Enjoy Athens’ vibrant culinary scene with the ‘Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour.’ Discover the bustling Central Market, savor traditional Greek pies, indulge in iconic souvlaki and gyros, and explore the country’s rich gastronomic heritage. Taste an array of cured meats, creamy feta, and regional wine and olive specialties. Delight your palate with classic Greek desserts like baklava and revani. Enjoy a included lunch or dinner menu showcasing the local cuisine. The tour starts at Zaccharioplastion and concludes at Aiolou 21, providing the freedom to continue your culinary adventure in the heart of Athens.

Key Points

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Key Points

  • Explore the vibrant atmosphere and diverse offerings of the Central Market, including fresh produce, meats, fish, and aromatic spices.
  • Discover the depth and diversity of traditional Greek pies, such as spanakopita, tiropita, and hortopita.
  • Savor the history and cultural significance of iconic Greek street food specialties like souvlaki and gyros.
  • Indulge in a selection of cured meats, cheeses, olives, and Greek wines to immerse in the country’s rich gastronomic heritage.
  • Treat your taste buds to a variety of traditional Greek desserts, including baklava, ekmek kataifi, and revani.

Exploring the Central Market

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Exploring the Central Market

The tour begins with a visit to the lively Central Market, where travelers can enjoy the bustling atmosphere and explore the stalls brimming with an array of fresh produce, meats, fish, and aromatic spices.

Your guide will introduce you to the local vendors and share insights into the history and culture behind the market’s vibrant trading.

As you wander through the maze of stalls, you’ll have the chance to sample traditional Greek delicacies, such as cured meats, tangy cheeses, and briny olives.

The sights, sounds, and smells of the Central Market offer a true taste of Athenian life, setting the stage for the culinary adventure ahead.

Savoring Traditional Greek Pies

After exploring the bountiful Central Market, the tour takes travelers on a journey to sample some of Athens’ most beloved traditional Greek pies.

These savory pastries, crafted with layers of flaky phyllo dough and a variety of fillings, offer a delightful taste of the country’s rich culinary heritage.

Participants can expect to indulge in:

  1. Spanakopita – a classic spinach and feta-filled pie that’s a staple of Greek cuisine.
  2. Tiropita – a mouthwatering cheese-filled pastry that’s often enjoyed as a snack or appetizer.
  3. Hortopita – a hearty pie filled with a medley of wild greens, a true representation of Greece’s abundant natural bounty.

These pies provide an authentic and satisfying introduction to the depth and diversity of Greek baking traditions.

Indulging in Souvlaki and Gyros

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Indulging in Souvlaki and Gyros

Next, travelers on the Athens Food Tour indulge in the iconic Greek street foods – souvlaki and gyros.

Souvlaki, grilled meat skewers, and gyros, spit-roasted meat wrapped in pillowy pita bread, are quintessential Greek fast food favorites.

Participants savor the flavors of tender, seasoned meat, fresh vegetables, and zesty sauces that make these portable delights so beloved by locals and visitors alike.

The tour guide shares the history and cultural significance of these iconic Greek specialties, ensuring guests gain a deeper appreciation for the country’s vibrant culinary traditions.

Whether sampling classic pork or exploring variations like chicken or lamb, the souvlaki and gyros tastings offer a mouthwatering glimpse into Athens’ thriving street food scene.

Discovering Cold Cuts and Cheeses

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Discovering Cold Cuts and Cheeses

Along With the iconic Greek street foods, the Athens Food Tour also offers participants an opportunity to savor an array of traditional Greek cold cuts and cheeses, providing a comprehensive culinary journey through the country’s gastronomic heritage.

Guests can look forward to tasting:

  1. Cured meats like prosciutto-style pork, salami, and pastourma – a spiced, air-dried cured meat.

  2. Creamy feta cheese, both plain and flavored with herbs or peppers, as well as other regional varieties like manouri and graviera.

  3. Olives, olive oil, and an assortment of dips and spreads to accompany the cold cuts and cheeses, offering a delightful sensory experience.

These traditional Greek delicacies not only satisfy the palate but also offer insights into the country’s rich food culture.

Tasting Olives and Greek Wine

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Tasting Olives and Greek Wine

The Athens Food Tour also offers participants the opportunity to savor the rich flavors of traditional Greek olives and wine, providing a deeper appreciation for the country’s renowned gastronomic heritage. Guests can expect to sample a variety of expertly curated olives, from buttery Kalamata to bold Amphissa, each with its unique taste and texture. The tour also includes a tasting of Greece’s celebrated wines, allowing visitors to discover the country’s vibrant winemaking traditions. Whether sipping a crisp white Assyrtiko or a robust red Agiorgitiko, the Athens Food Tour ensures an immersive exploration of the nation’s culinary delights.

