Delving into the ancient art of the samurai, this 2-hour Kendo workshop in Tokyo offers a genuine, hands-on experience for those seeking an authentic taste of Japan’s rich cultural heritage. Guided by a seasoned professional, you will learn the practical techniques of this centuries-old martial art, honing their skills through interactive exercises and a thrilling tournament-style combat game. With personalized feedback, complimentary drinks, and a souvenir to commemorate the occasion, this exhilarating activity promises to transport visitors back in time, allowing them to connect with the spirit of the legendary Japanese warriors. What more could one ask for in a truly immersive and unforgettable cultural adventure?

Key Points

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Key Points

  • A hands-on 2-hour workshop to learn practical Kendo (samurai swordsmanship) techniques, including a tournament-style combat game to test newfound skills.
  • Personalized one-on-one instruction from a professional guide, providing feedback and guidance throughout the experience.
  • Rental of Kendo armor and equipment, as well as complimentary drinks and a souvenir Kendo towel, included in the package.
  • Flexible start times to accommodate schedules, with pickup available from the nearby JR Uguisudani station.
  • Suitable for both adults and children (minimum age of 9 years), with a minimum of 2 people per booking and a full refund policy for cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance.

Kendo Experience Overview

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Kendo Experience Overview

The Kendo experience offers participants a hands-on workshop to practice the centuries-old art of samurai swordsmanship under the guidance of experienced instructors.

During the 2-hour session, enthusiasts will learn practical Kendo moves and techniques, then put their skills to the test in a tournament-style combat game.

Throughout the workshop, participants work one-on-one with the instructor, receiving personalized feedback and guidance to hone their Kendo abilities.

All necessary equipment, including armor, is provided, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

After the session, participants can enjoy complimentary drinks and take home a souvenir Kendo towel as a memento of their unique samurai training day in Tokyo.

Activity Details

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Activity Details

Participants can choose from flexible start times to accommodate their schedules during the Kendo experience.

They’ll learn practical Kendo moves and techniques, then engage in a tournament-style combat game to put their newfound skills to the test.

The instructor will guide them through the fundamentals of samurai swordsmanship, ensuring they master the proper stance, footwork, and striking techniques.

After honing their form, you will have the chance to put their skills into action, participating in a friendly tournament-style combat game.

The experience is designed to be both educational and exhilarating, providing a unique glimpse into the world of traditional Japanese martial arts.


2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Inclusions

A professional guide/instructor, rental of Kendo armor and equipment, bottled mineral water, and a Japanese hand towel are all included in the Kendo experience.

The experienced Kendo instructor will guide participants through the 2-hour hands-on workshop, teaching practical samurai swordsmanship techniques.

All the necessary equipment, from the bamboo swords to the protective armor, are provided for the duration of the activity.

Participants can enjoy complimentary bottled mineral water to stay hydrated, and they’ll receive a souvenir Kendo hand towel as a memento of their training session.

With these inclusions, the Kendo experience offers a comprehensive and immersive introduction to this traditional Japanese martial art.

Meeting and Pickup

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Meeting and Pickup

Pickup is available from the JR Uguisudani station North exit, with the meeting point located at the Shinodayukan Building, situated 10-12 minutes away from the station.

This convenient location makes it easy for participants to find the Kendo experience.

Once at the meeting point, the experienced instructor will greet you and ensure a smooth start to your samurai swordsmanship adventure.

Friendly and knowledgeable instructor to guide you throughout the experience.

Clear directions and easy-to-follow instructions on finding the meeting point.

Hassle-free pickup and transportation to the Kendo workshop location.

Personalized attention to make your Kendo experience in Tokyo truly memorable.

Age and Booking Requirements

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Age and Booking Requirements

The minimum age for this Kendo experience is 9 years, catering to both adults and children interested in exploring the art of samurai swordsmanship.

A minimum of 2 people per booking is required to ensure an interactive and engaging workshop. This allows participants to learn practical Kendo moves and compete in a tournament-style combat game together, fostering a collaborative and immersive experience.

The inclusive nature of this activity ensures that everyone, regardless of age or experience level, can partake in this unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of Kendo from experienced instructors.

With all necessary equipment and armor provided, participants can fully enjoy this hands-on samurai swordsmanship adventure.


2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Accessibility

Unfortunately, the Kendo experience in Tokyo isn’t wheelchair accessible, as it requires participants to move around the studio and engage in physical activities involving traditional Japanese swordsmanship techniques.

While the experience is open to those aged 9 and above, it’s important to note that a minimum of 2 people per booking is required.

  1. Not suitable for wheelchair users due to the physical nature of the activities.
  2. Minimum age requirement of 9 years old.
  3. Minimum of 2 people per booking.
  4. Cancellation policy allows for a full refund if cancelled at least 24 hours before the start time.

Cancellation Policy

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Cancellation Policy

Visitors can receive a full refund if they cancel their Kendo experience booking at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time. This flexible cancellation policy ensures customers don’t lose their money if their plans change unexpectedly.

It’s a considerate policy that demonstrates the operator’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Should a last-minute emergency or scheduling conflict arise, customers can get their money back without any penalties. This provides peace of mind and allows people to book the Kendo experience with confidence, knowing they can receive a full refund if needed.

The cancellation policy is clearly stated, making it easy for customers to understand and plan accordingly.

Location and Transportation

2-Hour Genuine Samurai Experience: Kendo in Tokyo - Location and Transportation

From the JR Uguisudani station’s North exit, the meeting point at the Shinodayukan Building is a convenient 10-12 minute walk away, providing easy access for participants.

Pickup from this station is available, allowing visitors to seamlessly reach the Kendo experience location.

The experience location offers several transportation benefits:

  1. Proximity to the JR Uguisudani station, a major transit hub, makes it easily accessible for those arriving by train.

  2. The option for pickup service from the station entrance ensures a hassle-free arrival, especially for those unfamiliar with the area.

  3. The short walking distance from the station to the meeting point minimizes the time and effort required to reach the Kendo workshop.

  4. The centralized location within Tokyo makes the Kendo experience convenient for both local residents and travelers alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Minimum Group Size for This Activity?

The minimum group size for this Kendo activity is 2 people. The booking requires a minimum of 2 participants to proceed, as stated in the Additional Information section of the provided knowledge.

Are There Any Options for Private or Customized Sessions?

Yes, private or customized Kendo sessions are available. Customers can request a private session for an additional fee. Private sessions allow for more personalized instruction and flexibility in scheduling.

Can Participants Take Photos or Videos During the Experience?

Participants can take photos and videos during the Kendo experience. However, they must get permission from the instructor and other participants before recording. Photos and videos should not disrupt the learning or flow of the session.

Are There Any Special Dietary Requirements That Can Be Accommodated?

The experience can accommodate special dietary requirements with advance notice. Participants should notify the organizers of any dietary needs or allergies before the activity, and the organizers will do their best to cater to those needs.

Are There Any Opportunities to Purchase Additional Kendo-Related Merchandise?

Yes, the Kendo experience includes the opportunity to purchase Kendo-related merchandise such as souvenir Kendo towels. Participants can also opt to buy additional Kendo equipment like bokken swords or uniforms at the end of the workshop.


This Kendo workshop in Tokyo offers a thrilling opportunity to take in the ancient art of samurai swordsmanship.

Under the guidance of a professional instructor, you will learn practical techniques and engage in a tournament-style combat game, providing an authentic and educational experience.

With personalized feedback, complimentary drinks, and a souvenir towel, this activity is a unique way to explore Japan’s rich cultural heritage.

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