When you’re on the go, finding the best portable charger can make or break your travel experience. I’ve been there, stuck at an airport with a dead phone, and trust me, it’s no fun. You don’t need the most expensive tech to stay powered up—there are budget-friendly options like the Aukey Basix Slim, which offers great value without compromising on performance.

And if you’re environmentally conscious, the Nimble Champ’s eco-friendly materials make it a standout. But what if you need to charge multiple devices at once or need something for your laptop? Let’s explore the best options tailored to your specific travel needs.

Key Points

  • Nimble Champ: Eco-friendly, charges two devices, lightweight, 8,000 mAh, USB-C cable included.
  • Anker 737: High-capacity 24,000 mAh, three-device charging, Power Delivery 3.1, digital display.
  • Einova Eggtronic: 20,000 mAh, 45-watt USB-C output, slim and travel-friendly, ideal for tablets.
  • GoalZero Sherpa: 100-watt output, wireless charging, multiple ports, durable for travel.
  • Satechi Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand: Fold-up design, 10,000 mAh, wireless charging, USB-C port.

Best Overall: Nimble Champ

When you’re traveling and need a reliable, budget-friendly portable charger, the Nimble Champ stands out as the best overall choice. Weighing just 6.2 ounces, it’s incredibly light, perfect for slipping into your bag without adding bulk.

Imagine you’re on a long flight or a road trip, and your phone and tablet both need charging. With the Nimble Champ, you can charge two devices simultaneously, ensuring you stay connected and entertained.

One of the standout features is its eco-friendly design. The Nimble Champ is made from recycled materials, so you’re doing your bit for the planet while keeping your gadgets powered. Plus, it comes with a USB-C cable, which is a nice touch given that many devices now use USB-C for faster charging.

Price-wise, the Nimble Champ is accessible, ranging from $30 to $100, making it a great option for various budget needs. Its compact design doesn’t compromise on performance, offering efficient charging capabilities that you can rely on.

Upgrade Pick: Anker 737

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile portable charging solution, the Anker 737 Power Bank is your ideal upgrade pick. With a whopping 24,000-mAh capacity and Power Delivery 3.1 support, this power bank ensures your devices stay charged throughout your travels. It’s perfect for those long flights or road trips where outlets are hard to come by.

One of the standout features is its ability to charge three devices simultaneously. I’ve personally found this incredibly handy when traveling with both my smartphone and tablet. The digital display is a game changer, letting you know exactly how much juice is left, so you’re never caught off guard.

Priced around $110, the Anker 737 might seem a bit steep, but its efficient and reliable charging makes it worth every penny. Think of it as an investment in peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about your devices dying at the worst possible moments. Plus, its high capacity means you can also power up laptops, making it a versatile addition to your travel gear.

For budget-conscious travelers who demand efficiency and reliability, the Anker 737 is a top choice.

Phones: Anker Nano

For travelers seeking a compact and budget-friendly phone charger, the Anker Nano Power Bank offers a sleek and efficient solution. This little powerhouse, with its 5,000 mAh capacity, ensures you can charge your phone multiple times while on the go. Its rotating USB-C or Lightning connector adds a layer of convenience, eliminating the need for extra cables.

I’ve personally found the Anker Nano to be a lifesaver during long layovers and unexpected delays. It slips easily into my bag or even my pocket, so it’s always within reach. Plus, at a price range of $26 to $30, it’s a steal for its reliability and features.

Here are a few reasons why the Anker Nano is a top pick for travelers:

  • Compact Size: Fits effortlessly in bags and pockets, making it perfect for travel.
  • Dual Charging: Charges two devices simultaneously, ideal for those carrying multiple gadgets.
  • Budget-Friendly: Affordable without skimping on quality or performance.
  • Rotating Connector: No need for extra cables, reducing clutter in your travel gear.

Next time you’re packing for a trip, don’t forget to include the Anker Nano Power Bank. It’s a tiny investment that delivers big results, keeping your phone powered no matter where your adventures take you.

Tablets: Einova Eggtronic

Travelers looking for a powerful and slim tablet charger will find the Einova Eggtronic Ultra Fast Power Bank a top-notch choice with its 20,000-mAh capacity and 45-watt output via USB-C. This portable charger is perfect for keeping your tablet powered up during long flights, road trips, or busy days exploring new destinations. Its slim design easily fits into any travel bag, making it a convenient companion for on-the-go charging.

One of the best parts? It’s budget-friendly at just $47 on Amazon. You won’t have to break the bank to ensure your tablet stays charged and ready for use. Plus, with the high power output, you’ll spend less time waiting for a full battery, which is a lifesaver when you’re constantly on the move.

Here’s a quick overview of what makes the Einova Eggtronic a must-have for tablet users:

Feature Details
Capacity 20,000 mAh
Output 45 watts via USB-C
Design Slim and travel-friendly
Price $47 on Amazon
Suitable for Tablets and larger devices

From personal experience, having a reliable charger like the Einova Eggtronic means you can focus on enjoying your trip without worrying about your tablet running out of juice.

Laptops: GoalZero Sherpa

The GoalZero Sherpa is a versatile and powerful portable charger perfect for keeping your laptop powered during travel or outdoor adventures. With its 100-watt output capacity, it’s a dependable choice for ensuring your laptop stays charged, whether you’re working remotely in a café or hiking in the wilderness. This charger has saved me during numerous trips, making it a practical addition to any travel bag.

One of the standout features is its 15-watt wireless charging capability, which is a lifesaver when you forget your cables. The color LCD display is incredibly handy for monitoring battery levels and charging status at a glance. Plus, the variety of ports means you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Two USB-C ports: Perfect for modern laptops and fast charging.
  • Two USB-A ports: Great for older devices or additional gadgets.
  • AC port: Allows you to plug in traditional laptop chargers.
  • Durable design: Built for travel, it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

From my experience, the GoalZero Sherpa is worth every penny, offering reliability and convenience.

