Dive into the captivating world of sabrage in the historic city of Reims. This 1.5-hour experience immerses you in the centuries-old art of expertly slicing open champagne bottles using a saber. Under the guidance of expert instructors, you’ll master the precise technique, uncorking each bottle with a celebratory burst of fizz. But the journey doesn’t end there. You’ll also savor the distinct flavors and aromas of the champagne, while delving into the revered tradition of saber-making. By the end, you’ll earn a prestigious swordsman diploma, a testament to your newfound sabrage skills. Prepare to be enchanted by this captivating blend of French heritage and bubbly indulgence.

Key Points

Reims: Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting - Key Points

  • Participants learn the centuries-old sabrage technique to open champagne bottles with a saber under the guidance of expert instructors.
  • The experience includes a champagne tasting where guests can appreciate the distinct flavors and aromas of the freshly uncorked champagne.
  • Attendees receive a certificate of swordsmanship after successfully mastering the sabrage technique and opening a champagne bottle.
  • The workshop delves into the longstanding tradition of saber-making at the Golden Saber Academy, providing insights into the craftsmanship.
  • The sabrage technique workshop and champagne tasting is suitable for adults aged 18 and above, offering a unique and exclusive experience.

Experience Overview

Reims: Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting - Experience Overview

Guests can expect a thrilling 1.5-hour Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting experience in Reims.

The workshop is suitable for adults aged 18 and above, not children.

During the experience, you will learn the technique of opening a champagne bottle with a sword, known as sabrage. They’ll discover the history and tradition behind this method while feeling the weight and thrill of wielding a golden-handled saber.

After successfully opening a bottle, guests will get to taste the Champagne they just uncorked and receive a certificate of swordsmanship.

The workshop also includes a tour of the saber making tradition at the Golden Saber Academy.

Sabrage Technique

Reims: Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting - Sabrage Technique

The workshop kicks off with an in-depth exploration of the sabrage technique, a centuries-old tradition of opening a champagne bottle using a saber. Participants will learn the history and significance behind this captivating practice, which has its roots in the military campaigns of Napoleon’s era.

Under the guidance of expert instructors, attendees will feel the weight and balance of a golden-handled saber, practicing the precise movements required to cleanly slice through the bottle’s neck. With a burst of fizz and a round of applause, each participant will successfully open a bottle, earning a certificate to commemorate their newfound swordsmanship skills.

Champagne Tasting

Reims: Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting - Champagne Tasting

After successfully opening the bottle with the saber, participants can then savor the champagne they’ve just uncorked.

They’ll have the opportunity to taste the full-bodied, effervescent beverage, appreciating its distinct flavors and aromas that have been cultivated through centuries of winemaking tradition in the Champagne region.

The tasting allows guests to discern the nuances of the champagne, from its crisp acidity to its delicate, yeasty notes.

As they sip the champagne, they’ll gain a deeper understanding of why this sparkling wine is so highly regarded and celebrated around the world.

This hands-on experience truly brings the art of champagne-making to life.

Saber Making Tradition

Reims: Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting - Saber Making Tradition

On the grounds of the Golden Saber Academy, participants explore the longstanding tradition of saber-making, learning the intricate methods and techniques that have been passed down for generations.

They discover the rich history behind the crafting of these iconic weapons, from the selection of high-quality materials to the meticulous forging and polishing processes.

The expert saber-makers guide the group through each step, sharing insights into the artistry and skill required to create these magnificent blades.

Participants gain a newfound appreciation for the dedication and precision that goes into the making of a true saber, leaving with a deeper understanding of this captivating swordsmithing tradition.

Availability and Booking

Given the popularity of the Sabrage Technique Workshop and Champagne Tasting experience, spots are likely to sell out quickly.

Visitors can reserve their place now and pay nothing today, securing their swordsmanship diploma in advance.

The experience is priced from Kč 2,382 per person.

Book your spot and pay nothing today.

