Exploring the rich history and captivating culture of Prague’s iconic neighborhoods, the Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour offers an immersive experience for travelers. Led by knowledgeable local guides, this comprehensive 3-hour walking tour delves into the city’s past, uncovering hidden gems and must-see sights along the way. Suitable for all visitors, the small-group excursion provides an in-depth understanding of Prague’s architectural and historical significance, leaving participants eager to further discover the enchanting stories that lie within each cobblestone street and centuries-old structure. With convenient transportation and inclusive pricing, this tour sets the stage for an unforgettable adventure through the heart of the Czech capital.

Key Points

Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour - Key Points

  • Comprehensive 3-hour walking tour of Prague’s Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter led by a knowledgeable local guide.
  • Discover hidden gems and landmarks while gaining in-depth insights into the city’s rich history and culture.
  • Family-friendly, small-group experience with no health restrictions, making it accessible for all travelers.
  • Convenient starting and ending point at Wenceslas Square, near public transportation.
  • Consistently praised by previous participants as a must-do tour for exploring the heart of Prague.

Tour Overview

This 3-hour walking tour covers the main sights in Prague’s Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter, allowing visitors to discover hidden locations with the guidance of a local expert.

It’s a family-friendly, small-group experience that provides an in-depth look at Prague’s rich history and present-day culture.

Along the way, travelers will learn about the city’s past and how it has evolved over time.

The tour is accessible, with no health restrictions and near public transportation.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or returning to explore further, this comprehensive tour offers an excellent overview of the most essential Prague landmarks and hidden gems.


Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour - Inclusions

The tour includes a professional licensed guide who provides commentary and insights throughout the experience. Plus, the tour includes gratuities, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for participants.

The guide’s expertise and local knowledge allow them to share the rich history and culture of Prague’s Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter, bringing these fascinating neighborhoods to life.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, this tour offers a comprehensive and immersive way to explore the city’s highlights. With its inclusive nature and small-group setting, the tour caters to a wide range of interests and preferences, making it an excellent choice for families and solo travelers alike.

Meeting and Pickup

Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour - Meeting and Pickup

The tour begins at the Statue of St. Wenceslas on Wenceslas Square, where the guide holds a lime green umbrella to help participants identify them.

Participants will meet the guide at this central location and embark on the walking tour through the Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter.

The tour concludes at the Old Town Square, allowing participants to explore the area further on their own if they desire.

This meeting and pickup arrangement provides a convenient and easily accessible starting and ending point for the tour, ensuring a seamless experience for participants.

The guide’s use of the distinctive lime green umbrella makes it easy for guests to find and join the group at the designated meeting spot.

Additional Information

Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour - Additional Information

Participants can expect confirmation of their booking within 48 hours if made within 2 days of the tour date. The tour operates in all weather conditions, making it accessible year-round. The tour is also wheelchair and stroller friendly, catering to families and those with mobility needs. It’s conveniently located near public transportation, allowing easy access from various parts of the city. There are no specific health restrictions, ensuring an inclusive experience for all.

Feature Description
Weather Tour operates in all weather conditions
Accessibility Wheelchair and stroller friendly
Transportation Near public transportation
Health Restrictions No specific health restrictions
Group Size Maximum 20 travelers


Travelers have overwhelmingly praised the Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour, awarding it an impressive 440 reviews and a Badge of Excellence.

The tour has garnered rave reviews for its comprehensive coverage of the city’s main sights and hidden gems, led by knowledgeable and engaging local guides.

Guests have highlighted the tour’s family-friendly nature, small group size, and accessibility, making it an ideal choice for visitors of all ages and abilities.

The 3-hour walking experience is consistently described as a highlight of visitors’ Prague trips, offering a well-rounded introduction to the city’s rich history and present-day vibrancy.

With its stellar reputation, this tour is a must-do for anyone seeking to explore the heart of the Czech capital.

