The VIP Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner promises an immersive cultural experience that transports guests into the captivating heart of the Dubai desert. From an exhilarating dune drive to thrilling sandboarding and a shared camel ride, this excursion offers a unique opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for the Bedouin way of life. The evening culminates with a delectable BBQ dinner showcasing traditional Emirati flavors, complemented by mesmerizing cultural performances. Whether you’re seeking adventure, culinary delights, or a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage, this VIP safari promises to leave a lasting impression. But there’s more to this experience than meets the eye…

Key Points

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Key Points

  • Offers a VIP evening desert safari experience with a BBQ dinner and the option to participate in shared activities like quad biking, sandboarding, and scenic desert driving.
  • Includes a captivating cultural program featuring Middle Eastern performances such as belly dancing, fire shows, and the mystical Tanoura show.
  • Provides an opportunity to sway gently on a camel as it ambles across the undulating desert dunes, offering a serene and authentic connection to the region’s heritage.
  • Serves a tantalizing spread of grilled meats, fresh vegetables, aromatic spices, and traditional Arab desserts, catering to a range of dietary preferences.
  • Offers a range of refreshing beverages, including fragrant Arabic coffee, soft drinks, and freshly brewed tea, to complement the dining experience.

Quad Bike Adventure

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Quad Bike Adventure

The exhilarating quad bike adventure allows participants to traverse the vast, golden-hued desert, carving through the undulating dunes at thrilling speeds and experiencing the sheer thrill of off-road exploration.

Riders will navigate the rugged terrain, weaving between towering dunes and kicking up plumes of sand as they push their machines to the limit. This activity promises an adrenaline-fueled experience, offering a unique perspective of the desert landscape.

Participants can expect to develop a newfound appreciation for the power and versatility of these all-terrain vehicles as they conquer the challenges presented by the ever-changing dunes. This quad bike adventure is sure to leave riders with lasting memories of their VIP desert safari experience.

Sandboarding the Dunes

Participants can look forward to the thrill of sandboarding down the towering desert dunes, a unique and exhilarating activity that allows them to experience the raw power and beauty of the Arabian landscape.

Gliding effortlessly down the golden slopes, riders will feel the rush of wind and the sensation of carving through the fine, silky sand, testing their balance and control as they navigate the undulating terrain.

This activity promises an adrenaline-fueled adventure, offering participants a chance to explore the desert in a truly unforgettable way.

Sandboarding provides an opportunity to connect with the desert’s natural elements, as riders harness the power of the dunes to propel themselves forward, seeing the stunning visual landscape.

Camel Ride Experience

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Camel Ride Experience

After the exhilarating sandboarding experience, guests will have the opportunity to embark on a camel ride, seeing a centuries-old Bedouin tradition.

Atop the graceful, humped creatures, they’ll sway gently as the camels amble across the undulating dunes, offering a serene and authentic encounter with the desert’s rich cultural heritage.

This camel ride allows participants to slow down, appreciate the tranquility of the surroundings, and gain a deeper understanding of the Bedouin nomadic lifestyle that has thrived in this arid landscape for generations.

Gliding across the golden sands, guests will feel a connection to the region’s history and the resilience of the Bedouin people, who’ve relied on these magnificent animals for transportation and sustenance for countless generations.

Delectable BBQ Dinner

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Delectable BBQ Dinner

A tantalizing spread of grilled meats, freshly prepared vegetables, and aromatic spices awaits guests at the buffet-style BBQ dinner, catering to a range of dietary preferences including vegetarian options.

The culinary experience is elevated by the accompaniment of Arabic coffee, fresh dates, and an array of refreshing soft drinks and water.

Guests can further indulge in an assortment of sweet treats, including:

  1. Decadent cut fruits
  2. Delectable pastries
  3. Freshly brewed tea and coffee
  4. Shisha smoke (available at an additional charge)

The BBQ dinner seamlessly blends traditional Emirati flavors with modern culinary flair, promising a memorable gastronomic adventure under the desert stars.

