Exploring the stunning natural landscapes surrounding Marseille has never been easier or more enjoyable than with the Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day. Led by expert guides, this immersive seven-hour excursion takes small groups on electric mountain bikes through the dramatic Calanques National Park, offering a seamless blend of urban and natural elements. From picturesque fishing villages to panoramic viewpoints overlooking the Mediterranean coastline, participants of all skill levels can savor the breathtaking scenery while enjoying the convenience of provided safety equipment and shuttle service. With an array of inclusions and preparation recommendations, this tour promises a personalized and unforgettable experience for those eager to discover the unique charm of Marseille and its surrounding natural wonders.

Key Points

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Key Points

  • A full-day 7-hour electric mountain bike tour through Calanques National Park and the Mediterranean coastline of Marseille.
  • Small group size with a maximum of 12 participants, led by a professional guide available in multiple languages.
  • Includes electric mountain bikes, safety equipment, shuttle service, and Bosch-powered bikes suitable for all skill levels.
  • Highlights include visiting picturesque fishing villages, ascending to panoramic viewpoints, and observing the unique flora and fauna of the protected natural environment.
  • Suitable for anyone capable of cycling for several hours, with the option to request bikes with rear panniers or backpacks.

Tour Details

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Tour Details

This full-day Marseille and Calanques eBike tour clocks in at 7 hours and accommodates a small group of no more than 12 participants. It’s available in Spanish, English, and French.

A professional guide leads the way as the group explores the rich history of the Calanques on electric mountain bikes. Participants will discover the contrasting sides of Marseille – the vibrant city and its stunning natural landscapes.

Safety equipment like gloves and helmets are provided, and a shuttle service is available to transport guests from their hotel or the boat.

With Bosch-powered electric bikes, riders of all abilities can comfortably tackle this adventurous yet scenic full-day tour.


Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Inclusions

The tour includes a professional guide to lead the group, electric mountain bikes, and necessary safety equipment like gloves and helmets.

A shuttle service is also provided to transport participants from their hotel or the boat. This ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for the tour-goers.

The electric bikes are perfect for navigating the varying terrain, allowing riders of all skill levels to fully enjoy the scenic landscapes.

With the guide’s expertise, participants can explore the rich history and cultural significance of the Calanques region while enjoying the thrill of an electric bike ride.

The inclusions on this tour provide a well-rounded and engaging experience for all.

Meeting Point

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Meeting Point

Convenience for participants is ensured through the tour’s designated meeting point at the Avia Gas Station, located at 3 Avenue d’Odessa in Marseille’s 8th arrondissement.

Alternatively, guests can opt to meet at the public boat shuttle from Vieux Port to Pointe Rouge, the bus stop No. 19 at Pointe Rouge, or the nearby Bike Station number 8290/8289.

For those arriving by car, free parking is available at Pointe Rouge.

The tour offers flexibility in meeting locations, catering to the diverse transportation needs of participants. Whether by public transit, personal vehicle, or bike-sharing, the carefully selected meeting points ensure a smooth start to the Marseille and Calanques eBike adventure.

Tour Highlights

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Tour Highlights

Embarking on the Marseille and Calanques eBike tour, participants can expect to discover the rich history of the Calanques with the guidance of a local, experienced guide.

Exploring the contrasting sides of Marseille – the vibrant city and the serene natural landscapes – riders will traverse the region on electric trekking bikes equipped with Bosch motors, providing a fun and effortless cycling experience.

The tour highlights include:

  • Navigating the dramatic limestone cliffs and sheltered coves of the Calanques National Park
  • Stopping at picturesque fishing villages to admire the Mediterranean architecture
  • Ascending to panoramic viewpoints overlooking the azure waters and rugged coastline
  • Witnessing the unique flora and fauna that thrive in the protected natural environment
  • Experiencing the blend of urban and natural elements that make Marseille a captivating destination.

Additional Information

Suitability for the tour extends to anyone capable of cycling for several hours, with bikes accommodating rear panniers or backpacks available upon request.

