The Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour provides a unique and eco-friendly way to discover the city’s top attractions. Gliding comfortably on electric-powered trikes, visitors can explore iconic landmarks while gaining insights from a knowledgeable guide. With accessibility features and included trike rental, this tour offers a hassle-free experience. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local looking to explore the city from a new perspective, this tour promises an engaging and memorable adventure. But what exactly can you expect to see and experience on this tour? Let’s dive deeper into the highlights and details.

Key Points

Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour - Key Points

  • A guided electric trike tour showcasing top attractions in Naples, Florida, including the iconic Naples Pier, Cambier Park, Historic Palm Cottage, and yacht club.
  • Offers a hassle-free experience with trike rental, knowledgeable guide, and gratuities included, meeting at an easily accessible location within the Tin City Shops.
  • Accommodates wheelchair, stroller, and service animal users, providing a unique and enjoyable way to explore the city’s captivating landmarks and rich history.
  • Includes insights into the area’s history and culture from the tour guide, allowing visitors to discover the city with ease on eco-friendly electric trikes.
  • Covers iconic landmarks and neighborhoods in approximately 1.5 hours, with a flexible schedule and personalized attention in an intimate setting.

Overview of the Tour

Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour - Overview of the Tour

This guided electric trike tour allows visitors to discover Naples, Florida with ease and learn about the area’s highlights.

With a small group, guests will board an electric trike for a comfortable ride through the city.

The tour showcases top attractions like the Naples Pier, Cambier Park, Historic Palm Cottage, and the yacht club.

Providing a hassle-free experience, the tour includes the trike rental, a knowledgeable guide, and gratuities.

Located within the Tin City Shops, the tour’s meeting point is easily accessible.

Wheelchair and stroller users, as well as those traveling with service animals, can participate.

With a maximum of 20 travelers, this tour offers an intimate and engaging way to explore Naples.

Exploring Naples With Ease

With the Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour, visitors can effortlessly uncover the city’s captivating landmarks and learn about its rich history. Aboard the electric-powered trikes, small groups embark on a leisurely journey through Naples, stopping at iconic destinations like the picturesque Naples Pier and the tranquil Cambier Park.

The tour offers a delightful way to explore the city:

  • Glide comfortably through the streets, taking in the sights and sounds of Naples
  • Gain insights into the area’s history and culture from the knowledgeable tour guide
  • Easily access hard-to-reach locations and cover more ground than on foot

This guided electric trike adventure provides a unique and enjoyable experience for visitors seeking to discover the enchanting city of Naples.

Guided Tour Highlights

Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour - Guided Tour Highlights

Visitors frequently stop to admire the iconic Naples Pier, marveling at its picturesque views and bustling activity.

Next, the tour guides point out the tranquil Cambier Park, where locals and travelers alike gather to enjoy the lush greenery and serene ambiance.

The group then explores the Historic Palm Cottage, a charming landmark that offers a glimpse into Naples’ past.

As they cruise along, the guides share fascinating insights about the affluent yacht club and its exclusive community.

Throughout the tour, the electric trikes provide a comfortable and eco-friendly way to soak in the sights and sounds of this vibrant Florida city.

Included in the Tour

Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour - Included in the Tour

The Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour includes the rental of the electric trike, an informative tour guide, and any necessary gratuities, along with a $5 sales tax. This comprehensive package ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for participants.

The electric trike rental allows for a comfortable and eco-friendly way to explore the city.

A knowledgeable tour guide will provide insightful information about the sights and history of Naples.

Gratuities are taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about tipping at the end of the tour.

The $5 sales tax is included in the overall cost of the tour.

Meeting Point and Pickup

Participants meet at 1200 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102, USA, located inside the Tin City Shops, in building 1 & Unit 123, next to the ice cream store. This convenient meeting point ensures a smooth start to the tour. The tour company provides easy pickup and drop-off, making the experience hassle-free for guests.

Meeting Point Pickup Location Accessibility
Tin City Shops Inside Building 1 Wheelchair Accessible
1200 5th Ave S Unit 123 Near Public Transportation
Naples, FL 34102 Next to Ice Cream Store Service Animals Allowed

Confirmation is received at the time of booking, and the transportation used during the tour is also wheelchair accessible, allowing most travelers to participate.

Tour Accessibility and Capacity

Though the tour is wheelchair and stroller accessible, it can accommodate a maximum of 20 travelers per group, ensuring a personalized and intimate experience.

This tour caters to a variety of needs, making it enjoyable for all participants. The small group size allows the guide to provide more personalized attention and create an engaging atmosphere.

Some key highlights include:

  • Smooth and comfortable ride on the electric trikes
  • Easy access for those with mobility challenges
  • Opportunity to explore Naples’ top sights at a leisurely pace

With its accessibility features and intimate group size, this Naples Electric Trike Tour offers a unique and inclusive way to discover the city’s highlights.

Tour Duration and Timing

Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour - Tour Duration and Timing

Lasting approximately 1.5 hours, this guided electric trike tour lets visitors soak up the sights of Naples at a leisurely pace.

Participants can expect to cover a range of landmarks and neighborhoods during the tour, including the iconic Naples Pier, the lush Cambier Park, the historic Palm Cottage, and the picturesque yacht club.

The electric trikes provide a comfortable and eco-friendly mode of transportation, allowing guests to navigate the city with ease.

Throughout the journey, the knowledgeable tour guide will share fascinating insights and anecdotes about the area’s history and culture, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging experience.

With a flexible schedule and a small group size, this tour is an excellent way to explore Naples at your own pace.

Additional Important Information

The electric trike tour boasts wheelchair and stroller accessibility, allowing visitors of varying mobility to participate. Service animals are welcome, and the tour’s transportation is wheelchair accessible as well.

Conveniently located near public transportation, the meeting point at Tin City Shops provides an easy starting point for the adventure.

The tour accommodates a maximum of 20 travelers, ensuring a small and intimate group experience. Confirmation is received at the time of booking, and most travelers can participate.

After the tour, guests can enjoy:

  • Discovering Naples, Florida with ease
  • Learning about the area from the knowledgeable guide
  • Experiencing the city on a comfortable electric trike

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Trike Accommodate Children or Pets?

The tour accommodates children and service animals, but not pets. Travelers are advised to check with the tour operator about specific policies and requirements for bringing children or service animals on the electric trike tour.

Is There a Weight Limit for Riding on the Trike?

There is typically a weight limit of around 250 pounds per rider for electric trikes. Riders should check with the tour operator for the specific weight limit before booking the tour. The trike can accommodate most adults but may have restrictions for heavier individuals.

Can the Tour Be Customized for Specific Interests?

The tour can be customized to specific interests. Customers can discuss their interests with the tour guide, who can then tailor the route and highlights to accommodate their preferences and ensure an engaging and personalized experience.

How Experienced Are the Tour Guides, and What Training Do They Have?

The tour guides have extensive experience leading small group tours. They undergo comprehensive training on the local history, attractions, and how to provide an engaging and informative experience for guests of all ages and interests.

Are There Any Restrictions on Where the Trike Can Go Within the City?

The electric trikes used in the tour have access to most public roads and paths within the city. However, certain areas may be off-limits or have restrictions, so the tour guides will navigate accordingly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


The Naples Guided Electric Trike Tour provides an eco-friendly and hassle-free way to discover the city’s top attractions.

Visitors can comfortably glide on electric-powered trikes while learning about Naples’ history and culture from a knowledgeable guide.

With inclusive features like trike rental, gratuities, and accessibility, the tour offers an enjoyable and accessible experience for exploring the charming city of Naples, Florida.

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