Complete the workshop and receive a certificate of swordsmanship.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn the art of sabrage and indulge in the rich tradition of Champagne tasting. Secure your spot today and get ready to wield a golden-handled saber like a true swordsman.

History and Tradition of Sabrage

The Sabrage technique has a storied history rooted in French military tradition, dating back to the time of Napoleon’s cavalry officers. During the Napoleonic Wars, officers would use their swords to open champagne bottles, demonstrating their skill and bravery.

This dramatic gesture became synonymous with celebration and the French art de vivre. Today, the tradition of Sabrage lives on, with enthusiasts around the world mastering the technique of slicing off the champagne bottle’s top with a swift stroke of a saber.

The Sabrage ceremony is a captivating blend of history, precision, and showmanship, making it a cherished part of champagne culture in Reims and beyond.

Wielding the Golden-Handled Saber

Wielding the golden-handled saber, participants feel the weight and thrill of this historic instrument as they prepare to master the art of Sabrage.

Guiding them through the process, the expert instructor highlights the importance of this tradition:

  1. Proper grip and technique are crucial for successfully opening the champagne bottle with the saber.
  2. The right angle and swift motion are essential to cleanly slice the bottle’s neck and reveal the effervescent liquid within.

Participants will have the chance to showcase their newfound skills and savor the moment as they witness the cork dramatically pop off the bottle.

With each swing of the saber, the participants’ excitement builds, as they become part of an age-old tradition.

Earn a Swordsman Diploma

Upon mastering the art of sabrage, you will earn a swordsman diploma, solidifying their newfound skills and cementing their place in the rich history of this champagne-opening tradition. This prestigious document serves as a tangible symbol of one’s dedication and achievement, and can be proudly displayed as a testament to their swordsmanship. The swordsman diploma is awarded to those who successfully open a bottle of champagne using the sabrage technique, demonstrating their control, precision, and flair. It’s a coveted accolade that sets them apart as true masters of this captivating craft.

Credential Requirements Benefits
Swordsman Diploma Successful sabrage of a champagne bottle Formal recognition of sabrage mastery, Membership in exclusive sabrage community, Prestige and distinction
Golden Saber Certification Completion of saber-making workshop Ability to craft personalized saber, Deeper understanding of sabrage tradition, Ownership of a unique, handmade tool
Champagne Connoisseur Participation in champagne tasting Enhanced appreciation for champagne flavors and aromas, Knowledge to discern quality and provenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What Safety Precautions Are in Place During the Workshop?

Participants wear protective gear like goggles and gloves. Instructors closely supervise the sabrage technique to ensure safety. The workshop emphasizes proper handling and caution when using the saber to open the champagne bottle.

Can Participants Bring Their Own Champagne Bottles?

Participants cannot bring their own champagne bottles to the workshop. The experience includes opening a bottle provided by the Golden Saber Academy and tasting the champagne from that bottle as part of the workshop.

Is There a Dress Code for the Workshop?

The sabrage workshop doesn’t have a strict dress code. Participants can wear comfortable, casual attire that allows them to safely handle the saber and engage in the champagne tasting. Formal wear isn’t required for this hands-on, experiential activity.

Can the Certificate Be Used for Any Other Purposes?

The certificate earned from the sabrage technique workshop is primarily a memento of the participant’s achievement. It’s not designed for any official or professional purposes, but rather serves as a unique souvenir from the experience.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Workshop?

The workshop is suitable for adults aged 18 and older. It’s not recommended for children under 18 as it involves the use of a saber to open champagne bottles, which could be unsafe for minors.


Mastering the art of sabrage in Reims is a captivating experience that blends centuries-old tradition with the celebration of champagne.

Guests learn the precise technique to expertly slice open bottles, savor the distinct flavors, and gain insight into the revered craft of saber-making.

Upon completion, they earn a prestigious swordsman diploma – a testament to their newfound sabrage skills.

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