Nestled in the vibrant heart of Tokyo, the Samurai Ninja Museum offers a unique opportunity for kids to enjoy the captivating world of Japanese martial arts. During a 75-minute ninja class, young participants don traditional uniforms and learn the essential stances, movements, and techniques that define the ninja way. From mastering the art of shuriken throwing to perfecting blowgun skills, this engaging experience promises to transport budding ninjas into the very essence of Japan’s rich heritage. But the adventure doesn’t end there, as the class also features an exciting ninja treasure hunt that puts their newfound abilities to the test.

Key Points

Tokyo: Kid-Friendly Ninja Class at the Samurai Ninja Museum - Key Points

  • The Samurai Ninja Museum in Tokyo offers a 75-minute kid-friendly ninja class that allows young participants to immerse in Japanese martial arts and stealth.
  • Children dress in traditional ninja uniforms and learn proper techniques for gripping shuriken (ninja stars) and wielding fukiya (blowguns) under the guidance of experienced instructors.
  • The class features a ninja treasure hunt where kids put their newfound ninja skills to the test by deciphering coded messages and uncovering secret compartments throughout the museum.
  • Participants engage in a ninja star throwing competition and blowgun practice to demonstrate their growing proficiency in these traditional ninja disciplines.
  • The experience includes admission to the Samurai Ninja Museum, a photo session in ninja attire, and opportunities to learn about samurai and ninja history.

Overview of the Ninja Class

Tokyo: Kid-Friendly Ninja Class at the Samurai Ninja Museum - Overview of the Ninja Class

The 75-minute kid-friendly ninja class at the Samurai Ninja Museum in Tokyo allows young participants to enjoy the world of Japanese martial arts and stealth.

During the experience, kids will don a full ninja outfit and learn authentic techniques used by these legendary warriors. The class also features a thrilling ninja treasure hunt, where kids must put their newfound skills to the test.

Plus, they’ll compete in a ninja star throwing competition and practice using a traditional ninja blowgun. Capping off the adventure is a photo session, where kids can pose in their ninja gear.

With hands-on activities and historical insights, this class provides a truly memorable introduction to the mysterious ninja lifestyle.

Dressing in the Ninja Outfit

Tokyo: Kid-Friendly Ninja Class at the Samurai Ninja Museum - Dressing in the Ninja Outfit

One of the highlights of the kid-friendly ninja class is the opportunity to don a full ninja outfit, immersing the participants in the authentic attire of these legendary warriors.

The museum provides each child with a traditional ninja uniform, complete with a black gi, mask, and headband. As the kids slip into the lightweight, breathable fabric, they can’t help but feel a sense of excitement and transformation.

Adjusting the loose-fitting pants and tying the sash around their waists, the children eagerly await their chance to take on the persona of a ninja. This hands-on experience allows them to truly feel like they’ve stepped back in time, becoming part of Japan’s rich history and culture.

Learning Ninja Techniques

Tokyo: Kid-Friendly Ninja Class at the Samurai Ninja Museum - Learning Ninja Techniques

After donning their ninja attire, participants eagerly learn the secrets of these legendary warriors during the hands-on ninja techniques session.

Experienced instructors guide the children through the basic stances, movements, and training exercises that were once mastered by the shadowy ninja clans.

From the proper way to grip a shuriken (ninja star) to the technique for wielding a fukiya (blowgun), the kids receive an immersive introduction to the furtive skills and disciplines of the ninja.

With focused attention, they practice each maneuver, gaining a deeper appreciation for the precision and discipline required to become a true ninja.

Ninja Treasure Hunt

Having mastered the fundamentals of ninja techniques, participants eagerly set out on a ninja treasure hunt, scouring the museum’s exhibits and hidden nooks for clues and hidden treasures.

The hunt takes them on an exciting journey through the museum, where they must use their newfound ninja skills to locate and solve puzzles, decipher coded messages, and uncover secret compartments.

With a keen eye and quick reflexes, the young ninjas race against the clock, working together to claim the ultimate prize.

The thrill of the hunt and the sense of accomplishment when the treasure is found leave the participants beaming with pride, having experienced the true essence of the ninja way.

