In the heart of Tokyo, a small-group cooking class offers an immersive journey into the world of Osaka-style okonomiyaki. Nestled near Asagaya Station, this hands-on experience guides participants through the art of crafting these savory Japanese pancakes. With personalized attention and the flexibility to customize ingredients, the class promises an engaging culinary adventure. Here, guests will not only learn the traditional techniques but also explore the rich flavors that make this regional delicacy a beloved favorite. As the aromas of sizzling pork and kimchi fill the air, the stage is set for an unforgettable taste of Japanese culture.

Key Points

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Key Points

  • This small-group Osaka-style okonomiyaki cooking class teaches participants to prepare and cook 2-3 varieties of savory Japanese pancakes.
  • The class includes a stir-fry of pork and kimchi as a side dish and lasts approximately 2-3 hours.
  • The class is located at Asagaya station in Tokyo, which is convenient and centralized.
  • Participants will learn the proper cooking technique for Osaka-style okonomiyaki on a large griddle and have the opportunity to customize their creations.
  • The class offers flexibility in substituting ingredients, such as replacing pork with chicken or tofu, to accommodate dietary preferences.

Overview of the Class

The Osaka-style okonomiyaki cooking class is a small-group experience that teaches participants to prepare and cook two or three varieties of the savory Japanese pancake.

Participants will also learn to stir-fry pork and kimchi as part of the class. With a maximum of 5 travelers, this intimate class provides personalized attention from the instructor.

The session covers the traditional methods of making Osaka-style okonomiyaki, including substituting ingredients to customize the dish. Participants will get hands-on experience cooking the okonomiyaki and the stir-fried pork and kimchi side dish.

The class also includes all fees and taxes, ensuring a hassle-free learning experience for attendees.

Inclusions in the Experience

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Inclusions in the Experience

This cooking class comes with a range of inclusions that ensure participants enjoy a comprehensive and hassle-free experience. Specifically, the class covers the preparation and cooking of 2 or 3 varieties of Osaka-style okonomiyaki, along with a side dish of stir-fried pork and kimchi. Plus, all fees and taxes related to the class are included, eliminating any unexpected costs for attendees.

Inclusions Details
Okonomiyaki 2-3 varieties
Side Dish Stir-fried pork and kimchi
Fees All related fees and taxes
Duration Approximately 2-3 hours
Location Asagaya station, Tokyo

Meeting Point Location

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Meeting Point Location

The meeting point for this Osaka-style okonomiyaki cooking class is located at the NewDays convenience store in front of the north gate at Asagaya station.

This station is serviced by both the JR Chuo-Sobu Line (JC08) and the Seibu Shinjuku Line (JB05), making it an easily accessible location for participants.

The specific meeting point is:

  1. NewDays, Asagaya station (JC08, JB05)
  2. North gate, front of the gate

Participants should arrive at the meeting point on time to ensure a smooth start to the class.

The meeting point provides a convenient and centralized location for the group to gather before embarking on the Osaka-style okonomiyaki cooking experience.

Preparing Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Preparing Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki

Participants in the Osaka-style okonomiyaki cooking class will begin by measuring and assembling the essential ingredients for the savory Japanese pancake. They’ll mix together flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and scallions to create the batter.

Next, they’ll add their choice of proteins and vegetables, like pork, shrimp, or cheese. The instructors will demonstrate the proper technique for cooking the okonomiyaki on a large, flat griddle, showing how to flip and shape the pancake.

Once cooked to perfection, students will top their creations with savory sauces and a variety of garnishes, such as pickled ginger, dried seaweed, and bonito flakes. The hands-on experience allows participants to customize their okonomiyaki and develop their cooking skills.

Substituting Ingredients

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Substituting Ingredients

Interestingly, the okonomiyaki cooking class also allows participants to substitute ingredients according to their dietary preferences or taste. The instructor encourages creativity and customization, providing guidance on suitable ingredient swaps.

