Venture into the heart of Kyoto and step back in time to the realm of the revered Samurai. The Kendo Samurai Experience Tour invites you to don the iconic armor and wield the legendary sword, as you channel the spirit of Japan’s most esteemed warriors. Guided by a seasoned Kendo instructor, this immersive 2.5-hour journey will unveil the captivating history and techniques of this time-honored martial art. Challenge yourself to master the precision and discipline that defined the Samurai code, and emerge with a newfound appreciation for the cultural richness that permeates the very essence of Kyoto.

Key Points

Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour - Key Points

  • Immerse in the world of traditional Japanese swordsmanship through a 2.5-hour Kendo Samurai experience in Kyoto.
  • Don full Kendo armor and engage in guided Samurai sword fight practice with a professional instructor.
  • Learn proper Kendo techniques, including stance, grip, and execution of precise strikes.
  • Gain insights into the rich cultural heritage and history of this revered martial art.
  • Experience is suitable for physically fit individuals without medical conditions or physical limitations.

Overview of the Kendo Experience

Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour - Overview of the Kendo Experience

The Kendo experience transports participants into the world of Japanese swordsmanship, offering a thrilling opportunity to don the full Kendo armor and engage in a real Samurai sword fight practice session under the guidance of a professional instructor.

Over the course of 2.5 hours, visitors will learn the art of Kendo, gaining insights into the history and techniques of this revered martial art.

From mastering the proper stance and grip to executing precise strikes, the hands-on experience allows participants to channel the spirit of the Samurai and enjoy the discipline and focus that defines Kendo.

This unique tour promises an authentic and unforgettable glimpse into Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

Highlights of the Kendo Tour

Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour - Highlights of the Kendo Tour

Participants can expect to don the full Kendo armor and engage in a thrilling Samurai sword fight practice session, guided by a seasoned Kendo instructor.

They’ll learn the art of Japanese swordsmanship, mastering the proper stance, grip, and executing precise strikes that channel the spirit of the Samurai.

The experience offers:

  • A unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a Kendo practitioner and wield a Samurai sword
  • Hands-on instruction from a professional Kendo expert, sharing the nuances of this centuries-old martial art
  • The chance to feel the adrenaline of a simulated sword fight, honing reflexes and technique
  • Immersion in the cultural heritage of Japan’s warrior tradition through this authentic Kendo experience

Inclusions in the Kendo Tour

Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour - Inclusions in the Kendo Tour

A professional guide/instructor accompanies participants throughout the Kendo tour, providing expert tutelage on the art of Japanese swordsmanship.

Rental of the full Kendo armor and equipment is included, allowing participants to authentically embody the role of a Samurai warrior.

Plus, free mineral water and a Kendo towel are provided to ensure a comfortable and immersive experience.

The inclusion of these essential elements creates an engaging and authentic Kendo experience, enabling participants to fully enjoy the traditional Japanese martial art.

From the guiding expertise to the specialized equipment, every aspect of the tour is designed to transport participants back in time, offering a one-of-a-kind glimpse into the world of the legendary Samurai.

Exclusions From the Kendo Tour

While the Kendo tour includes an array of essential elements, some aspects aren’t covered. These exclusions allow the tour to focus on the core Kendo activities, offering a more streamlined and immersive encounter with the traditional Japanese martial art.

The exclusions from the Kendo tour include:

  • No hotel pickup or drop-off
  • No food provided
  • Participants responsible for their own transportation to the meeting point
  • Participants must plan their own meals during the experience

Suitability and Restrictions

Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour - Suitability and Restrictions

The Kendo tour experience may not be suitable for everyone, as it comes with certain restrictions. Expectant mothers and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions are advised against participating, as the physically demanding nature of the activity could pose a risk to their wellbeing. Participants should be in good physical condition, prepared to engage in rigorous sword training, and willing to don the full Kendo armor. The activity may not be appropriate for those with physical limitations or concerns about their safety.

Suitable for Not Suitable for
Physically fit individuals Pregnant women
Those without medical conditions Those with pre-existing medical conditions
Participants willing to wear Kendo armor Individuals with physical limitations

Booking and Cancellation Policy

To book the Kendo Samurai Experience Tour, travelers can reserve their spot and pay nothing upfront. Cancellations are permitted up to 24 hours in advance, allowing for maximum flexibility.

This policy ensures a hassle-free booking process and gives participants the freedom to adjust their plans if needed.

The tour can be reserved and paid for later, making it accessible to a wider range of travelers.

Cancellations up to a day before the event provide ample time to change plans without penalty.

This booking system prioritizes convenience and customer satisfaction, creating a seamless experience.

The flexible cancellation policy demonstrates the tour provider’s commitment to customer-centric service.

Meeting Point and Travel Time

Reaching the starting point of the Kendo Samurai Experience Tour requires a 30-minute journey from Kyoto Station via the JR Biwako line, culminating at the West exit of the JR Kusatsu station.

Once there, you’ll be met by the professional guide and instructor, ready to guide you through this immersive cultural experience.

The meeting point is easy to find, with clear signage and a vibrant atmosphere as you prepare to don the traditional Kendo armor and learn the art of Japanese swordsmanship.

This convenient location sets the stage for an unforgettable afternoon, transporting you back in time to the world of the legendary Samurai.

What to Expect on the Kendo Tour

Upon arriving at the meeting point, participants don the iconic Kendo armor and equipment, feeling the weight and history of this centuries-old martial art.

From the outset, the sense of anticipation builds as the instructor provides an in-depth overview of the Kendo philosophy and techniques they’ll soon put into practice.

The experience then takes an exhilarating turn as participants:

  • Learn the proper stances, strikes, and footwork of Kendo
  • Engage in thrilling one-on-one sparring matches under the guidance of the expert instructor
  • Witness demonstrations of authentic Samurai sword techniques
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for the discipline, focus, and respect at the heart of this captivating Japanese tradition

Frequently Asked Questions

Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Kendo Equipment?

No, you can’t bring your own kendo equipment. The tour provides all the necessary gear – from the armor to the swords. This ensures everyone has an authentic, hands-on experience learning the techniques from the professional instructors.

Is There an Age Limit for Participants?

There’s typically no age limit for kendo participants, though the experience may not be suitable for very young children. Most providers welcome participants of all ages who can safely wear the equipment and follow instructions.

Can I Request a Specific Instructor?

Participants can’t request a specific instructor, as the tour provider assigns guides based on availability. However, all instructors are experienced kendo professionals who provide an engaging and authentic samurai sword fighting experience.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drink?

Participants can’t bring their own food and drink on the tour. However, free mineral water is provided, allowing guests to stay hydrated during the intense kendo practice session while wearing the full samurai armor.

Is There a Dress Code for the Experience?

There’s no strict dress code, but participants should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows easy movement. The tour provides full kendo armor and equipment, so you can focus on the immersive experience of learning this traditional Japanese martial art.


The Kyoto: Kendo Samurai Experience Tour is a captivating journey into Japan’s rich martial arts heritage. Participants don the traditional Kendo attire and wield the renowned Samurai sword, guided by expert instructors who bring the spirit of the Samurai to life.

This immersive cultural experience offers a unique opportunity to connect with Japan’s storied past and become immersed in the discipline, focus, and grace of this revered art form.

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