Nestled within a boutique hotel in the heart of Tokyo, the ‘Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience’ offers discerning diners an exclusive culinary journey. This intimate setting allows guests to savor expertly crafted Wagyu beef dishes meticulously paired with premium sake, all while interacting with the talented chef who demonstrates the art of traditional Japanese cuisine. As the flavors of the Wagyu and sake intertwine, this personalized experience promises to elevate the senses and leave a lasting impression on those fortunate enough to partake in this gastronomic adventure.

Key Points

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Key Points

  • Intimate dining opportunity for up to 8 guests in a private kitchen setting within a boutique hotel in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Expertly prepared Wagyu beef dishes, each paired with a carefully selected sake.
  • Offers a cozy and exclusive atmosphere for savoring Wagyu and sake pairings, with opportunities to interact closely with the chef.
  • Includes delicate Wagyu beef yukhoe starter, hearty Wagyu beef broth curry, and other creative Wagyu dishes.
  • Sake sommeliers skillfully match the sake’s aromas and profiles with the Wagyu, elevating the overall dining experience.

Overview of the Experience

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Overview of the Experience

The Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience offers an intimate dining opportunity for up to 8 guests in a private kitchen setting within a boutique hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

This unique experience allows guests to enjoy an array of expertly prepared Wagyu beef dishes, each paired with a carefully selected sake.

The menu features starter plates like Wagyu beef yukhoe and seasonal salads, followed by creative Wagyu main courses and a Wagyu beef broth curry. Dessert includes fruit liquor and ice cream.

Throughout the evening, the chef prepares the dishes in front of guests, while the hosts provide insightful explanations about the Wagyu, sake, and traditional Japanese culinary techniques.

It’s an immersive experience that allows guests to deepen their appreciation for Japanese gastronomy.

Intimate Dining Setting

This intimate dining experience takes place within a private kitchen setting located inside a boutique hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

Accommodating up to 8 guests at a time, the space provides a cozy and exclusive atmosphere for savoring the Wagyu and sake pairings.

The private kitchen environment allows guests to interact closely with the chef as they prepare the various Wagyu beef dishes.

The hosts also provide in-depth explanations about the traditional Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques used throughout the meal.

With its personalized service and educational elements, this experience offers guests a truly immersive and memorable exploration of Japan’s renowned Wagyu beef and sake pairings.

Wagyu Beef Dishes

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Wagyu Beef Dishes

Guests can savor an array of meticulously prepared Wagyu beef dishes during this exclusive dining experience. From the delicate Wagyu beef yukhoe starter to the hearty Wagyu beef broth curry, each course showcases the exquisite flavor and texture of this renowned Japanese beef.

The chef’s creative Wagyu dishes delight the palate, while the classic Wagyu steak and cutlet offerings allow guests to fully appreciate the beef’s inherent qualities.

Complementing the Wagyu selections are seasonal salads and steamed condiments, providing a balanced and harmonious dining experience.

Every dish is thoughtfully paired with a selection of premium sake, further enhancing the flavors and elevating the overall gastronomic journey.

Sake Pairings

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Sake Pairings

Complementing the exquisite Wagyu beef dishes is a carefully curated selection of premium sake, each pairing meticulously chosen to enhance the flavors and textures of the meal. Sake sommeliers skillfully match the distinct aromas and profiles of Japan’s national beverage with the rich, umami-forward qualities of the Wagyu, creating a harmonious and sophisticated dining experience.

The sake pairings serve to elevate the meal, unlocking new dimensions of flavor. Each course is accompanied by a thoughtfully selected sake that complements the dish, whether it’s a refreshing junmai to cut through the richness of the Wagyu yukhoe or a robust daiginjo to complement the robust Wagyu beef broth curry.

Wagyu Dish Sake Pairing
Wagyu Beef Yukhoe Crisp Junmai
Wagyu Steak/Cutlet Aromatic Daiginjo
Wagyu Beef Broth Curry Full-bodied Junmai Ginjo

Culinary Demonstrations

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Culinary Demonstrations

As the evening unfolds, the chef skillfully prepares each Wagyu dish in full view of your, providing an intimate culinary experience that showcases the expertise and artistry of traditional Japanese cuisine.