Olive Varieties Wine Varietals
Kalamata Assyrtiko
Amphissa Agiorgitiko
Throumpa Moschofilero
Chalkidiki Xinomavro

Enjoying Traditional Greek Desserts

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Enjoying Traditional Greek Desserts

Alongside the savory delights, the Athens Food Tour also treats participants to a tantalizing array of traditional Greek desserts, allowing them to indulge in the country’s rich culinary heritage. From the buttery, flaky goodness of baklava to the creamy, custard-filled ekmek kataifi, these sweet treats showcase the skill and artistry of Greek pastry-makers.

Guests can also savor the tangy, refreshing flavors of yogurt-based desserts like revani and galaktoboureko. These indulgent offerings provide the perfect balance to the tour’s savory highlights, leaving participants with a well-rounded appreciation for the depth and diversity of Greek cuisine.

The tour includes tastings of the following traditional Greek desserts:

  1. Baklava – Layers of phyllo dough filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup
  2. Ekmek kataifi – Shredded phyllo noodles layered with a rich custard and whipped cream
  3. Revani – A semolina cake soaked in a sweet lemon-orange syrup

Lunch or Dinner Included

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Lunch or Dinner Included

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour

Participants on the Athens Food Tour can look forward to enjoying a full meal, with either a hearty lunch or a satisfying dinner included in the tour package. The lunch or dinner is served during the morning/afternoon or evening tours, respectively, and comes with a selection of alcoholic beverages, such as wine or beer. This ensures that visitors can truly enjoy the local culinary culture and savor the authentic flavors of Greece.

Lunch Menu Dinner Menu
Souvlaki or Gyros Meze Platter
Greek Salad Grilled Fish
Baklava Moussaka
Glass of Wine Bottle of Wine

The meal is a highlight of the tour, providing a chance to refuel and enjoy the company of fellow foodies while discovering the vibrant gastronomic scene of Athens.

Tour Meeting and Ending Points

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour - Tour Meeting and Ending Points

Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour

The Athens Food Tour begins at Zaccharioplastion (MAKARON) Lonis, Athinas 7 street, 105 54 Athens, and concludes at Aiolou 21, 105 63 Athens, offering a self-guided experience without any pickup or drop-off services.

This allows participants to explore the city at their own pace and discover the culinary delights of Athens.

The tour offers a range of benefits:

  1. Freedom to explore: Participants can navigate the tour independently, allowing them to enjoy the local culture and food scene.
  2. Flexibility in timing: Without set pickup or drop-off times, travelers can adjust their pace and spend as much or as little time as they desire at each location.
  3. Convenient ending point: The tour concludes at Aiolou 21, 105 63 Athens, providing easy access to other attractions or transportation options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Customize the Food Items I Want to Sample?

The tour typically includes a set menu of traditional Greek dishes, but customers may be able to customize their selections with advance notice. However, certain dietary restrictions may limit options or require additional fees.

Is the Tour Suitable for Travelers With Dietary Restrictions?

The tour may not be suitable for travelers with dietary restrictions. It’s not recommended for those with gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, or low-carb diets, as the included tastings focus on traditional Greek foods that may not accommodate those needs.

What Is the Maximum Group Size for the Tour?

The maximum group size for the tour is 25 travelers. This allows for a more intimate and personalized experience, ensuring that everyone can fully engage with the culinary offerings and the guide.

Can I Bring Children on the Tour?

Children are generally welcome on the tour, though the maximum group size is 25 travelers. The tour operator can accommodate families, but it’s best to check if the food offerings are suitable for children’s dietary needs.

What Happens if I Need to Cancel My Booking?

If a booking needs to be canceled, a full refund is available if done at least 24 hours in advance. This provides flexibility for travelers in case their plans change unexpectedly.


The ‘Get a Taste of Athens Food Tour’ offers an immersive culinary experience that allows visitors to explore the vibrant flavors of Greek cuisine.

From savory pies and succulent meats to decadent desserts, the tour showcases the rich gastronomic heritage of Athens.

Led by knowledgeable local guides, this half-day adventure provides an unparalleled opportunity to indulge in the city’s culinary delights and gain a deeper understanding of its vibrant food culture.

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