers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a novice seeking to explore the underwater world for the first time or an advanced diver seeking new challenges, the instructors’ professionalism and attention to detail will make your experience truly memorable.

Instructor Qualifications Description
Certification PADI, CMAS, or equivalent
Experience Minimum 5 years guiding
Language Skills English, German, Arabic
First Aid Training Certified in emergency response
Safety Focus Strict adherence to protocols

Hotel Transfers Provided

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Hotel Transfers Provided

The tour operator provides complimentary hotel transfers from any hotel in Hurghada.

Plus, pick-up is available from nearby locations, including Makadi, Sahl Hasheesh, Soma Bay, El Gouna, and Safaga, though an additional fee may apply.

This hassle-free transportation service ensures a seamless start to the diving adventure.

Some key benefits of the hotel transfers include:

  • Convenient pickup from your accommodation, eliminating the need to arrange your own transportation.
  • Stress-free arrival at the dive site, allowing you to focus on the exciting experience ahead.
  • Inclusion of the transfer cost in the overall tour price, providing a complete and inclusive package.
  • Peace of mind knowing your transportation is taken care of from beginning to end.

Lunch Served on Boat

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Lunch Served on Boat

A delicious lunch is served on the boat during the full-day diving tour, providing sustenance for the adventurous divers. The meal is prepared fresh and includes a variety of options to cater to different dietary needs. Divers can refuel and recharge before their second dive of the day.

Lunch Menu
Entrée Main Course Dessert
Hummus Grilled Fish Fresh Fruit
Tabbouleh Salad Chicken Kebabs Baklava
Falafel Beef Stew Kunefe

The on-board lunch is a welcomed break from the excitement of the dives, allowing divers to relax, refuel, and prepare for the next underwater adventure.

Pickup Locations and Fees

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Pickup Locations and Fees

Pickup from any hotel in Hurghada is free, while an additional fee applies for pickup from Makadi, Sahl Hasheesh, Soma Bay, El Gouna, and Safaga.

Travelers have the convenience of being picked up from their hotel, ensuring a smooth start to their diving adventure.

Guests can easily arrange their pickup location, whether it’s their hotel in Hurghada or nearby resorts.

The additional pickup fee for Makadi, Sahl Hasheesh, Soma Bay, El Gouna, and Safaga ensures a hassle-free transportation to the dive sites.

With the option of hotel pickup, guests can sit back and relax, allowing the experienced team to handle the logistics and transportation.

Tour Restrictions and Information

Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour With Lunch & Two Dive Sites - Tour Restrictions and Information

Certain restrictions apply to this diving tour, including it not being wheelchair accessible and not recommended for pregnant travelers or those with heart problems or other serious medical conditions.

The tour operates with a maximum of 30 travelers and is led by experienced diving instructors. Travelers can expect to visit two dive sites and receive diving equipment, a diving guide, hotel transfers, lunch, and drinks.

This full-day adventure has received 80 reviews and a Badge of Excellence from previous participants. Operated by Egyptra Travel Services, the tour is priced from €17.12 with free cancellation up to 24 hours before the experience starts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Diving Equipment?

You are allowed to bring your own diving equipment for the full-day diving tour. The tour provides equipment as well, so you can choose to use your own or the equipment provided.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Age Requirement?

There is no minimum age requirement, but the tour operator recommends it’s not suitable for children under 12. There is also no maximum age limit, though participants must be physically able to dive safely.

Can I Request a Specific Dive Site?

Yes, guests can request specific dive sites, though they are subject to availability and the guide’s recommendation based on conditions. The tour operator aims to accommodate guests’ preferences whenever possible.

Is There an Option to Extend the Tour Duration?

Yes, there is typically an option to extend the tour duration for an additional fee. Clients can inquire with the tour operator about upgrading to a longer excursion if they’d like more time for diving.

What Is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

The operator offers free cancellation up to 24 hours before the experience starts. Refunds are available if cancellation is made within this window. Customers should review the full policy details prior to booking.


The Hurghada: Full-Day Diving Tour with Lunch & Two Dive Sites offers an exceptional underwater adventure.

With experienced instructors, diverse dive sites, and all necessary equipment provided, it’s an unforgettable experience for both beginners and advanced divers.

The tour’s convenience, including hotel transfers and a delicious lunch, makes it a well-rounded package for those seeking to explore Hurghada’s vibrant marine life.

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