Embark on an unforgettable seven-day odyssey through Tanzania’s premier wildlife havens, commencing from the vibrant city of Arusha. This comprehensive safari immerses travelers in the diverse landscapes and captivating wildlife, offering ample opportunities to spot the elusive black rhino, towering giraffes, playful blue monkeys, and even tree-climbing lions. With accommodations, meals, and transportation seamlessly arranged, guests can simply sit back and savor the wonders that unfold before them, guided by experienced professionals who ensure an exceptional safari experience. But the true allure of this journey lies in the chance to witness the raw power and untamed beauty of Tanzania’s wilderness.

Key Points

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Key Points

  • 7-day safari starting from Arusha National Park, offering a chance to spot the elusive black rhino and diverse Tanzanian wildlife.
  • Fully arranged itinerary, including accommodations, meals, and transportation, accompanied by an experienced driver/guide.
  • Opportunities to witness iconic Tanzanian wildlife, such as majestic elephants, lions, leopards, and endangered black rhinos.
  • Safari inclusions cover accommodations, meals, and airport transfers, while alcoholic drinks and gratuities are excluded.
  • Moderate physical fitness required, with flexibility to personalize the safari experience based on individual needs.

Safari Itinerary Overview

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Safari Itinerary Overview

The 7-day safari kicks off with a visit to Arusha National Park, where travelers can expect to catch sight of the elusive black rhino alongside a diverse array of other wildlife species.

The safari itinerary is fully arranged, eliminating the hassle of planning. Guests will stay in accommodations as per the schedule and enjoy meals throughout the day.

Transportation is provided via a private vehicle, and a driver/guide will accompany the group.

The safari offers a high chance of spotting black rhinos, one of the park’s main highlights.

With all the essentials taken care of, guests can simply enjoy the incredible Tanzanian wilderness and marvel at the abundant wildlife.

Arusha National Park Exploration

Arusha National Park, the starting point of the 7-day safari, offers travelers a chance to witness the elusive black rhino alongside a diverse array of other wildlife species.

Visitors can expect to spot a variety of animals, including:

  • Towering giraffes grazing on the acacia trees
  • Troops of playful blue monkeys scampering through the lush forests
  • Vibrant flocks of colorful birds, from the iconic flamingos to the majestic eagles
  • The famed tree-climbing lions, an unusual sight in Tanzania’s national parks

Teeming with natural wonders, Arusha National Park provides an immersive introduction to the rich biodiversity of Tanzania, setting the stage for the extraordinary safari adventure to come.

Wildlife Spotting Opportunities

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Wildlife Spotting Opportunities

Throughout the 7-day safari, travelers can expect to witness an abundance of Tanzania’s iconic wildlife. From the majestic elephants and lions to the elusive leopards and endangered black rhinos, the diverse habitats of the region offer ample opportunities for exceptional sightings.

With the expertise of the knowledgeable guide, guests will have the best chances of spotting these magnificent creatures in their natural environments.

The safari itinerary is designed to maximize wildlife viewing, with visits to renowned game reserves like Arusha National Park.

Whether it’s catching a glimpse of a cheetah on the prowl or observing a herd of wildebeests migrating, this immersive safari promises unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Safari Inclusions and Exclusions

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Safari Inclusions and Exclusions

This 7-day private safari in Tanzania includes a comprehensive array of amenities to ensure a seamless and comfortable experience for travelers. Accommodations and meals are provided as per the detailed itinerary, along with airport transfers, private vehicle transportation, and bottled water throughout the journey.

Plus, the services of an experienced driver/guide are included to enhance the safari experience.

While the safari package covers the essentials, there are a few exclusions:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Gratuities
  • Kogatende Airstrip to Arusha flight

These additional costs provide travelers the flexibility to personalize their safari experience to their preferences and budget.

Booking and Confirmation Process

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Booking and Confirmation Process

Travelers can expect a confirmation of their safari booking within 48 hours, subject to availability. This ensures their spots are secured on the 7-day private safari through Tanzania.

