The Lava Tunnel Tour with Transfer from Reykjavik takes visitors to explore the Raufarholshellir, one of Iceland’s longest lava tunnels. The half-day adventure includes transportation, essential gear like headlamps and crampons, as well as knowledgeable guides who share the tunnel’s fascinating geological history. The tour departs from the central Reykjavik bus terminal, making it a convenient option. With a maximum group size of 30, the experience offers an intimate look at the lava-sculpted cave system. Suitable for most travelers in good physical condition, the tour provides an unforgettable glimpse into Iceland’s volcanic landscape. Continue reading to discover more about this incredible adventure.

Key Points

The Lava Tunnel Tour With Transfer From Reykjavik - Key Points

• The Lava Tunnel Tour offers a guided exploration of one of Iceland’s longest lava tunnels, Raufarholshellir, located approximately 30 minutes from Reykjavik.

• The tour includes essential safety gear like headlamps, helmets, and crampons, as well as snacks to sustain visitors during the half-day adventure.

• Participants will be transported to the tunnel site from the centrally located BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik, ensuring a hassle-free start to the tour.

• The tour group size is capped at 30 travelers, providing an intimate and personalized experience with knowledgeable guides.

• The Lava Tunnel Tour is suitable for most travelers in good physical condition, but it is not recommended for those with certain medical conditions or restrictions.

Overview of Raufarholshellir

Raufarholshellir is typically regarded as one of the longest lava tunnels in Iceland, stretching an impressive length of over 1,300 meters and located approximately a 30-minute drive from the capital city of Reykjavik.

This natural wonder offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the geological features of a lava-sculpted cave system.

The tunnel was formed thousands of years ago when molten lava cooled and drained, leaving behind an intricate network of caves and passageways.

Guides leading the tour will share the history and fascinating details about the formation and evolution of this underground landscape, providing visitors with a deeper understanding and appreciation for Iceland’s volcanic landscapes.

Included Amenities for the Tour

The Lava Tunnel Tour With Transfer From Reykjavik - Included Amenities for the Tour

To ensure a comfortable and well-equipped exploration, the Lava Tunnel tour provides essential gear and amenities.

Participants are outfitted with headlamps, helmets, and crampons (in winter) to navigate the cave’s uneven terrain safely. Walking sticks are also available for added stability, and sturdy hiking shoes are recommended.

Plus, snacks are provided to sustain visitors during the half-day adventure.

These thoughtful inclusions allow travelers to focus on the awe-inspiring natural wonders of the lava-sculpted caves without having to worry about their personal equipment or comfort. The tour organizers have ensured that all the necessary provisions are in place, making for a seamless and enjoyable underground exploration.

Meeting Point and Pickup Details

The Lava Tunnel Tour With Transfer From Reykjavik - Meeting Point and Pickup Details

The Lava Tunnel tour departs from the BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik city center, where you will meet before embarking on their half-day adventure.

The bus operated by Reykjavik Excursions will transport the group to the tunnel, located approximately 30-40 minutes from the city.

The meeting point at the BSI Bus Terminal ensures a convenient and centralized starting point for the tour.

The bus transportation service provided by Reykjavik Excursions offers a seamless and hassle-free way to reach the lava tunnel.

The relatively short 30-40 minute drive allows participants to make the most of their time exploring the natural wonder underground.

The meeting point and pickup details make it easy for travelers to join the Lava Tunnel tour from Reykjavik.

With these logistics taken care of, participants can focus on the exciting experience that awaits them in the lava-sculpted caves.

Duration and Group Size

The Lava Tunnel tour is a half-day excursion, allowing participants ample time to explore the captivating underground landscape.

With a maximum group size of 30 travelers, the experience offers an intimate and personalized journey through the lava-sculpted caves.

This duration ensures visitors have sufficient time to fully enjoy the geological wonders of Raufarholshellir, one of Iceland’s longest lava tunnels.

The small group size facilitates a more attentive and engaging interaction with the knowledgeable guides, who share the history and unique features of this natural marvel.

Whether it’s your first or fifth visit to Iceland, the Lava Tunnel tour promises an unforgettable adventure underground.

Suitability and Restrictions

The Lava Tunnel Tour With Transfer From Reykjavik - Suitability and Restrictions

Travelers with back problems, pregnant individuals, or those with heart/medical conditions may not find the Lava Tunnel tour suitable, as the activity isn’t recommended for these groups.

