Explore the vibrant flavors of Catalunya at this immersive Mediterranean cooking experience. Learn from a local chef the secrets to crafting the iconic Spanish dish, paella, while uncovering regional variations and techniques. The class culminates in a private lunch where you’ll savor the fruits of your labor, accompanied by a carefully selected bottle of wine, artisan vermouth, and other delectable offerings. This intimate, hands-on experience provides a deep dive into the rich culinary heritage of the region. But what makes this class truly unique? Discover the answer as you explore the details.

Key Points

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Key Points

  • Immersive Mediterranean cooking experience where participants join a local chef to prepare a delectable paella dish and explore the flavors of Catalunya.
  • Hands-on paella-making class that teaches the art and secrets of crafting the iconic Spanish rice dish.
  • Inclusive package with all ingredients, wine, vermouth, coffee, and water, allowing participants to fully immerse in the Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Starter menu items like salt potatoes, cod esqueixada, and marinated olives, followed by main course paella options and dessert offerings.
  • Cooking class venue is located 10 steps up from street level without elevator access, which may pose a challenge for participants with mobility issues.

Experience Overview

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Experience Overview

Offering a unique and immersive Mediterranean cooking experience, this class invites guests to join a local chef and participate in preparing a delectable paella dish while exploring the flavors of Catalunya.

Through this hands-on class, participants won’t only learn the art of crafting the iconic Spanish rice dish but also dive into the rich culinary heritage of the region.

Beyond the cooking lesson, the experience culminates in a private lunch where guests can savor the fruits of their labor and indulge in a full Mediterranean feast.

With a focus on quality ingredients and traditional techniques, this class promises a truly authentic taste of the coastal Mediterranean.

Class Details

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Class Details

The class offers an opportunity to learn from a local chef the secrets to crafting the finest paella, going beyond the traditional recipe to explore unique regional variations and techniques that put a special twist on this iconic Spanish dish.

Participants will enjoy the full Mediterranean cuisine experience, gaining insights into the rich culinary heritage of Catalunya. From mastering the art of preparing the perfect paella to discovering the nuances of other beloved dishes, the class promises a comprehensive and authentic gastronomic journey.

With the guidance of the experienced chef, attendees will leave with not only a delectable meal but also a newfound appreciation for the depth and complexity of Mediterranean cooking.

Included in the Class

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Included in the Class

Included in the class are all products involved in the cooking experience, ensuring participants incur no additional costs.

Attendees are provided with 1 bottle of wine for every 3 people, along with artisan vermouth, coffee, and unlimited water to complement the culinary journey.

This inclusive package allows guests to fully enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine without worrying about extra expenses.

From the carefully selected ingredients to the thoughtfully paired beverages, every aspect of the cooking class is designed to deliver a comprehensive and indulgent experience.

The all-inclusive nature of the offering ensures participants can focus on learning from the local chef and savoring the flavors of the region.

Starter Menu Items

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Starter Menu Items

To set the stage for the delightful meal, participants can look forward to an array of starters, ranging from salt potatoes with a zesty white foraged radish sauce to the captivating combo of white bean truffle and smoked sardine.

The cod esqueixada, a classic Catalan dish, will also make an appearance, along with the ever-popular escalivada, a roasted vegetable medley.

No Mediterranean feast is complete without marinated olives and freshly baked sourdough bread, both of which will be provided.

These vibrant and flavorful starters will tantalize the taste buds, setting the tone for the main event – the renowned paella and other regional specialties that await.

Main Course Options

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Main Course Options

Guests can savor an array of main course options, ranging from the classic seafood-infused paella to the hearty pork ribs and the aromatic chicken and mushroom rice.

Plus, seasonal vegetable rice and the decadent squab and artichoke rice will delight those seeking plant-based or more adventurous fare.

The paella, a signature Spanish dish, will showcase the chef’s special touch, blending the perfect balance of rice, seafood, and spices.

The pork ribs and chicken and mushroom rice offer heartier, flavorful alternatives, while the vegetable and squab-based dishes cater to those with diverse dietary preferences.

Regardless of the choice, each main course promises to transport diners on a delightful culinary journey through the flavors of Catalunya.

Dessert Offerings

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Dessert Offerings

Delectable desserts cap off the Mediterranean feast, with options ranging from the light and airy puff pastry and cream cake to the traditional Catalan mató with homemade syrup.

Guests can also indulge in the freshness of seasonal fruit, providing a refreshing conclusion to the indulgent culinary experience.

The puff pastry and cream cake offer a decadent treat, while the mató with its homemade syrup showcases the flavors of the region.

The seasonal fruit provides a light and healthy way to end the meal, cleansing the palate and leaving guests feeling satisfied and content.

These desserts are the perfect way to round out the authentic Mediterranean dining experience.

Additional Information

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Additional Information

The experience lasts 4 hours and starts from the meeting point at Carrer de la Riera, 22, 4, 08302 Mataró, Barcelona.

Guests should be aware that the kitchen is located 10 steps up, with no elevator access available.

This intimate cooking class invites visitors to enjoy the rich culinary traditions of Catalunya. Under the guidance of a local chef, you will learn to prepare authentic Mediterranean dishes, including the iconic paella.

The class provides a hands-on experience, allowing guests to actively engage in the cooking process. Throughout the session, you will enjoy a selection of starters, the main course, and a delightful dessert, complemented by artisanal vermouth, wine, coffee, and unlimited water.

Getting to the Class

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Getting to the Class

Participants can reach the cooking class venue at Carrer de la Riera, 22, 4, 08302 Mataró, Barcelona, which is located 10 steps up from the street level without an elevator access.

This means that the class isn’t easily accessible for those with mobility issues. It’s important for participants to be aware of this ahead of time, so they can plan accordingly.

The relatively small number of steps may not be a problem for most guests, but it’s something to consider, especially for those traveling with heavy bags or who may have difficulty with stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vermouth and Paella Cooking Class & Private Lunch - Frequently Asked Questions

Is Transportation to the Class Location Included?

The knowledge provided does not indicate whether transportation to the class location is included. The details focus on the cooking class experience itself, including the menu, duration, and meeting point, but do not mention any transportation arrangements.

Can the Menu Be Customized for Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, the menu can be customized to accommodate dietary restrictions. The cooking class provider is flexible and willing to modify the dishes based on participants’ dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options.

Is There an Option to Purchase Additional Wine or Beverages?

Yes, there’s an option to purchase additional wine or beverages. Participants can buy extra bottles of wine or other alcoholic drinks during the class and lunch if they’d like more than the included offerings.

Do Participants Receive a Copy of the Recipes After the Class?

Participants typically receive a copy of the recipes used during the cooking class so they can recreate the dishes at home. This allows them to continue the learning experience and share the recipes with friends and family.

Is the Class Suitable for Young Children to Attend?

The class is not well-suited for young children. The cooking activities and content may not be engaging for them, and the 4-hour duration could be challenging. The class is better suited for adults or older children interested in Mediterranean cuisine.

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Enjoy the rich culinary heritage of Catalunya.

Learn the secrets of crafting iconic Spanish paella from a local chef.

Savor the fruits of your labor during a private lunch, accompanied by a carefully selected bottle of wine, artisan vermouth, and delectable starter and dessert offerings.

This intimate hands-on experience provides a deep dive into the flavors of the region.

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