Children must be accompanied by an adult, and the tour isn’t wheelchair accessible. Dietary requirements should be advised at the time of booking to accommodate any special needs.

Travelers will also need a moderate level of physical fitness, as the safari isn’t designed for those with limited mobility.

The tour is private, so only the booked group will participate. This eliminates the hassle of coordinating with strangers and allows for a more personalized experience.

Family-Friendly Considerations

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Family-Friendly Considerations

The safari offers family-friendly amenities and accommodations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all ages. Infant seats are available, catering to the needs of the youngest travelers. Plus, the requirement for children to be accompanied by an adult promotes a safe and supervised environment throughout the journey.

The family-friendly aspects of this safari include:

  • Flexible mealtimes and child-friendly cuisine options
  • Dedicated guides trained to engage and educate young explorers
  • Private transportation ensuring a personalized and stress-free experience
  • Opportunities for interactive wildlife encounters tailored to different age groups

These thoughtful considerations make this safari an ideal choice for families seeking an unforgettable adventure in Tanzania.

Physical Fitness Requirements

Multi-Day Tanzania Odssey Safari From Arusha - Physical Fitness Requirements

A moderate level of physical fitness is required to fully enjoy this Tanzania safari, as the itinerary involves activities that may challenge less active individuals.

While the safari doesn’t require extreme athleticism, guests should be able to walk for several hours at a time, navigate uneven terrain, and participate in light hiking. Those with respiratory or mobility issues may find some aspects of the safari difficult.

The driver/guide can accommodate guests to an extent, but participants should honestly assess their physical capabilities before booking. Ultimately, a reasonable level of mobility and stamina will ensure you get the most out of this incredible Tanzania safari experience.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

For this Tanzania safari, a full refund is available if the reservation is canceled 24 hours or more before the scheduled experience start time. Conversely, no refund is provided for cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance. On top of that, changes to the booking within 24 hours of the start time aren’t accepted.

In the event of poor weather conditions leading to the cancellation of the safari, travelers are entitled to a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule to a different date.

Lastly, a minimum number of participants is required for the safari to proceed as planned; should this minimum not be met, travelers will receive either an alternative experience or a complete refund.

Flexible cancellation policy provides peace of mind.

Refunds ensure no financial loss for last-minute changes.

Weather-related cancellations handled with customer-centric approach.

Minimum group size requirement maintains high-quality experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Group Size for This Safari?

This is a private safari, so the group size is determined by the number of people booking the tour. The safari can accommodate any group size, with no minimum or maximum specified in the details provided.

Are There Any Single Supplement Fees for Solo Travelers?

The safari does not charge a single supplement fee for solo travelers. Travelers can book the private safari on their own without incurring additional costs for being the sole participant. The all-inclusive pricing applies regardless of group size.

Can I Extend My Safari to Include Additional Destinations?

You can extend your safari to include additional destinations, but this would require modifying the existing itinerary. The tour operator can work with you to customize the safari and incorporate any extra locations you’d like to visit.

What Is the Typical Duration of Daily Game Drives?

The typical duration of daily game drives on a safari in Tanzania is generally 2-3 hours in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon. This allows ample time to spot various wildlife and maximize game viewing opportunities throughout the day.

Are There Any Additional Costs for Photography Equipment?

The safari does not charge any additional fees for bringing photography equipment. Travelers are free to bring their cameras and lenses to capture the diverse wildlife and landscapes during the game drives without incurring extra costs.


This multi-day Tanzania safari offers an immersive wildlife experience, beginning at Arusha National Park.

Travelers can expect to spot diverse species, including the elusive black rhino, towering giraffes, and tree-climbing lions.

With accommodations, meals, and transportation arranged, the safari eliminates planning hassles.

An experienced guide ensures an unforgettable adventure, maximizing wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the journey.

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