Exploring Old Town

Exploring the historic Old Town, visitors marvel at the well-preserved medieval architecture, bustling public squares, and cultural landmarks that have defined Prague’s city center for centuries. The walking tour takes guests through the charming cobblestone streets, revealing the Old Town Square with its iconic Astronomical Clock and Gothic-style buildings. Visitors can’t help but feel transported back in time as they meander through the historic Jewish Quarter, admiring the striking synagogues and ancient cemeteries. Along the way, the knowledgeable guide shares captivating tales of the city’s tumultuous past and its resilient spirit.

Old Town Highlights Jewish Quarter Sites Atmospheric Squares
Astronomical Clock Old-New Synagogue Wenceslas Square
Church of Our Lady before Týn Spanish Synagogue Old Town Square
Týn Courtyard Old Jewish Cemetery Charles Bridge

Discovering New Town

Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour - Discovering New Town

Leaving the well-preserved medieval charm of Old Town, the tour ventures into the vibrant New Town, where modernity and history intertwine along the bustling boulevards and squares.

Highlighted is Wenceslas Square, the historic center of revolution and national pride.

Strolling down the wide avenues, the guide points out the diverse architectural styles – from Art Nouveau to Cubist – that reflect Prague’s legacy as a crossroads of cultures.

The tour also explores lesser-known gems, like the unique Cubist lamp posts and buildings designed by pioneering modernist architects.

Throughout, the guide weaves together the stories behind the city’s transformation from a medieval capital to a dynamic, modern metropolis.

Taking in Jewish Quarter

Prague Old Town New Town and Jewish Quarter Morning Tour - Taking in Jewish Quarter

The tour then immerses visitors in the storied Jewish Quarter, where they uncover the profound history and resilience of Prague’s Jewish community. Wandering the narrow, winding streets, the guide introduces key landmarks like the Old-New Synagogue, the oldest active synagogue in Europe, and the Old Jewish Cemetery with its thousands of leaning tombstones. Travelers learn about the area’s tumultuous past, from periods of thriving cultural and religious life to the devastation wrought by the Holocaust.

Key Landmarks Historical Significance Notable Facts
Old-New Synagogue Oldest active synagogue in Europe Dates back to the 13th century
Old Jewish Cemetery Thousands of leaning tombstones One of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the world
Pinkas Synagogue Memorial to Czech Holocaust victims Contains names of over 77,000 victims
Maisel Synagogue Renaissance-style synagogue Houses a Jewish Museum collection
Klausen Synagogue Baroque-style synagogue Formerly a center of Jewish learning

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Tour to My Interests?

Yes, customers can generally customize the tour to their interests. Most tour operators allow flexibility to focus on specific sights, themes, or activities based on the group’s preferences and needs.

How Often Do the Tours Run Throughout the Day?

The tours run multiple times throughout the day, typically on a regular schedule. Most tour companies offer morning, afternoon, and evening options to accommodate different schedules and preferences.

What Happens in Case of an Emergency During the Tour?

In case of an emergency during the tour, the guide is trained to contact emergency services and assist travelers as needed. Safety protocols are in place to handle unexpected situations and ensure the well-being of the group.

Is the Tour Guide Fluent in Multiple Languages?

The tour guide is likely fluent in multiple languages, as many tour companies in major cities like Prague require their guides to be multilingual to accommodate diverse international visitors. This ensures they can effectively communicate with and guide all participants.

Can I Extend the Tour to Include Additional Sights?

Yes, the tour can often be extended to include additional sights. Travelers can discuss this with the guide beforehand to customize the experience and see more of the city within the allotted time.


This comprehensive Prague tour offers an immersive experience, exploring the city’s historic neighborhoods with a knowledgeable local guide.

Covering the Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter, the small-group walking tour provides an in-depth look at Prague’s rich history and culture, showcasing the main sights and hidden gems.

Suitable for all travelers, it’s consistently praised as a highlight of any visit to the city.

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