The Shoot House in Phoenix, USA offers a state-of-the-art tactical training experience. Participants don full protective gear and navigate realistic scenarios using specialized non-lethal systems. Complimentary bottled water keeps trainees hydrated during the intense exercises designed to sharpen their reflexes and skills. With comprehensive gear and guidance, the Shoot House equips individuals to handle challenging real-world situations. But what sets this facility apart, and how can it prepare you for the unexpected? Discover the unique advantages of this immersive training ground.

Key Points

  • The Shoot House is a tactical training facility located in Phoenix, USA that offers a range of tactical gear, non-lethal training systems, and free event photographs.
  • Participants can engage in realistic training scenarios by donning tactical uniforms and utilizing state-of-the-art non-lethal training systems to hone their tactical skills and reflexes.
  • The facility provides participants with a fully immersive training experience, outfitting them in protective tactical uniforms with reinforced elbows, shoulders, and knees.
  • Complimentary bottled water is provided to ensure participants remain hydrated during the tactical training exercises, supporting their health and safety.
  • The designated meeting point for the facility is located at 21424 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA, offering ample parking for participants.

Experience Overview

The Shoot House is a tactical training facility located in Phoenix, USA, offering visitors a range of tactical gear, non-lethal training systems, and free event photographs.

With 87 reviews, this experience provides participants with the opportunity to engage in realistic training scenarios using specialized equipment. Attendees can expect to don tactical uniforms and utilize various non-lethal training systems throughout the session.

Bottled water is provided to ensure participants remain hydrated. The facility is easily accessible, with a meeting point located at 21424 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA.

Doors open 15 minutes before the scheduled adventure, allowing guests to prepare for an immersive and engaging tactical training experience.

Tactical Gear and Systems

Tactical gear and specialized non-lethal training systems form the core of the experience at The Shoot House, allowing participants to engage in realistic scenarios using advanced equipment.

Participants are outfitted in full tactical uniforms and kitted out with the latest gear, from protective vests to replica firearms that fire harmless marking rounds.

These non-lethal training systems enable participants to practice critical skills like target identification and threat engagement in a safe yet immersive environment.

The Shoot House’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art equipment ensures that every visitor can fully enjoy the training, honing their tactical skills and reflexes to the highest degree.

Uniform and Attire

Proper attire is essential for participants to fully enjoy the training experience at The Shoot House. Visitors are outfitted in full tactical uniforms, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary protective gear and can comfortably navigate the facility’s realistic scenarios.

The uniforms provided include:

Item Description
Jacket Durable, water-resistant outer layer with reinforced elbows and shoulders.
Pants Lightweight, breathable material with reinforced knees for added protection.
Boots Rugged, non-slip soles for optimal traction and ankle support.

This carefully curated ensemble allows participants to focus on their training, rather than concerns about their personal comfort or safety.

Bottled Water Provided

Participants at The Shoot House receive complimentary bottled water to stay hydrated during their tactical training exercises.

Staying well-hydrated is crucial for maintaining peak physical and mental performance, especially in the hot and arid climate of Phoenix.

The bottled water is provided free of charge, ensuring that all trainees have access to this essential resource.

This thoughtful inclusion helps keep participants energized and focused throughout the intense training sessions.

Whether navigating through the facility’s simulated environments or engaging in hands-on drills, the readily available bottled water supports the health and safety of everyone involved.

This small but impactful amenity reflects The Shoot House’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive and well-rounded training experience.

Meeting Point and Pickup

The Shoot House’s doors typically open 15 minutes before the scheduled adventure, allowing guests to arrive and assemble at the designated meeting point located at 21424 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85027, USA.

From here, the group will be directed to the tactical training facility where the experience takes place.

Guests are encouraged to arrive on time to ensure a smooth start to their adventure.

The meeting point is easily accessible and offers ample parking, making it a convenient location for participants.

With the doors opening 15 minutes prior, there’s plenty of time for everyone to gather and prepare for the exciting tactical training that awaits.

Confirmation and Accessibility

Confirmation of the booking is received at the time of purchase, providing guests with all the necessary details about their upcoming tactical training experience.

The Shoot House, however, isn’t wheelchair accessible, limiting participation for those with mobility challenges.

While the facility is conveniently located near public transportation, it’s not recommended for travelers with back problems, pregnant individuals, or those with heart/medical conditions. This is due to the rigorous nature of the non-lethal training systems used during the activities.

The Shoot House accommodates a maximum of 8 travelers per tour or activity, ensuring a personalized and immersive experience for all participants.

Suitability and Group Size

Due to the intense nature of the tactical training activities, The Shoot House carefully limits group sizes to a maximum of 8 travelers per tour or experience. This ensures each participant receives personalized attention and can safely engage with the non-lethal training systems.

The Shoot House is not recommended for certain travelers:

Condition Reason
Back Problems Intense physical activity may aggravate existing conditions
Pregnancy Safety of mother and child is paramount
Heart/Medical Conditions Strenuous nature of training could pose health risks

Proper fitness and an adventurous spirit are essential to fully enjoy the thrilling tactical experience The Shoot House provides.

Pricing and Cancellation

Pricing for the tactical training experience at The Shoot House starts at €169.99, offering a Lowest Price Guarantee.

Travelers can freely cancel their booking up to 24 hours before the start of the adventure. This flexibility ensures customers can plan their visit with confidence, without worrying about unexpected schedule changes.

The pricing structure provides excellent value, allowing participants to enjoy the facility’s state-of-the-art tactical gear, non-lethal training systems, and other amenities at an affordable rate.

Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of tactical training, The Shoot House offers a unique and exciting experience that’s accessible to all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Personal Protective Equipment?

Participants are generally encouraged to use the personal protective equipment provided for the experience. However, bringing your own approved gear may be permitted, subject to the facility’s safety guidelines and staff approval.

Is There an Age Limit for Participants?

There is typically an age limit of 18 years or older for participants. Some facilities may allow younger participants with parental supervision, but it’s best to check with the specific location regarding their policies on minimum age requirements.

Can I Choose the Specific Training Scenarios?

Yes, participants can typically choose their specific training scenarios at the facility. The staff works with each group to customize the experience based on their interests and goals within the available tactical training options.

Do I Need to Have Prior Tactical Experience?

No, prior tactical experience is not required. The training facility offers instruction and gear for beginners, providing a safe and accessible introduction to tactical scenarios. Experienced participants can also customize their experience based on their skill level.

Is There an Option to Rent Tactical Gear On-Site?

Yes, the tactical training facility offers rental of tactical gear on-site. Participants can rent the necessary equipment, such as uniforms and non-lethal training systems, to fully participate in the activities without needing to bring their own.


The Shoot House offers a cutting-edge tactical training experience, equipping participants with specialized gear and realistic scenarios to hone their skills.

With complimentary bottled water and comprehensive safety measures, the facility provides an immersive and challenging environment for those seeking to enhance their real-world preparedness.

The Shoot House is a premier destination for individuals or groups looking to elevate their tactical proficiency.

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