Beverages and Treats

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Beverages and Treats

Along With the mouthwatering BBQ feast, guests can indulge in a selection of refreshing beverages and sweet treats to round out the dining experience. Arabic coffee and fresh dates provide a traditional Emirati touch, while a variety of soft drinks, water, and freshly brewed tea and coffee cater to diverse preferences. For those with a sweet tooth, delectable cut fruits and delightful pastries offer a delightful conclusion to the meal.

Beverage Description
Arabic Coffee Fragrant, strong coffee served in traditional Bedouin style
Soft Drinks Refreshing selection of carbonated and non-carbonated options
Tea & Coffee Freshly brewed to complement the meal
Dessert Description
Cut Fruits Freshly sliced, seasonal tropical fruits
Sweets Delectable pastries and traditional Arab confections

Captivating Performances

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Captivating Performances

Alongside the mouthwatering BBQ feast, the VIP Evening Desert Safari enthralls guests with a captivating array of cultural performances that immerse them in the vibrant traditions of the region.

Guests are treated to a mesmerizing display of Middle Eastern artistry, starting with a captivating belly dance show that showcases the graceful movements and seductive rhythms of this iconic dance form.

This is followed by a thrilling fire dance show, where performers demonstrate their mastery of fire-based choreography, captivating the audience with their daring maneuvers.

The Tanoura Show, a mystical performance featuring hypnotic spinning, adds to the evening’s enchantment, while a special Arab performance rounds out the cultural experience.

Scenic Desert Driving

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Scenic Desert Driving

Guests embark on a thrilling 45-minute dune drive through the captivating, golden-hued desert landscape, navigating the undulating dunes in the comfort of a specially-equipped vehicle.

This exhilarating journey allows them to enjoy the serene beauty of the desert, as they glide over the rolling sand hills and take in the breathtaking vistas.

The skilled drivers expertly maneuver the vehicle, ensuring a smooth and safe ride, while allowing guests to fully appreciate the stunning natural surroundings.

This scenic desert drive sets the stage for the upcoming activities, whetting the appetite for the adventure that lies ahead.

Guests are left in awe of the desert’s raw, untamed majesty, eager to further explore this captivating environment.

Important Considerations

VIP Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner -Camel Ride (Shared) - Important Considerations

Travelers must carefully consider certain limitations and prerequisites before embarking on this VIP Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner and Camel Ride (Shared). The activity isn’t recommended for those with back problems, pregnant individuals, or anyone with heart conditions or other serious medical issues, as it requires a moderate level of physical fitness.

Plus, private or solo participation isn’t available, as this is a shared group experience. Prospective participants should note the following:

  1. This tour isn’t suitable for those with specific medical conditions or low physical fitness.
  2. It’s a shared group experience, so travelers can’t request a private or solo option.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start time won’t be eligible for a full refund.

Alcoholic beverages and shisha smoke are available for an additional charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Group Size Required for This Tour?

The minimum group size for this tour is not specified. It’s a private tour/activity, so the group size is flexible and depends on the number of participants booking the experience. The tour can accommodate your group size.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participants?

There are no age restrictions for participants on this desert safari, though it’s not recommended for those with serious medical conditions or young children. It requires a moderate fitness level and is suitable for most healthy adults.

Can the Tour Be Customized for Special Dietary Requirements?

Yes, the tour can accommodate special dietary requirements. The provider offers vegetarian options for the BBQ dinner and is willing to cater to other dietary needs upon request. Guests should inform the provider of any specific requirements when booking the tour.

Is There an Option to Upgrade to a Private Tour?

Yes, there is an option to upgrade to a private desert safari tour. This provides a more exclusive and personalized experience, allowing guests to tailor the itinerary to their preferences. Private tours offer greater flexibility and privacy compared to the shared group option.

What Is the Cancellation Policy for This Experience?

The cancellation policy for this experience offers a full refund if canceled at least 24 hours before the start time. This provides flexibility for travelers to adjust their plans without penalty.


The VIP Evening Desert Safari offers an immersive cultural experience, blending thrilling outdoor activities with a delectable BBQ dinner and captivating performances.

Guests can enjoy an exhilarating dune drive, sandboarding, and a camel ride, providing a deeper appreciation for the Bedouin way of life.

The evening culminates with traditional Emirati flavors, refreshing beverages, and mesmerizing entertainment, ensuring a memorable and authentic desert adventure.

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