For example, participants can:

  1. Replace the traditional pork with chicken or tofu for a vegetarian or halal-friendly option.
  2. Swap out the cabbage for other vegetables like spinach or bean sprouts.
  3. Experiment with different types of seafood, such as shrimp or squid, to diversify the flavors.
  4. Adjust the amount of batter and toppings to suit individual preferences and dietary needs.

This flexibility ensures that each participant can tailor the okonomiyaki to their personal tastes, making the cooking experience truly engaging and rewarding.

Stir-Frying Pork and Kimchi

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Stir-Frying Pork and Kimchi

Along With the Osaka-style okonomiyaki, the class also covers the preparation of a savory pork and kimchi stir-fry.

Participants will learn how to expertly sauté the pork and kimchi, blending the flavors to create a tantalizing accompaniment to the main okonomiyaki dish.

The instructor will demonstrate the proper techniques for cutting the pork and kimchi into bite-sized pieces, then stir-frying them over high heat with a blend of seasonings.

Guests will have the opportunity to practice this hands-on, ensuring they can recreate the dish at home.

The pork and kimchi stir-fry provides a delicious counterpoint to the savory pancake, making for a well-rounded and satisfying Japanese meal.

Booking and Confirmation

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Booking and Confirmation

After learning the techniques for preparing the savory pork and kimchi stir-fry, guests can book their spot in the Osaka-style okonomiyaki cooking class.

The booking process is straightforward, with confirmation received either at the time of booking or within 9 hours. Participants can take advantage of the class’s flexible scheduling, as it accommodates a maximum of 5 travelers and offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

The booking details are as follows:

  1. Confirmation received at the time of booking or within 9 hours
  2. Maximum of 5 travelers allowed
  3. Free cancellation up to 24 hours before the class
  4. Booking process is simple and efficient

Group Size and Cancellation Policy

Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class - Group Size and Cancellation Policy

The class accommodates a maximum of 5 travelers, allowing for an intimate and personalized experience.

Participants can also take advantage of the flexible cancellation policy, which permits free cancellation up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. This ensures that attendees can plan their schedules with confidence and avoid any last-minute conflicts.

With the small group size, the instructor can provide more individualized attention and guidance throughout the cooking process.

Whether you’re an experienced cook or new to Osaka-style okonomiyaki, this class offers a great opportunity to learn and explore the cuisine in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Duration of the Cooking Class?

The duration of the cooking class is not explicitly stated in the knowledge provided. However, it’s likely a multi-hour experience, as it includes preparing and cooking several Osaka-style okonomiyaki dishes as well as stir-frying pork and kimchi.

Are Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available?

The class provides vegetarian and vegan options. Travelers can substitute ingredients to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences. The instructor is happy to accommodate special dietary needs with prior notice.

What Skills Will I Learn During the Class?

During the class, students will learn how to prepare and cook Osaka-style okonomiyaki. They’ll also gain skills in substituting ingredients and stir-frying pork and kimchi. The hands-on experience allows them to master the techniques of this traditional Japanese dish.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions or Allergies Accommodated?

The cooking class accommodates dietary restrictions and allergies. Participants can substitute ingredients to suit their needs, like choosing vegetable-based fillings instead of pork. The instructors are flexible and cater to individual dietary requirements.

Can I Take the Okonomiyaki I Make Home With Me?

Unfortunately, participants cannot take the okonomiyaki they make home with them. The class is focused on the hands-on cooking experience, and any food prepared during the lesson is consumed on-site. Leftovers are not packaged for guests to take away.


The Small-Group Osaka-Style Okonomiyaki Cooking Class offers an immersive culinary experience, teaching participants the art of traditional Japanese savory pancakes.

With personalized attention and the ability to customize ingredients, guests will prepare 2-3 varieties of Osaka-style okonomiyaki, along with a side dish of stir-fried pork and kimchi, in a cozy setting near Asagaya Station in Tokyo.

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