Tokyo’s cultural heritage comes alive through an immersive experience that invites visitors to partake in the time-honored traditions of Japan. From the elegant movements of a tea ceremony to the donning of a regal kimono, this journey offers a captivating glimpse into the heart of the country’s artistic and sartorial legacy. With a skilled guide by your side, you’ll uncover the intricate details that make these practices so revered, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and significance that permeates every moment. What secrets await as you delve deeper into this cultural odyssey?

Key Points

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Key Points

  • Immersive tea ceremony experience where guests watch a tea master prepare matcha and learn the proper whisking techniques.
  • Hands-on matcha tea-making workshop guided by a tea master, allowing guests to create their own matcha.
  • Opportunity to wear traditional Japanese kimono and accessories, with guidance from experienced attendants.
  • Photoshoot at nearby locations capturing the essence of the transformed appearance, with an iPhone 14 Pro and optional hair/makeup services.
  • Included refreshments such as matcha green tea and traditional sweets, as well as necessary kimono and umbrella accessories.

Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Authentic Tea Ceremony Experience

Participants begin the authentic tea ceremony experience by watching a skilled tea master deftly prepare a frothy bowl of matcha, the powdered green tea, using traditional implements and techniques.

Visitors are then invited to try their hand at whisking the tea themselves, learning the proper motions and etiquette.

The serene setting of the tea room, with its tranquil garden views, helps create a truly immersive cultural experience.

As they sip the delicate, earthy tea, guests savor the subtle flavors and aromas, gaining a deeper appreciation for this centuries-old Japanese tradition.

The opportunity to partake in an authentic tea ceremony is a highlight of this multi-faceted cultural exploration.

Matcha Tea-Making Workshop

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Matcha Tea-Making Workshop

In this portion of the experience, guests have the opportunity to craft their own matcha tea, guided by the expert tutelage of the tea master.

Participants will learn the proper techniques for whisking and preparing the vibrant green powder, culminating in a personalized cup of frothy, aromatic matcha.

The tea master will provide step-by-step instructions, ensuring each guest’s matcha is perfectly blended and brewed.

This hands-on workshop not only allows visitors to create their own matcha, but also grants them a deeper understanding of the artistry and tradition behind this iconic Japanese beverage.

Guests leave with a heightened appreciation for the craftsmanship and precision involved in the preparation of matcha tea.

Traditional Kimono and Accessories

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Traditional Kimono and Accessories

After the tea ceremony, guests have the opportunity to don traditional Japanese kimono and accessories. The kimono, an iconic garment synonymous with Japanese culture, is carefully dressed by experienced attendants, ensuring a proper and elegant fit.

Complementary accessories, such as the decorative obi sash and delicate hair ornaments, further enhance the authentic aesthetic, transporting participants into the realm of traditional Japanese attire.

Wearing a kimono is an immersive experience that allows visitors to fully embrace the cultural heritage of Japan. The delicate fabrics, intricate patterns, and meticulous styling all contribute to a heightened sense of appreciation for the country’s rich sartorial traditions.

This part of the experience offers a unique opportunity to step into the shoes of a geisha or noble lady of old.

Photoshoot at Nearby Locations

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Photoshoot at Nearby Locations

Once the traditional kimono and accessories are meticulously donned, participants embark on a photoshoot journey, capturing the essence of their transformed appearance against the backdrop of nearby shrines and tea rooms.

The experience combines the elegance of ancient Japanese traditions with the modern convenience of the latest iPhone 14 Pro. Skilled photographers ensure each shot is Instagram-worthy, documenting the participants’ journey through the tea ceremony and kimono dressing.

The included plastic umbrella provides protection in case of unexpected rain, allowing the photoshoot to continue uninterrupted. With professional hair and makeup services available at an additional cost, participants can truly feel like they’ve stepped into a serene, timeless world.

Included Refreshments and Amenities

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Included Refreshments and Amenities

Participants partake in a genuine tea ceremony, where they savor matcha green tea and traditional Japanese tea sweets as part of the included refreshments.

During the experience, they’re provided with a kimono or yukata, obi, and all necessary accessories to fully enjoy the traditional Japanese attire.

To protect against inclement weather, a kimono upcycling umbrella and a plastic umbrella are included in case of rain.

While additional professional photography and hair/makeup services are available at an extra cost, participants can capture their own memories using the provided iPhone 14 Pro.

These thoughtful inclusions ensure a well-rounded and seamless authentic tea ceremony experience.

Booking and Payment Details

Guests can book this experience starting at €95.50 per person and take advantage of the ‘reserve now, pay later’ option. Free cancellation is available up to 24 hours in advance.

This provides flexibility for travelers who may need to adjust their plans. The competitive pricing makes the experience accessible, while the reserve now, pay later feature allows guests to secure their spot without an upfront payment.

This combination of affordability and convenience ensures the tea ceremony, kimono dressing, and photography package is an appealing option for those seeking an authentic culture in Tokyo. With the ability to cancel for free, guests can book with confidence knowing they’ve the freedom to change their plans if needed.

Group Size and Duration

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Group Size and Duration

The experience is structured as a small group activity, limited to just 3 participants, ensuring an intimate and personalized tea ceremony and kimono dressing session.

It lasts for a duration of 2.5 hours, providing ample time for guests to fully enjoy the traditional Japanese customs.

This compact group size allows for more individualized attention from the knowledgeable hosts, who can guide participants through each step of the intricate tea ceremony and the delicate process of donning the elaborate kimono.

The compact duration also ensures that guests can savor every moment without feeling rushed, leaving them with a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage they’ve experienced.

Language Support Available

Tokyo:Genuine Tea Ceremony, Kimono Dressing, and Photography - Language Support Available

For the language support available, the experience offers both English and Japanese. Visitors can choose their preferred language as the knowledgeable hosts guide them through the authentic tea ceremony and kimono dressing.

Language Support Description
English The hosts provide clear and detailed explanations in English, ensuring a smooth and informative experience for international guests.
Japanese Those who prefer to enjoy the traditional Japanese culture can opt for the Japanese language guidance, allowing them to fully appreciate the nuances of the tea ceremony.

With these language options, the experience caters to a diverse audience, making it accessible and enjoyable for both English and Japanese speakers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Camera Equipment?

Participants can bring their own camera equipment to capture the experience. The package includes an iPhone 14 Pro for photography, but guests are welcome to use their personal cameras as well.

Is There a Dress Code for the Experience?

There is no strict dress code for this experience. Participants should wear comfortable clothing as they’ll be dressing in traditional Japanese kimono/yukata attire during the tea ceremony and photoshoot activities.

Are There Any Dietary Restrictions Accommodated?

The experience can accommodate dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian or gluten-free diets. Guests should inform the organizers of any dietary needs when booking the experience to ensure their requirements are met during the tea ceremony.

Can I Customize My Kimono/Yukata Selection?

Yes, customers can customize their kimono/yukata selection. The experience offers a range of traditional Japanese garments, allowing participants to choose the style and color that best suits their preferences.

Do I Need to Have Prior Tea Ceremony Experience?

No prior tea ceremony experience is required. The package includes a guided tea ceremony, where you’ll learn how to properly prepare and enjoy matcha tea. It’s a great opportunity to experience Japanese tea culture for the first time.


This culture in Tokyo offers visitors a chance to fully experience the essence of traditional Japanese practices.

From the refined art of the tea ceremony to the elegant donning of the kimono, each activity provides an authentic glimpse into the country’s rich heritage.

Coupled with a professionally captured photoshoot, this comprehensive cultural exploration leaves participants with an unforgettable memento of their transformative journey.

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