The tour involves exploring the underground lava-sculpted caves, which can be challenging for those with certain physical limitations. However, the tour is generally suitable for most travelers who are in good physical condition and can handle moderate hiking.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, the tour provides the following:

  • Headlamps to navigate the dark tunnel
  • Helmets for protection
  • Crampons in winter for traction
  • Walking sticks (optional) for stability
  • Appropriate footwear to handle the uneven terrain

Tour Highlights and Experiences

Exploring the captivating underground world of Raufarholshellir, one of Iceland’s longest lava tunnels, allows visitors to marvel at the intricate geological formations sculpted by ancient volcanic activity.

Guided by knowledgeable experts, travelers embark on a half-day adventure, equipped with essentials like headlamps, helmets, and crampons.

As they venture deeper into the lava-carved caves, they’ll discover fascinating insights into the tunnel’s history and formation.

The journey offers a unique opportunity to witness the power of nature, with awe-inspiring rock textures, vibrant colors, and otherworldly landscapes.

Whether navigating the winding passages or pausing to savor snacks, participants can enjoy Iceland’s captivating underground world, leaving with a newfound appreciation for the country’s volcanic heritage.

Traveler Reviews and Ratings

The Lava Tunnel Tour With Transfer From Reykjavik - Traveler Reviews and Ratings

With a Badge of Excellence and 267 reviews, the Lava Tunnel Tour has earned the trust and praise of countless travelers.

Reviewers consistently highlight the knowledgeable guides, awe-inspiring underground landscapes, and well-organized logistics as the tour’s standout strengths.

Travelers rave about the unique opportunity to explore one of Iceland’s longest lava tunnels, calling it a ‘must-do’ experience.

Many note the tour’s excellent value for money, with one reviewer describing it as ‘a highlight of our Iceland trip.’

Visitors also appreciate the inclusion of essential gear like helmets and crampons, making the excursion both safe and comfortable.

The Lava Tunnel Tour has established itself as a premier adventure for those seeking to uncover Iceland’s geological wonders.

‘A highlight of our Iceland trip!’

‘Knowledgeable guides bring the tunnel to life’

‘Excellent value for money’

‘Unique and unforgettable experience’

‘Well-organized logistics make for a smooth trip’

Booking and Reservation Information

Booking the Lava Tunnel Tour with transfer from Reykjavik can be done conveniently online or through select travel agents, with departure times available throughout the day to suit various schedules. Visitors can choose from a range of tour options, including private tours and group tours, to best fit their preferences and budget. The following table outlines the tour options, departure times, and prices:

Tour Option Departure Time Price
Private Tour 9:00 AM, 1:00 PM $150 per person
Group Tour 10:30 AM, 2:30 PM $99 per person
Family Tour 11:00 AM $75 for adults, $50 for children

Booking in advance is recommended, as tour sizes are limited to ensure a personalized and immersive experience exploring the magnificent Raufarholshellir lava tunnel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Snacks and Water?

Yes, visitors can bring their own snacks and water on the Raufarholshellir lava tunnel tour. The tour provides some snacks, but allowing personal items gives travelers more flexibility and options to stay nourished and hydrated during the half-day excursion.

Is Photography Allowed Inside the Lava Tunnel?

Photography is allowed inside the lava tunnel, but visitors should be mindful of their surroundings and not obstruct others. Guides may provide recommendations on the best spots for capturing photos without disturbing the group’s exploration of the natural wonder.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for the Tour?

The tour doesn’t have any specific age restrictions, but it’s not recommended for young children. Travelers of all ages can participate, though those with medical conditions or physical limitations may face challenges navigating the lava tunnel.

How Difficult Is the Hike Inside the Lava Tunnel?

The hike inside the lava tunnel is considered moderately difficult. Visitors must navigate uneven terrain, narrow passages, and steep inclines, which can be challenging for those with mobility issues. However, the tour provides necessary safety gear to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Can I Extend My Stay at the Lava Tunnel Site?

No, visitors cannot extend their stay at the Raufarholshellir lava tunnel site. The tour is a half-day activity, with the experience ending back at the meeting point in Reykjavik. The tunnel is not open for independent exploration outside the guided tour.


The Lava Tunnel Tour with Transfer from Reykjavik offers a captivating underground exploration of Iceland’s volcanic landscape.

Delving deep into the Raufarholshellir lava tunnel, adventurers discover a mesmerizing world of intricate rock formations and geological history.

With expert guides, necessary equipment, and convenient transportation, this tour provides an unforgettable opportunity to take in Iceland’s extraordinary natural wonders, leaving lasting memories of the country’s remarkable subterranean realm.

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