Tucked away in the heart of Kyoto’s historic district, a hidden gem awaits those seeking to enjoy the timeless elegance of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. This private experience takes place within the tranquil confines of a 100-year-old house, where visitors can learn the meticulous steps of this centuries-old tradition. As they savor the rich, frothy matcha tea and indulge in seasonal sweets from renowned Kyoto confectioners, guests will be captivated by the serene garden views that provide a soothing backdrop to this captivating ritual. With convenient access to nearby heritage sites, this tea ceremony offers a truly authentic glimpse into Japan’s revered cultural heritage.

Key Points

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Key Points

  • Immersive experience in a 100-year-old traditional house in Kyoto with serene garden views.
  • Private hands-on instruction on the art of preparing matcha tea.
  • Indulgence in seasonal sweets from renowned Kyoto confectioners.
  • Convenient location near iconic heritage sites like Ryoan-ji Temple.
  • Accommodations for various dietary restrictions and accessibility needs.

Overview of the Experience

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Overview of the Experience

Guests embark on an immersive tea ceremony experience within a traditional 100-year-old house in Kyoto, enchanted by the serene garden views.

Here, they’ll learn the intricate art of preparing matcha tea under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor.

The ceremony begins with the preparation of seasonal sweets from a renowned Kyoto confectioner, setting the stage for a sensory delight.

Guests then dive into the ritual of whisking the vibrant green powder and sipping the frothy, aromatic beverage, discovering the nuances of this time-honored tradition.

Throughout the experience, the private and peaceful setting transports participants to a realm of tranquility, allowing them to fully enjoy the elegant simplicity of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Convenient Location Near Heritage Sites

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Convenient Location Near Heritage Sites

The tea house is located across the road from the renowned Ryoan-ji temple, allowing guests to conveniently explore other UNESCO World Heritage sites like Ninna-ji and Kinkaku-ji during their visit. The location is easily accessible via public transportation, making it a hassle-free experience for visitors.

Nearby Attractions Distance
Ryoan-ji Temple Across the road
Ninna-ji Temple 1.5 km
Kinkaku-ji Temple 3 km

The peaceful and traditional setting of the tea house, combined with its proximity to these iconic landmarks, creates a truly immersive cultural experience for guests to enjoy.

Highlights of the Tea Ceremony

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Highlights of the Tea Ceremony

During the private tea ceremony, guests will embark on an authentic cultural journey, guided by a knowledgeable instructor.

They’ll learn the meticulous steps involved in preparing a traditional matcha tea, from meticulously whisking the vibrant green powder to appreciating the seasonal sweets crafted by renowned Kyoto confectioners.

The entire experience takes place in the tranquil setting of a 100-year-old traditional house, with views of the lush garden outside.

Guests will savor the rich, frothy tea and delicate sweets, all while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of this time-honored Japanese tradition.

Whether a seasoned tea enthusiast or a curious newcomer, this private tea ceremony promises an unforgettable culture.

Inclusions in the Package

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Inclusions in the Package

The package for this private tea ceremony includes the matcha tea itself, as well as traditional seasonal sweets crafted by renowned Kyoto confectioners.

Guests will learn how to properly prepare the matcha under the guidance of a personal instructor. This hands-on experience allows participants to make their own bowl of frothy, vibrant green tea.

The seasonal sweets served complement the tea, with all items being gluten-free and vegan.

Visitors can enjoy this peaceful ritual in the privacy of the traditional 100-year-old house, surrounded by its serene garden views.

Though the seating is primarily on the floor, chairs are available for those who prefer not to sit directly on the tatami mats.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Accessibility and Accommodations

This tea ceremony experience is wheelchair accessible, and the venue provides one parking space for visitors.

Chairs are available for those who prefer not to sit on the traditional tatami mats on the floor.

All the seasonal sweets served are gluten and nut-free, as well as vegan, catering to various dietary needs.

Guests are welcome to take photos without flash, allowing them to capture the peaceful ambiance of the 100-year-old house and its serene garden views.

The instructors provide personalized guidance throughout the experience, ensuring everyone can fully enjoy the authentic Japanese tea ceremony tradition, regardless of their mobility or dietary requirements.

Photography and Dietary Restrictions

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Photography and Dietary Restrictions

Guests are welcome to capture the serene ambiance of the 100-year-old house and its tranquil garden views, as photography is permitted without the use of flash.

The traditional tea ceremony experience caters to various dietary needs, with all the seasonal sweets offered being gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. This ensures that guests with food allergies or restrictions can fully enjoy the authentic flavors of Kyoto’s renowned confections.

The private and peaceful setting provides the perfect backdrop for guests to enjoy the rich cultural traditions of the tea ceremony while indulging in visually striking and delectable treats tailored to their dietary preferences.

Parking and Transportation

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Parking and Transportation

Along With the thoughtful accommodations for dietary needs, the tea house also provides convenient parking and easy access via public transportation for guests.

There’s a single parking space available on-site for those driving to the experience, while those relying on public transit can reach the tea house with ease, as it’s located across the road from the renowned Ryoan-ji temple and close to other UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The tea house’s accessibility features include:

  1. Single on-site parking space for guests
  2. Close proximity to Ryoan-ji temple and other UNESCO sites
  3. Easily accessible by public transportation
  4. Wheelchair-friendly accommodations

With these transportation and parking options, guests can focus on seeing the authentic tea ceremony experience in the traditional 100-year-old house with its serene garden view.

Reserving Your Tea Ceremony

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Reserving Your Tea Ceremony

To reserve the private tea ceremony experience, guests simply need to contact the tea house directly. Reservations can be made via phone or email, with availability subject to the tea house’s operating schedule.

Upon confirming the booking, guests will receive detailed information about the ceremony, including arrival instructions and any special requirements.

The tea house staff are knowledgeable and friendly, and they’re happy to assist guests with any questions or special requests. Advance reservations are highly recommended, as this exclusive experience is in high demand.

Once booked, guests can look forward to a truly immersive and unforgettable glimpse into Kyoto’s cherished tea ceremony traditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kyoto: Private Tea Ceremony With a Garden View - Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Tea Ceremony Experience Last?

The tea ceremony experience typically lasts around 60-90 minutes. During this time, guests learn the proper techniques for preparing and serving matcha tea, as well as enjoy seasonal sweets in a peaceful, traditional setting.

What Is the Minimum Group Size for the Tea Ceremony?

The minimum group size for the private tea ceremony experience is typically one person. Groups can be accommodated, but the experience is designed to be intimate, with a personal instructor guiding each guest through the traditional tea-making process.

Can I Add Additional Guests to My Booking?

Yes, you can typically add additional guests to your tea ceremony booking, subject to availability. It’s best to check with the tea house directly about their policy on increasing group size after the initial reservation.

Are There Any Discounts or Package Deals Available?

Yes, there may be discounts or package deals available for the private tea ceremony experience. Guests should check with the provider about any special offers or bundled packages that could save them money on the overall cost.

What Is the Cancellation Policy for the Tea Ceremony?

The tea ceremony cancellation policy allows for full refunds up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled event. Within 72 hours, a 50% refund is provided. The host aims to accommodate all guests while managing their inventory.


Step into a timeless Kyoto tradition, where the graceful movements of a tea ceremony unfold amidst a serene garden.

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of this hundred-year-old house, savoring matcha tea and seasonal sweets as you learn the meticulous art of this centuries-old practice.

Accessible and accommodating, this experience offers a glimpse into the refined elegance of Kyoto’s cultural heritage.

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