If you’re on a budget, consider pooling resources with a travel buddy to share the cost and benefits of this robust portable charger.

Fast Charging: UGreen 145W

If you’re seeking a portable charger that combines high-capacity with fast charging, the UGreen 145W is an excellent investment for your travel arsenal. With its impressive 145-watt output capability, this charger ensures your devices get powered up quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re charging a smartphone, tablet, or even a portable gaming console, the UGreen 145W can handle it all with ease.

One of the standout features is its 25,000-mAh battery, which means you won’t have to worry about running out of juice during your travels. I’ve taken this charger on numerous trips, and it’s been a lifesaver, especially when dealing with long flights or layovers.

Despite its high capacity, it’s compact enough to fit in your carry-on, making it a convenient travel companion.

Budget-conscious travelers will appreciate the value the UGreen 145W offers. You get a reliable, high-speed charging solution without breaking the bank.

If you’re like me and often find yourself juggling multiple devices, this charger is a game-changer. It’s reliable, powerful, and designed to keep up with the demands of modern travel.

Budget Choice: Aukey Basix Slim

For those looking to save some cash while still keeping their devices powered, the Aukey Basix Slim is a fantastic budget-friendly choice with a 10,000-mAh capacity. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or just heading out for a weekend road trip, this portable charger ensures you won’t run out of juice.

What makes the Aukey Basix Slim stand out is its practical design and robust functionality. I’ve personally found it to be a lifesaver during long travel days when finding a power outlet is like striking gold. Here are some key features that make it a great pick:

  • 18-Watt USB-C Port: Fast charges your smartphone or tablet quickly, so you can get back to snapping photos and navigating maps.
  • 12-Watt USB-A Port: Offers versatility, allowing you to charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Slim and Lightweight: Easily slips into your pocket or bag without adding bulk, making it perfect for travelers always on the go.
  • Affordable Price: You get reliable power without breaking the bank, ideal for budget-conscious travelers.

The Aukey Basix Slim provides a dependable and cost-effective solution, ensuring your devices stay powered wherever your adventures take you.

Eco-Friendly: Nimble Eco-Friendly

While the Aukey Basix Slim is a wallet-friendly powerhouse, the Nimble Eco-Friendly charger offers a sustainable option without compromising on performance. With an 8,000-mAh capacity, it’s got enough juice to keep your devices charged during your travels. What sets it apart is its construction from recycled materials, making it a top pick for eco-conscious travelers like yourself.

You’ll appreciate its magnetic cable management, which keeps your charging cables neatly organized. The USB-C and USB-A ports provide versatility, so you can charge multiple devices on the go. It’s lightweight and compact, slipping easily into your backpack or travel bag. I found it perfect for my last trip to the mountains, where I needed reliable power without extra bulk.

Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide:

Feature Nimble Eco-Friendly
Battery Capacity 8,000 mAh
Ports 1 USB-C, 1 USB-A
Material Recycled materials
Special Features Magnetic cable management

This eco-friendly charger balances functionality, sustainability, and style, making it an excellent choice for travelers aiming to reduce their environmental impact. If you’re looking for a green power solution, this charger is a practical and budget-friendly option that won’t disappoint.

Wireless Charging: Satechi Duo

The Satechi Duo Wireless Charger Power Stand is a must-have for travelers who need a hassle-free and portable charging solution. Its fold-up design means you can easily slip it into your backpack or carry-on without taking up much space.

With a 10,000-mAh capacity, you won’t have to worry about your devices running out of battery during your adventures. This charger is perfect for those who want to keep their gadgets powered without fumbling with cables.

During my last trip, the Satechi Duo saved me from the frustration of dead batteries multiple times. Here are some reasons why you’ll love it too:

  • Fold-up Design: It’s compact and fits nicely in your travel bag.
  • 10,000-mAh Capacity: Enough juice to keep your devices running all day.
  • Wireless Charging: Simply place your device on the stand, and it starts charging.
  • USB-C Port: Offers versatile charging options for other devices.

If you’re budget-conscious, this charger is a great investment. It’s not just about convenience; the Satechi Duo is built to last, making it a smart choice for frequent travelers. No more searching for outlets in airports or cafes—just set it up and let it do its magic.

Rugged Option: BioLite Charge 20

If you frequently find yourself on rugged adventures, the BioLite Charge 20 is your go-to portable charger. Weighing just 1 pound, this charger is both lightweight and durable, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or exploring new terrains, you’ll appreciate its compact size and sturdy construction.

This charger offers 18 watts of power via USB-C, which means you can quickly and efficiently charge your devices. During one of my hiking trips, the BioLite Charge 20 kept my phone charged all weekend without any hassle. Its ruggedness ensures it can withstand the bumps and drops that often come with outdoor excursions.

One of the things I love most is the carabiner attachment. You can easily clip it to your backpack, keeping it accessible and freeing up space in your bag.

Here’s a quick snapshot of its key features:

Feature Details
Weight 1 pound
Power Output 18 watts via USB-C
Design Durable and Lightweight
Portability Carabiner attachment
Ideal For Outdoor Adventures

The BioLite Charge 20 is a budget-friendly, practical solution for any traveler who needs reliable power on the go.


When you’re traveling, having the right portable charger can make all the difference. Whether you need the lightweight versatility of the Nimble Champ or the high capacity of the Anker 737, there’s a perfect match for your needs.

For phone users, the compact Anker Nano is a lifesaver, while tablet users will love the Einova Eggtronic. Budget-conscious? The Aukey Basix Slim has you covered.

Don’t forget eco-friendly and wireless options like the Nimble and Satechi Duo. Happy travels!

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