Water bottles are provided, and visitors are recommended to bring a swimsuit and sunscreen for the picnic or restaurant lunch break during the tour.

The electric trekking bikes used on the excursion are equipped with Bosch motors, allowing participants to explore the two sides of Marseille – the city and the nature of the Calanques – with ease.

The small group size, limited to 12 individuals, ensures a personalized experience led by a local, experienced guide who’ll share the rich history of the Calanques throughout the day-long adventure.

Bike Specifications

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Bike Specifications

The electric trekking bikes used on the Marseille and Calanques eBike Tour are equipped with powerful Bosch motors, enabling participants to effortlessly navigate the diverse terrain of the city and the Calanques region.

These high-performance bikes feature:

  • Integrated Bosch motors that provide a smooth, responsive boost when needed
  • Durable, all-terrain tires that grip well on both paved and unpaved surfaces
  • Adjustable handlebars and saddles for optimal comfort and control
  • Front suspension forks to absorb shocks and improve stability on uneven paths
  • Rear panniers or backpacks for securely storing personal items during the tour

Designed for both experienced and novice cyclists, these electric bikes ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride throughout the day’s adventure.

Lunch Options

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Lunch Options

During the Marseille and Calanques eBike Tour, participants can look forward to a well-deserved break for a picnic or restaurant lunch.

The tour includes a dedicated mealtime, allowing riders to refuel and recharge before continuing their exploration of the scenic landscape.

Guides can provide recommendations on nearby eateries or suggest ideal picnic spots along the route, catering to various dietary preferences and budgets.

Whether you choose to enjoy a packed lunch in the tranquility of the Calanques or savor a local meal at a charming restaurant, the lunch break is a chance to rejuvenate and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding region.

Preparation Recommendations

Riders should pack necessary sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat, to shield themselves from the Mediterranean sun during the tour.

A swimsuit is also recommended, as the tour may offer opportunities to cool off in the crystal-clear waters of the Calanques.

Plus, participants should come prepared with comfortable, breathable clothing and sturdy, closed-toe shoes suitable for cycling and traversing varying terrain.

The following items are also recommended for the Marseille and Calanques eBike tour:

  • Reusable water bottle to stay hydrated
  • Snacks or a light lunch for the midday break
  • Lightweight, packable layers in case of changing weather
  • Camera or smartphone to capture the scenic vistas
  • Portable charger to keep devices powered throughout the day

Frequently Asked Questions

Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Personal Bike?

The tour provider generally provides electric mountain bikes for the tour. While participants may bring their own personal bikes, the tour operator’s bikes are better suited for the terrain and activities. It’s best to use the provided equipment for a seamless experience.

Are There Any Age or Fitness Level Requirements?

The tour is suitable for everyone able to ride a bike for a few hours, with no specific age or fitness level requirements. Participants should be comfortable cycling for an extended period.

Is It Possible to Customize the Tour Itinerary?

The tour operator allows some itinerary customization, though the overall tour length and key highlights remain fixed. Guests can discuss preferred pacing, stops, and activities with the guide to personalize their experience within the tour parameters.

What Is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

The cancellation and refund policy typically allows for a full refund if the tour is cancelled at least 48 hours in advance. Closer to the tour date, partial refunds or rescheduling may be available depending on the provider’s policies.

Are There Any Restrictions or Rules to Follow During the Tour?

Participants must follow the guide’s instructions and safety rules throughout the tour. Helmets must be worn at all times, and riders should stay together as a group. Bikers should ride responsibly and respect the environment and other users on the trails.


The Marseille and Calanques Ebike Tour Full Day offers an unparalleled opportunity to take in the captivating natural wonders of the region.

With knowledgeable guides, high-quality equipment, and a tailored experience, the tour caters to all skill levels, blending the urban charm of Marseille and the breathtaking landscapes of the Calanques National Park.

It’s a must-do adventure for those seeking to explore the stunning Mediterranean coastline in an eco-friendly and unforgettable way.

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