Motobu’s picturesque waters offer an unparalleled opportunity for adventure-seekers to enjoy a captivating 4-hour experience. Kayaking and snorkeling enthusiasts can explore this stunning natural wonder through a private booking, tailored to their preferences and abilities. With a native English-speaking guide, necessary equipment, and a chance to save up to 10%, this personalized activity promises an unforgettable journey. However, certain restrictions apply to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants, leaving one to wonder what other surprises this enchanting destination holds.

Key Points

Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking - Key Points

  • This private kayak and snorkel experience allows guests to explore the picturesque waters of Motobu at their own pace.
  • The 4-hour activity includes approximately 2 hours of kayaking and 1 hour of snorkeling, with breaks in between.
  • Necessary equipment and supplies, such as kayaks, snorkel gear, and refreshments, are provided to ensure a hassle-free experience.
  • The activity is suitable for participants aged 10 and above, but those with mobility issues or low fitness may find it challenging.
  • Guests can enjoy a personalized experience with a private group setting and native English-speaking guide assistance.

Overview of the Activity

Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking - Overview of the Activity

This private booking offers a unique opportunity to explore the picturesque waters of Motobu through a combination of kayaking and snorkeling.

The activity provides a chance to save up to 10% on the standard rate, with the price ranging from $107.44 to $96.69 per person.

The 4-hour experience is tailored to guests’ preferences and abilities, ensuring a customized adventure.

A private group setting allows for a more intimate and personalized experience, with the assistance of a native English-speaking guide.

Participants will have the chance to kayak for approximately 2 hours and snorkel for 50 minutes, with breaks in between, making for an engaging and well-rounded outing.

Detailed Itinerary

Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking - Detailed Itinerary

The itinerary starts in Motobu, where you will begin their kayaking adventure for the first hour.

This is followed by a 30-minute snorkeling session, allowing guests to enjoy the vibrant underwater world.

After a 20-minute break, the group will continue their kayaking journey for another 30 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of snorkeling.

The final 30 minutes will be spent kayaking back to the starting point in Motobu.

The highlights of this experience include:

  • Private group setting
  • Customizable to guest preferences and abilities
  • Native English-speaking guide assistance
  • Tea and snacks provided

Highlights of the Experience

Guests can look forward to a truly personalized kayaking and snorkeling experience, as the activity is tailored to their preferences and abilities.

The private group setting allows the native English-speaking guide to cater to the group’s needs and interests. Adventurers can explore the stunning Motobu coastline at their own pace, with flexibility to adjust the itinerary as desired.

Whether it’s taking in the breathtaking views or spending more time snorkeling, the experience can be customized to create lasting memories. With all necessary equipment provided, including kayaks, snorkel gear, and warm jackets, guests can focus on seeing the natural beauty of the area.

Included Equipment and Supplies

Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking - Included Equipment and Supplies

Providing guests with all necessary equipment and supplies is a key part of ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable kayak and snorkel experience.

Kayaks and safety-related gear, including life jackets, are included, along with snorkeling equipment to explore the underwater world. To accommodate varying weather conditions, warm kayak jackets are also provided.

The included equipment and supplies for this private tour are:

  • Kayaks and all safety-related gear
  • Snorkel masks, fins, and snorkels
  • Kayak jackets for cold or rainy weather
  • Tea and snacks to enjoy during the breaks

These inclusions help create a hassle-free and well-equipped experience for guests to fully enjoy the natural beauty of Motobu’s coastline.

Activity Restrictions and Limitations

Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking - Activity Restrictions and Limitations

While the kayak and snorkel experience is designed to cater to a wide range of guests, there are some restrictions and limitations to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

The activity isn’t suitable for children under 10 years old, as they may lack the necessary swimming and coordination skills. Plus, participants with mobility impairments or a low level of fitness may find the activity challenging. Older adults over 95 years are also advised against this experience, as it requires a moderate level of physical exertion.

These restrictions are in place to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all participants. The tour operator is happy to discuss any concerns or accommodate special needs wherever possible.

Group Size and Customization

This private kayak and snorkel booking allows for a personalized group experience tailored to guests’ preferences and abilities.

The tour operator works closely with participants to ensure the itinerary meets their needs, whether it’s adjusting activity durations, exploring different areas, or incorporating special requests.

With a private group, guests can enjoy a more intimate and flexible outing compared to larger, scheduled tours.

Some key advantages of this private booking include:

  • Customizable itinerary to match your group’s interests and capabilities
  • Intimate setting with just your private party
  • Flexibility to adapt the schedule as needed
  • Dedicated guide to provide personalized attention

Location and Departure Point

The private kayak and snorkel tour departs from the town of Motobu, located on the northern side of Okinawa Island. Participants will meet their guide at a designated meeting point in Motobu before embarking on their water-based adventure.

Location Departure Point Duration
Motobu, Okinawa Island Meet guide at designated spot 4 hours
Northern side of Okinawa Start kayaking and snorkeling Includes breaks
Surrounded by ocean views Return to original meeting point End at Motobu

The tour explores the pristine waters surrounding Motobu, offering a chance to experience the natural beauty of Okinawa’s coastline up close.

Pricing and Booking Information

The Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking activity costs between $107.44 and $96.69 per person. The price range starts at $107.44 per person and can be discounted by up to 10%, bringing the cost down to $96.69 per person.

This private booking offers several advantages:

  • Customizable to guest preferences and abilities
  • Includes kayaks, snorkel equipment, and refreshments
  • Led by a native English-speaking guide

However, the activity is not suitable for children under 10, those with mobility issues, or low fitness levels.

To secure your spot, simply reach out to the activity provider. With up to 10% in savings and a personalized itinerary, this Motobu adventure is an excellent value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Snorkel Equipment?

While customers can generally bring their own snorkel equipment, it’s best to check with the tour operator first. Many provide snorkel gear as part of the package to ensure proper fit and safety.

Is There a Minimum Group Size for the Private Booking?

The private booking does not have a minimum group size. Guests can book the activity for their party size, whether that’s a solo traveler or a larger group. The experience is fully customizable to the preferences and abilities of the private group.

How Do I Reschedule or Cancel the Booking?

To reschedule or cancel the booking, guests should contact the activity provider directly. There may be fees associated with changes or cancellations, so it’s best to review the provider’s policies prior to requesting any modifications.

Is There a Weight Limit for the Kayaks?

There is typically a weight limit for kayaks, usually around 300 pounds. The specific limit for this activity may vary, so it’s best to check with the tour operator to confirm the maximum capacity before booking.

Can I Bring My Own Food and Drinks?

You can bring your own food and drinks for this private kayak and snorkel tour. The tour includes tea and snacks, but you’re welcome to pack additional provisions to enjoy during the breaks.


The Motobu: Kayak and Snorkel Private Booking offers an immersive 4-hour experience to explore the picturesque waters of Motobu.

Guests can enjoy a combination of kayaking and snorkeling, with the opportunity to save up to 10% on the standard rate.

The personalized activity is tailored to the participants’ preferences and abilities, featuring a private group setting and native English-speaking guide assistance, with necessary equipment and supplies provided.

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