Ninja Star Throw Competition

Participants eagerly demonstrate their ninja star throwing skills, taking turns launching the razor-sharp projectiles at designated targets across the museum’s training area. The ninja star throw competition is a thrilling highlight of the kid-friendly class, allowing young ninjas to showcase their aim and precision.

The targets are placed at varying distances, testing the students’ ability to adjust their technique accordingly. Four key aspects of the competition include:

  1. Proper grip and throwing stance
  2. Accurate target acquisition
  3. Consistent power and trajectory
  4. Graceful recovery after each throw

As the students take their turns, the instructors provide guidance and encouragement, helping them hone their ninja star throwing prowess in a safe and engaging environment.

Ninja Blowgun Practice

The ninja blowgun practice allows the young students to test their lung power and accuracy as they carefully aim the slender tubes at designated targets across the training area.

Under the watchful guidance of the instructors, the participants learn the proper technique for loading and firing the blowguns, mastering the subtle art of breath control and target acquisition.

As they fire the lightweight darts, the students’ faces light up with excitement, eager to demonstrate their budding ninja skills. The instructors provide feedback and encouragement, helping the young ninjas-in-training improve their coordination and focus.

This activity not only hones their physical abilities but also instills a sense of discipline and concentration, essential qualities for aspiring ninja warriors.

Included in the Experience

Tokyo: Kid-Friendly Ninja Class at the Samurai Ninja Museum - Included in the Experience

The package includes admission to the Samurai Ninja Museum, where visitors can explore the interactive exhibits on samurai and ninja history.

Plus, the experience provides a ninja treasure hunt, allowing participants to put their detective skills to the test as they search for hidden ninja treasures throughout the museum.

Finally, the package includes a photo shoot session, enabling young ninjas to capture memorable moments in their authentic ninja attire.

The Samurai Ninja Museum experience includes:

  1. Entrance ticket to the museum
  2. Ninja treasure hunt
  3. Photo shoot session
  4. Opportunities to learn about samurai and ninja history

Booking and Cancellation Policy

Visitors can check availability to see the starting times for the kid-friendly ninja class, allowing them to plan their schedule accordingly.

Customers can reserve their spot and pay later, providing flexibility in booking.

On top of that, the museum offers free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance, catering to any last-minute changes in plans. This ensures that families can easily adjust their plans if necessary, without worrying about non-refundable fees.

The booking and cancellation policy adds an extra layer of convenience, making the ninja class experience more accessible and stress-free for parents and children alike.

With these flexible options, families can confidently secure their spots and focus on the exciting activities that await them at the Samurai Ninja Museum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tokyo: Kid-Friendly Ninja Class at the Samurai Ninja Museum - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ninja Class Suitable for Children With Special Needs?

The ninja class seems well-suited for children with special needs. The interactive nature, hands-on activities, and guided instruction could provide an engaging and inclusive learning experience. However, it’s advisable to inquire about any special accommodations before booking.

Can Parents Participate in the Ninja Activities Alongside Their Children?

Parents are welcome to participate in the ninja activities alongside their children. This allows families to engage in the experience together and creates an opportunity for shared learning and fun.

Are There Any Age Restrictions or Minimum Height Requirements for the Class?

The ninja class has no age restrictions, but there may be height requirements to ensure all participants can safely perform the activities. Children of all ages are welcome, and parents can join in the fun alongside their kids.

Is There an Option to Purchase Additional Ninja-Themed Souvenirs?

Yes, the museum offers an assortment of ninja-themed souvenirs like shuriken, headbands, and collectibles for purchase after the class. Participants can commemorate their ninja training experience by bringing home authentic-looking ninja gear.

Is the Museum Accessible for Visitors With Mobility Issues?

The museum provides accessible facilities and assistance for visitors with mobility issues. It offers wheelchair-friendly access, elevators, and staff on hand to help guests navigate the exhibits and activities comfortably.


The Samurai Ninja Museum’s ninja class in Tokyo offers children a thrilling and immersive experience.

From donning traditional uniforms to mastering ninja skills like shuriken throwing and blowgun practice, the class provides a fun and educational introduction to Japan’s rich ninja heritage.

With a ninja treasure hunt and skill-testing competitions, young visitors can embrace the essence of the ninja way.

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