Wielding his knives with precision, the chef meticulously crafts each course, offering insights and explanations on the preparation and unique properties of the Wagyu beef.

Guests are captivated by the chef’s mastery, witnessing the care and attention to detail that goes into every aspect of the meal.

The interactive demonstration allows diners to gain a deeper appreciation for the rich flavors and techniques that define Japanese gastronomy, heightening the overall Wagyu and sake pairing experience.

Traditional Japanese Ingredients

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Traditional Japanese Ingredients

Integral to the Wagyu and sake pairing experience are the traditional Japanese ingredients meticulously selected and expertly combined by the skilled chef.

From the melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu beef to the carefully curated sake pairings, each element on the menu showcases the depth and complexity of Japanese culinary traditions.

The experience highlights:

  • Wagyu beef, prized for its exquisite marbling and tender texture
  • Seasonal, locally-sourced vegetables and herbs
  • Premium sake varietals, each chosen to complement the dish
  • Delicate preparations, such as yukhoe and slow-simmered beef broth
  • Traditional serving vessels and presentation techniques

These traditional ingredients and methods come together to create a harmonious and authentic dining journey, offering guests a true taste of Japan.

Logistics and Accessibility

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Logistics and Accessibility

The Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience takes place at the AET HOTEL 1F emc, just a 4-minute walk from Oshiage Station.

Guests can expect the experience to start promptly at 6:00 pm, though the venue isn’t wheelchair accessible – service animals, however, are allowed.

The intimate dining experience caters to up to 8 guests, who’ll be treated to a private kitchen setting within a boutique hotel.

Throughout the evening, the hosts will provide detailed explanations on the Wagyu beef, sake pairings, and the traditional Japanese ingredients and preparation techniques used.

While children under 10 aren’t permitted, the experience offers a unique opportunity for adults to enjoy the flavors and traditions of Japanese cuisine.

Reserving Your Experience

Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience - Reserving Your Experience

Reserving the Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience requires booking well in advance, as spots fill up quickly given the limited seating capacity of just 8 guests per session.

To secure your spot, you’ll need to:

  • Contact the organizers via their website or email to check availability for your desired date.
  • Provide your party size and any dietary restrictions or allergies.
  • Be prepared to pay the full experience fee upfront to confirm your reservation.

Arrive at the designated meeting point, the AET HOTEL 1F emc, 4 minutes from Oshiage Station, on time for the 6:00 pm start.

Familiarize yourself with the logistics, as the experience isn’t wheelchair accessible, though service animals are allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Menu for Dietary Restrictions?

Yes, guests can often customize the menu to accommodate dietary restrictions. The chef will work closely with them to modify the dishes and provide an enjoyable dining experience tailored to their needs.

Is There a Dress Code Required for the Event?

The event does not have a strict dress code, though guests are advised to dress in smart casual attire. The focus is on the culinary experience, so comfortable and presentable clothing is recommended to ensure an enjoyable evening.

Are There Any Vegetarian or Non-Alcoholic Options Available?

The experience does not appear to offer vegetarian or non-alcoholic options. The focus is on pairing Wagyu beef dishes with sake. Guests with dietary restrictions or who prefer non-alcoholic beverages may want to inquire about alternative arrangements.

How Long Does the Overall Dining Experience Last?

The overall dining experience typically lasts around 2-3 hours. Guests can expect an intimate and interactive evening, with the chef preparing dishes in front of them and providing explanations on the food and sake pairings throughout the meal.

Is There an Option to Extend the Experience With Additional Sake Pairings?

Yes, there is often an option to extend the experience with additional sake pairings. Guests can inquire with the hosts about upgrading their package to include more sake courses and deepen their tasting experience.


The Wagyu & Sake Pairing Experience in Tokyo offers an exclusive and immersive culinary journey. Guests can savor expertly prepared Wagyu beef dishes meticulously paired with premium sake, while interacting with the chef and learning about traditional Japanese cuisine.

This personalized setting delivers a truly memorable gastronomic adventure, elevating the senses through the unique qualities of Wagyu and sake.

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